Jan. 1st, 2017

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Here it is, 2017. It feels like 2016 needs a good shot of Remembering the Good Things, so here goes:

- Nobody in my immediate family spent any significant time in a hospital in 2016.
- My last remaining grandparent is still going to Florida for the winter at the age of 94.
- I am gainfully employed and liable to stay that way.
- I still have the same two cats I started 2016 with.
- I had a marvelous time in Iceland.
- The FB book exchange was a lot of fun, and I got four books I'd never heard of.
- I went to my first live football game since high school, and my first live NFL game ever, and thoroughly enjoyed it.
- My extremely elderly washing machine is still going (although I do apologize to it when I wash all the towels at once).

I leapt on the bandwagon and transferred my LJ to Dreamwidth. I'm not even sure why, because the Russian government isn't running the LJ servers as far as I know. But if anyone's interested in keeping up with this journal, you can find me under my LJ name at Dreamwidth.
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