Mar. 2nd, 2017

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The six-month Year 2 courses are over! Hooray! Now the Year 2 students can get out of our hair for a month, because they're on break for three weeks to study for and take Part 1 of the national dental board exam and then they've got two weeks for research. Which means they study for a week, take the board exam, and then go on vacation for four weeks. But in any case, they're out of our hair until April 10.

Meanwhile the MMSc got approved, so now it has a brochure and an application form. But that's all it's got; it doesn't have a tuition amount or any actual course content. (It does have a fairly thorough curriculum outline, though. I know because I wrote it. I could teach some of it if I weren't an absolutely terrible teacher.)

Meanwhile, the Year 3 students seem to think going to oral surgery lectures is optional, while complaining that they don't have enough oral surgery lectures. One of the lecturers pretty much went off on them about it yesterday. And for once, a problem with the oral surgery course isn't my fault.

On the home front, Snip was a thoroughly miserable snot factory for two days and then got better, to the relief of all of us. Lily seems to have managed not to catch it, which is also nice for all of us.

I'm trying to declutter my apartment by getting rid of at least one large thing I haven't touched in two years, or one trash bag full of things, per week. Last week I finally got rid of the full-size featherbed that had been living in one of those vacuum storage bags until Snip went mountaineering in the closet one evening and put holes in the bag. And I haven't used the featherbed in at least two years anyway, so out it went, and it felt very liberating. There isn't a lot I can be unconditionally happy about these days, so any little thing helps.

I bailed on the ad hoc chorus committee meeting last night because my brain was DONE by the end of "Let us gird on the armor of light", and I couldn't count and sing anything like the right notes at the same time. That meant I couldn't listen and write at the same time either, so I didn't try. Sometimes enough is enough.
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