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Yesterday was a calzone and beer and be damned to responsible adulthood night. I should have gone to chorus rehearsal, but I just wasn't interested. I needed to go home by way of the liquor store, and since the pizza place was between me and the liquor store when I got off the bus, and I can take a hint, there you go. So I ate an entire calzone and drank a very large bottle of 9.2 beer (Stone Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout), and didn't give a damn about the fact that I should have been at chorus rehearsal. It was going to be a question of whether I went to chorus and committed homicide, or went home and marinated myself. So I marinated myself, and then woke up once an hour between 1:00 and 4:00.

Today is somewhat better, in that the retreat schedule and the small group consultant session schedule have been released into the wild so people can stop asking me for them and start complaining about where they appear on them. And I only have to deal with the lunch order and the dinner reservation at Eastern Standard, not the breakfast and the midmorning and afternoon snacks.

However, I'm pretty thoroughly pissed off at the "send an inspirational quote to the first person on this list, add yourself to the end and bcc 20 other people" requests I'm getting FROM THE MEDICAL SCHOOL (I know, because the message says "this was started by the admissions office and leadership.") I've gotten two now. I will not be spamming 20 (or should it be 40, since I got it twice?) other people. If it were three or four people, I might have, but no way am I doing it to 20. Or 40. Especially since most of them would be faculty and students, and the faculty I deal with wouldn't appreciate it, and the students wouldn't read the email anyway. I suppose at least it isn't threatening me with deadly diseases or loss of limbs in vehicular accidents if I break the chain. But that's all I have to say for it.

Right. Rant over. On to the good stuff, like the sunshine, which is almost warm enough to sit out in and drink coffee. I know that because I tried it at lunchtime. And there was lunchtime. And coffee. And the new copy of my birth certificate arrived yesterday, so I can stop worrying about the old one falling apart (which it is). I haven't actually needed my birth certificate for anything since I stopped being a graduate student, but it's nice to know I have a copy that will survive being sneezed at. I'm not sure the old one would have.

Not necessarily good stuff, but silly: Since Lily's cyst is making a noticeable-from-a-distance lump (it sticks her fur up in odd directions), I've taken to calling it Marlene. (Lili Marlene, get it?) The vet says if it doesn't bother Lily, I have to learn to live with it, so I'm calling it Marlene so I can stop taking it seriously. I think it really does help, but I don't have a clue why that is.
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Now that it's over, I can laugh about it (partly because after last night, I suspect Matthew Slater feels the same way). On the 23rd, I set up my out-of-office message like a good little cube farm denizen...but I somehow set it to send itself as a reply to all 3500 messages currently in my inbox. Once I figured out what was going on, I tried to pull the plug, but the server is more efficient than I am. So a lot of people got a lot of email. I'll have to send out a blanket "yes, I know, I clicked the wrong thing, sorry" when I get back, unless everybody decides to call me about it.

Christmas this year was about as low-key as last year, but several orders of magnitude more cheerful. Dad actually enjoyed his dinner, for one thing (and it was an excellent rib roast, which made dinner for Christmas and sandwiches for Boxing Day, and an excellent blueberry pie, which made dessert for Christmas and breakfast for Boxing Day). Last year Dad didn't have much appetite and nothing tasted right to him for a couple of months anyway. I gave everybody something to read and something to consume while reading it, and got some mad money from the parents and a hat from the Fairly Godmother.

I also tried a couple of experimental beers: Dogfish Head Higher Math, which is 17% ABV and knocked me on my ass, and Stone Xocoveza, which is stout with a LOT of coffee in it (and might have made a good float with vanilla ice cream, but I didn't try that). Glad I only bought one bottle of each.

Other good news: Grammie gets to go home from the rehab center today. She was supposed to go home last week, but hit a minor snag and they decided to keep her for another little while. But now there's no reason for her to stay there, so home it is. She still wants to go to Florida for some of the winter, and I hope she gets to do that. I think it will be good for her to see that she can still do most of the things she wants to, hip replacement at 93 years old be damned. Thank goodness driving is not one of those things. She gave up her license several years ago.

Also good news: I'm going to see Star Wars today. I wanted to do it before the internet becomes one giant spoiler, which is going to happen soon because the movie's been out for a week now. Besides, I saw all the prequels in theaters, so why not the sequels? (I was two years old in 1977, and I would have been scared stiff by The Empire Strikes Back when it came out, and my parents knew that. So I saw Return of the Jedi in a theater and was scared stiff by the Emperor at the end.)

I suppose if I'm going to take the bus to the movies, I should look up the schedule. This is the same bus I take to work every day, but I never take it after 8:00 in the morning, so I have no idea what it devolves into after rush hour. For some reason that amuses me.
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On Saturday I trashed my left shoulder hauling kitty litter around. Then I proceeded to sleep on it wrong. On Monday I spent way too much of the day hauling boxes around (200 students' worth of toothpaste and tutorial case pages and surveys and intraoral examination supplies is a lot of boxes). Today everything hurt: neck, shoulders, hips and hamstrings in particular, and everything else from the elbows to the ankles. Since I couldn't make all that stuff stop hurting, I made myself stop caring that it hurt, by way of Maine Brewing Company's King Titus Porter. Just you try having alcohol once every six months or so for about two years, and then drinking a pint of 7.5% ABV porter, and see if you care what hurts.

My credit card balances hurt too, because the cats went to the vet today to the tune of $350 each for rabies shots and blood tests. (Snip could use a diet, which I knew, and Lily could use a tooth pulled, which I didn't. But I'm not excited about that because it involves general anesthesia, and I didn't have very much fun coming out of general anesthesia for my gallbladder. I threw up and it went out through my nose.) Thank goodness for pet insurance. Add that to the $600 for embroidery framing and the $200 for a windproof winter jacket that doesn't fit me like a tent, and I'm not pleased with my financial situation this month. Now I really ought to sell the geisha.

Today being Veterans' Day, I've been thinking about my grandfathers, both of whom were WWII veterans. Grandpa was in India building bridges with the Army, and Pepere was in Georgia training Free French pilots with the Army Air Corps (I don't think it was officially the Air Force at that point). I don't know a lot about what they actually did (and that drives me crazy about Grandpa, because I know there's stuff out there about the engineers on the Ledo Road and I can't connect him with it), but I do know that Grandpa somehow ended up in charge of an ice cream factory and came home weighing considerably more than he did when he left, and Memere was on a bus at one point and overheard two Free French pilots talking (in French) about how one of them had almost killed Lt. Deschenes that day while they were flying. Pepere got a medal from De Gaulle, but it disappeared when the family got somebody else to clean out the house after he died.

I want sushi, but that involves money I ain't got at the moment. Phoo.
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This week seems to have refused to get any better, but at least it doesn't have any choice about whether or not it ends.

Last night I dreamed that the Air Force had commandeered all the computers at HSDM and set them up in a big circle so they could do an astronomy project with high school kids. (That's the IDP flipped-classroom setup headache, although in real life it only involves furniture, not computers.) Of course I was still trying to do things for the CE course, and I couldn't find my computer with the necessary files on it, and I was trying to figure out how to get payment for the course out of people who had no interest in paying for it or insisted that they had already paid even though I knew they hadn't, and...well, anyway, it seems I'm somewhat stressed about next week.

On the bright side, I have discovered Zombie Killer cyser. On Wednesday I had such a bad day that I left work incandescently angry (I scared myself; if the person I was angry with had been physically present, I would have hurt myself trying not to hurt her), and couldn't walk it off. So I decided to apply alcohol to it, because at least then I might not care how angry I had gotten. I was looking for something in the 8% ABV range because I knew that would absolutely work, but couldn't find anything that leaped off the shelf at me, so settled for 6.5% and drank it fast on an empty stomach. It helped, which is good, but I should probably buy another bottle so I can actually enjoy it.

Speaking of enjoying things, I should figure out how to fit the new Captain America movie into this weekend somewhere. I do like going to see comic book movies in the theater, but I keep not doing it because I keep running out of weekend afternoons and not considering weekday nights as viable options. Something's gotta give, here.
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My brother-in-law brews beer, and his beer is about 8% alcohol. It's quite good at making me not care that all sorts of things hurt and the sun hasn't been out since last Friday.


May. 10th, 2010 04:12 pm
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Here it is, Monday again, and yet again I look around and wonder where the weekend went, because there are still things I want to do over the weekend. However, at least I feel pretty good about what I did get done this weekend. (Including discovery of Troegs Brewery Java Head Stout, which you can practically spread on bread.)

Does it count as "buying your mother flowers for Mother's Day" if you buy them, keep them for yourself and send a picture? (Dad's allergies are much happier without flowers in the house.)

RIP Lena Horne; her episode of The Muppet Show is one of my favorites.
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Guess what? That linen I bought is (a) too small in both directions, and (b) overdyed - PURPLE!

And, that ale is called Blithering Idiot because it's 11% alcohol. Whee!


Mar. 22nd, 2009 07:30 pm
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One of the reasons I'm a beer drinker:

You can't lose half the cork in the beer when you try to open a bottle.

(I was making beef stew with wine in it, and the bottle of Bordeaux I bought decided it wasn't going to go quietly. I shoulda used Guinness, except I didn't have any.)
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Hey idiot, when you're thirsty, don't drink beer! (ooh, lookit the pretty air molecules...)
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Am I the only one who isn't having a rather severe case of Monday? My day so far has been downright pleasant. So much so that I'm considering braving the mall after work, because the second of my two old pairs of jeans is giving up its inseams in a rather dramatic fashion.

On a semi-related note, there's got to be something I can use the rest of that pair of jeans for. The fabric everywhere but the inseams is still perfectly fine.

The Kennebunkport Brewing Company should've called their darker beer Kennebunkporter. But they didn't, so I didn't buy any yesterday.
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It's a good thing I'm getting a haircut tomorrow, because my hair has needed cutting for about two weeks now and it's driving me insane.

It's also a good thing that Lifted is available on iTunes. I know at least three people who should really see it, but won't go see Ratatouille.

The fact that it's Friday is a very good thing because other than getting my hairs cut, I don't have anything planned, so I can concentrate on packing. (How do you pack an apartment you're living in and keep it suitable for showing at the same time when you have no storage space?)

I'm slowly getting through a largish list of fairly trivial stuff that's been hanging over my head for weeks. At least now I have a truck reserved for moving, and I called up the place I ordered my contact lenses from on June 21 and yelled because they haven't shipped yet, and canceled the consultation appointment for the tattoo I've already gotten, and found the remittance address for my brand new (lower, yay!) loan payment, and did all that responsible-adult sort of stuff. Things still on the list: buy cat carrier and make tooth-cleaning appointment.

It's sort of too bad it's too hot to make Welsh rabbit (or rarebit, or however the heck you spell it). What else am I going to do with almost two pounds of medium-sharp cheddar and the Black Toad ale I'm getting tired of drinking?


Nov. 30th, 2006 03:05 pm
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I'm still trying to decide whether I like the beer I bought last night. It's not quite what I wanted, but I'm not sure I actually dislike it.

I've spent the day so far getting the post-SOP stuff for 7 candidates sorted out. Which means I wrote 14 letters and 7 emails, dispensed five copies of each of the 7 packets to various folders, printed the HR paperwork and CVs for all 7 people, turned the underneath of my desk into a fire hazard in the course of consolidating folders (the recycling bin and the confidential trash box under my desk are both overflowing, because I can't cram any more paper into the big confidential trash bin), finally struck floor and desk simultaneously fifteen minutes ago, and am now trying to get motivated to write a letter that's going to take me half an hour to get done. I really don't want to, but if I get it done, I can get a major minor headache off my desk next week.

It really ought to be naptime. Maybe it's merely time for a trip downstairs to see if there's anything worthwhile in the vending machine.
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Things I should be doing:

- Arranging for parking for the SOP meeting
- Arranging for food for the SOP meeting
- Updating the database to reflect the status of several committees

Things I could be doing:

- Booking flights and hotel for New Orleans
- Clearing off my desk
- Working on the Harvard/MMIA idea

Things I am doing:

- None of the above

I'm having a terrible time getting motivated to do anything, for some reason. I think it's partly the weather and partly the fact that I'm at 3.5 hours of overtime this week already. Tomorrow, I think, calls for beer; the question is, what sort? (I wonder if Dogfish Head still makes the black currant ale, and if it's too early for it?)

Gotta have a serious cleaning fit this weekend, and it wouldn't hurt if I put some serious thought into rearranging my living room. It works as it is, but it doesn't work very well.

Off to conquer the online parking reservations system. I wish it were more than half-functional.
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I admit the existence of global warming, but I have a hard time believing that global warming is the only reason we're having a wet summer. There have been wet summers before. I think people are using global warming as a scapegoat for a lot of things it's probably partially responsible for, but isn't entirely responsible for, just because it's a political buzzword lately.

Now that I've got that microrant over with...

Our co-op student from Northeastern had his last day here today, so since we like to feed people, we had pizza and salad and ice cream cake for lunch to send him off.

Last night I made a large batch of Lebanese taboule with quinoa instead of bulgur, and with garlic, which the recipe didn't call for. (I put garlic in pretty much anything savory, if I think the recipe will work.) As far as I can tell, Lebanese taboule is an excuse to eat parsley, with occasional grains and tomato and cucumber bits. I had all sorts of fun making a chiffonade of parsley with the kitchen scissors. (What fun is cooking if you can't make a mess once in a while?)

That reminds me, I have to sharpen knives again.

Other random food-related stuff:

Lindemans peach lambic is quite nice.

I should remember that the orzo salad I never quite get around to making would probably work just as well with couscous instead of orzo.

Bottled lemon juice is never quite what I want, but keeping half a dozen lemons around isn't quite what I want either.
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I wonder why I was convinced that this Friday is February 6? It isn't; it's February 3, and it happens to be one of the every-other-Fridays on which I get paid.

I also wonder why that thought didn't occur to me until I had drunk enough lambic to make myself slightly loopy. I probably shouldn't have done that, but in the service of loosening up my back a little (left over from this weekend and this morning) and knocking myself out at a reasonable hour tonight, I did it anyway.

It's slightly early for it, but I think I'm going to go fall over anyway. I did sleep last night, but I still feel like I'm behind on it.


Jan. 4th, 2006 09:25 pm
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I don't know whether it's the black cherry lambic (which is extremely pink, but otherwise good) or what, but I'm having snickering fits over the Mythbusters firing frozen chickens at airplane windshields.
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Thou shalt not drink beer that containeth 9% alcohol when thou art thirsty. (Dogfish Head Midas Touch, which is odd stuff. It's got Muscat grapes and saffron in it.)
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Dogfish Head Au Courant is good stuff. It's sour, because of the currants, so it doesn't taste as much like beer as, for instance, Old Speckled Hen does. I really have to teach the liquor store here about Magic Hat, though.

Anyway, the other day I was wearing a shirt that needed a necklace with it. I keep my jewelry in my tool chest, which doesn't contain tools (but does contain weaponry). That's beside the point. The point is, I keep my incense in the drawer below my jewelry, so all my jewelry smells like incense. I didn't notice that until I took the necklace off and left it on my desk, and was looking around this morning for what it was that smelled like incense.

I don't wear perfume, because I haven't encountered a perfume I like enough. I don't mind smelling like aloes wood incense, though. (Or wood smoke, for that matter. That's what growing up with wood stoves will do for you.)
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In celebration of my semester being over, I bought some more beer, to wit:

- One bottle of Bell's Cherry Stout from Kalamazoo Brewing Company (which I'm drinking at the moment, and which is really good stuff)
- One bottle of Brooklyn Brewing Company's Double Chocolate Stout (which is supposed to be really good stuff)

Heh. Cherry beer and chocolate beer. Am I female, or what? (Although where the hell my taste for stout came from, I have no clue. My parents drink lager or pilsner, and they're where most of my taste for beer comes from. I've got a taste for barleywine too, but I know where I got that.)
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If I don't get this landscaping job, I'm going to be rather put out. They say they need to do interviews for it, but if you ask me, anybody willing to hike all the way down to Campus Environment & Operations (which is on the diagonally-opposite corner of campus from everything else I've ever needed to get to) should be able to put that forth as proof they want the job, interview be damned. (The way down there is crawling with bus stops, but the buses were all running in the other direction on the way down, and on the way back, it always looked like there were no buses anywhere, and then three of them passed me while I was hiking between bus stops. I don't know why I bother even thinking about taking buses; something always fails to work out the way it should...)

Regardless, it's a gorgeous day out. It's actually WARM, as opposed to toying with the idea of being warm when the wind isn't blowing, and as soon as I get done writing, I'm taking the laptop and a couple of books outside and finish writing my presentation for Monday. I would have finished it last night, but I've decided that 24 continuous hours per week of not doing anything academic at all is an important thing, and Thursday is a convenient day for that.

I bought some good beer, which I'm saving for after the presentation is over. Maybe I should drink some beforehand; my French gets less inhibited when I'm buzzed. I won't say it gets better, but at least I stop caring whether it's really any good or not.

I just love this weather! Pardon me while I go out and revel in it.
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