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I've been trying to remember what I did between Thursday, when I got back from Falmouth, and Monday. As far as I remember, on Thursday I didn't do very much, except I did take a nap in the afternoon on account of having slept in twin beds in Noank and Falmouth and not sleeping as well as usual because I kept finding the edges of the mattresses. I remember falling over and thinking "Big bed!" and stretching out, and being happy about it.

I have no idea what I did on Friday, so I suspect I didn't do anything important. That might have been the really excellent embroidery day, though, because I did do some embroidery sometime between Thursday and Monday.

On Saturday I gave up and called RCN, and was shocked to find that they would send a technician on Sunday. I don't remember what else I did on Saturday.

On Sunday I was embroidering again when the technician came at about 3:00, looked at what I had for equipment, looked at what I was supposed to have for internet service, asked me what I was paying, and was aghast at the answer. He said I should call the customer loyalty department and ask for more service and less bill, because the service I was supposed to have is so slow it isn't supported these days. And the price for more service is lower than the price I was paying. I know good advice when I hear it, so I called on Monday and got double the internet speed for $30 less.

On Monday I had fun stuff on the list. I did note that the light outdoors was weird on account of the eclipse, but I didn't bother trying to look at the eclipse itself; I contented myself with looking at the crescent-shaped holes in the shadows on the sidewalk. And I went off and bought myself a $350 Olds Ambassador trumpet, because damn it, why not? When I got it home I broke it out and managed to play a C, a G and a D very badly. I printed out a fingering chart, because I already know how to read music (at least in treble clef); I just need to know how to make the notes. My embouchure needs work, though.

Yesterday I had my GP appointment at 8:15, which of course meant I got there at 7:20 and the office doesn't open until 8:00. Under normal circumstances I would have gone in search of coffee, but I decided not to in case of fasting blood test. I didn't want to have to come back again for that. So, appointment (I need to lose weight, but I knew that) and blood draw, and prescription refill, and no shingles vaccine until I'm 60 but go get it pretty much the minute my insurance will cover it (I had a raging case of chicken pox at 16), and then I went off to breakfast at Cutty's and coffee at Caffe Nero in Brookline Village because I hadn't been to either place yet.

Cutty's was good, but too far out of my normal weekend range to make it a possible destination for breakfast. Caffe Nero was good too, and I will definitely keep it in mind because they're starting to be everywhere. Following that I went to Walgreens and Trader Joe's and home. When I got home I decided to be a good kid and schedule the mammogram so as to get it over with, so I did that and it turned out to be for this afternoon. Hooray, I still have Thursday to go whale watching (bought the ticket yesterday) before I go to the eye doctor on Friday morning.

The tape they put on the gauze in my elbow-pit after the blood draw gave me a really impressive set of red marks exactly where the tape was. I probably should have taken it off before I went to the drugstore, but I try not to leave biohazards in other people's trash cans, so I kept it on until I got home.

I should not have read my work email on Monday, but I was trying to keep ahead of all the junk mail and FYI-type messages that get overwhelming if I look at two weeks of them all at once. That's how I found out that CODA has added a subsection to 2-23e (control of pain and anxiety) regarding substance abuse and effective immediately, which means we have to add it to our self-study now. They couldn't have waited until after our site visit? Never mind, I'm on vacation, damn it.

I'm really sorely tempted to drop a towel over Snip and cut her front claws. In my imagination, it works a lot better than I suspect it will in reality. Most likely I would need another set of hands to keep her in the towel.

Lily has trained me to give her cat treats with her morning thyroid pill (sniff at pill pocket in dish, give me a "That's all?" sort of look, act disinterested until she hears the treat bag open, look interested again, dive in as soon as the treats hit the dish). I don't actually care if she won't eat the pill without treats, as long as she eats the pill. Heaven forbid I ever have to give Snip pills twice a day. She'll turn into a dirigible with legs if she gets that much cheese.
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My to-do list is down to one big thing, one medium thing I can't do until I get a reply about it, one optional thing (would be nice but isn't necessary), and one thing I can't do anything about until after I get back from vacation anyway.

Yesterday I spent two hours getting my new night guard adjusted. It doesn't fit yet. I got to be the guinea pig for a new lab, and the lab apparently did what it was told, not what Dr. Y wanted. So it was two hours of put the thing in, bite on articulating paper, take it out and smack my thumb knuckle into my lower lip because I basically have to crack the thing off my teeth, Dr. Y grinds off some acrylic, put it back in again, bite on articulating paper, take it out and smack my thumb knuckle into my lower lip, etc.

I just had to reassure K that no, Snip will not be horribly offended if you don't give her a treat when you give Lily her crushed-up pill and pill pocket. In fact, Snip will think you're trying to poison her if you offer her a treat. I might go get some provolone, though.

My first manager-like act: I asked my assistant to stop starting emails with "Hey!". We're less formal over here than HMS is, but there's a line, and that's over it.
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Computer is going to repair shop tonight, because I brought it to work today to see if it responded better in air conditioning, and it doesn't. It's probably either a two-minute fix or something that requires taking the entire laptop apart.

Accreditation documents are going to printer on Monday for sample copy, which means they are going for final copies either late next week or the Monday after next.

Both cats are shedding like mad, which I can't really blame them for because this is not good weather to be covered in fur and hate water. But I wish the rugs didn't look like disaster areas. They wouldn't be so bad if I had gotten off my overly large backside last weekend.

Standard 2 is finally about as done as it's going to get. It's a shadow of its former self at 250 pages, because I reduced all the tables to 10-point font and doing that shortened the damn thing by 20 pages.

Now that I have spare brain cells again, I'm thinking about scuba certification again. It may have to happen next summer after chorus is over, though, because I need 14 hours of pool time and however many hours of classes and I can't squash all that into August. Maybe next summer I won't look like ten pounds of bulk sausage in a five-pound bag when I put on a wetsuit, too. There WILL be Things Done About That.
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I am a shameless enabler. I just loaned a coworker $20 to buy cigarettes, because he ran out two days ago and I have to keep working with him for two more days this week, and I don't want to deal with him being grumpy on account of nicotine withdrawal. At least he knows he's getting grumpy on account of nicotine withdrawal and thought it was hilarious when I said that's why I'm giving him money. He swears up and down he'll pay me back on Friday, but I'll believe that when I see it.

I am also a paranoid pet parent. I've seen Snip was eating and drinking, but I was worried about lack of evidence in the litterbox. It turns out she's started actually burying it (after a mere eight years). And Lily is having teeth problems again, I think. I'll have Dr. G look at them when he comes next week.

Besides those, I threw myself on a grenade on Monday and it has just exploded, so I spent the morning comparing two versions of the Summative Assessment Guidebook (a mere 185 pages) and making sure that all the changes from one version joined all the changes in the other version. So now we have one version that makes sense, and I have to wait for three other people to make changes in their personal versions and then do the whole process again.

I wish it were embroidery weather, but it's just humid enough to make my hands start sweating after I've been holding the frame for five minutes. Doing this pattern in five-minute chunks isn't very satisfying, and I need to create something satisfying because I'm creating frustrating things at work.
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I seem to have had a 48-hour virus on Friday and Saturday, because while I've had muscle spasms, intractable headaches, unhappy intestines, heartburn, and a couple of other various symptoms before, I've never had them all at once before. There were maybe two hours of Saturday when I didn't have a headache, and I missed the March for Science. Fortunately, when I woke up on Sunday, I felt positively human again. And the weather was better on Sunday besides.

Petco persists in not having the right kind of dry cat food, because their suppliers seem to persist in not having it. I bought some regular indoor dry food, as opposed to the fancy indoor dry food, and since it's the same brand I hope it doesn't upset things too much. Snip will probably eat it if she figures out that that's all there is, and Lily will eat anything as long as it pretends it's poultry-flavored. (I have got to get video of her eating her morning thyroid pill; she really does act like she's eating chicken-flavored peanut butter.)

The embroidery is going like gangbusters lately. I finished page 4 and put a reasonably good dent in page 5 yesterday. I still can't decide if I want to cut down the linen once I get one complete row of pages done. It would be nice if I didn't have to wrangle the entire half yard all the time, and I have masking tape that's younger than Lily so I don't have to argue with it so much when I want to bind raw edges. But cutting fabric with completed embroidery on it gives me the blue creevles.

I went to the DTP tutors meeting, which involved a lot of discussion about TMJ-related tutorial cases, and now I'm very aware of my jaw. Silly brain.
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Back at work again, and actually getting things done for a change. I looked at my email on Thursday night when I got home (shame on me) and reduced 87 emails to 42 (I don't need all the "HMS in the News" and server update notifications and "I'll be in late last Wednesday" emails). By the time I got in this morning, I only had 56. And most of them didn't count. That's an acceptable Monday.

Now that I've spent last week eating everything in sight and gotten gluttony out of my system, it's time to Do Something And Mean It about the way my pants don't fit. I've done it once before, which means I can do it, so I'm going to do it. It can't be that hard to stop eating leftover meeting food from meetings I wasn't at. I shouldn't have stopped walking home from work, either, so starting that again can't hurt in the long run. In the short run it will, because I still have one spot on my left big toe knuckle that's healing but isn't currently happy with me.

It is gorgeous out. I should open two or three windows when I get home and get the Hairy Beasts drunk on fresh air. They haven't had any since February, and they get silly when they aren't used to it. I have to open at least two windows so they can each sit in one. Lily crammed herself onto the windowsill between the back of the futon and the (closed) living room window yesterday morning, and I had to go disturb her just so I knew she wasn't stuck back there. She usually only does that when the window is open and she has the windowsill and all the space before the screen to lounge around in. She wasn't stuck, she just wanted to charge up all her little furry solar cells. I firmly believe the Hairy Beasts are solar-powered, and apparently while I was gone they ran down, because since I got back they've been in any sunspot they can find.

Hopefully now that the weather is getting better and I've had a vacation, it won't be such a chore going to chorus rehearsals. I kept getting to Wednesday and finding my heart wasn't in it. It'll be over after May 5, so I don't have to keep hauling my carcass to Cambridge for much longer. I don't know why my heart isn't in it this semester; it's not that Mendelssohn is boring (in fact, he's sneaky; he looks easy, but he isn't), but I just haven't felt like putting in the work of actually singing for either conductor and I don't know why not.
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The six-month Year 2 courses are over! Hooray! Now the Year 2 students can get out of our hair for a month, because they're on break for three weeks to study for and take Part 1 of the national dental board exam and then they've got two weeks for research. Which means they study for a week, take the board exam, and then go on vacation for four weeks. But in any case, they're out of our hair until April 10.

Meanwhile the MMSc got approved, so now it has a brochure and an application form. But that's all it's got; it doesn't have a tuition amount or any actual course content. (It does have a fairly thorough curriculum outline, though. I know because I wrote it. I could teach some of it if I weren't an absolutely terrible teacher.)

Meanwhile, the Year 3 students seem to think going to oral surgery lectures is optional, while complaining that they don't have enough oral surgery lectures. One of the lecturers pretty much went off on them about it yesterday. And for once, a problem with the oral surgery course isn't my fault.

On the home front, Snip was a thoroughly miserable snot factory for two days and then got better, to the relief of all of us. Lily seems to have managed not to catch it, which is also nice for all of us.

I'm trying to declutter my apartment by getting rid of at least one large thing I haven't touched in two years, or one trash bag full of things, per week. Last week I finally got rid of the full-size featherbed that had been living in one of those vacuum storage bags until Snip went mountaineering in the closet one evening and put holes in the bag. And I haven't used the featherbed in at least two years anyway, so out it went, and it felt very liberating. There isn't a lot I can be unconditionally happy about these days, so any little thing helps.

I bailed on the ad hoc chorus committee meeting last night because my brain was DONE by the end of "Let us gird on the armor of light", and I couldn't count and sing anything like the right notes at the same time. That meant I couldn't listen and write at the same time either, so I didn't try. Sometimes enough is enough.
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This is marvelous weather for soup, and I have a lot of good things to make soup with, but they don't all go together and I can't decide which ones I want to use. First world problem, obviously.

I think Lily wasn't feeling well on Saturday, because she insisted on being in my lap or in my face all day and then ate a lot of dry food at bedtime (not her usual routine) and yarfed all over the kitchen in the middle of the night. She seemed to be better yesterday, so whatever it was, it was a 24-hour bug. And she didn't give it to Snip as far as I can tell, which is good too. Snip doesn't care what she yarfs on.

I finally downloaded Monument Valley because I've caught up with Two Dots and wanted something to do with the phone. It falls under "somebody having way too much fun with a computer", but also falls under "reasons to own an iPad" because it's a tad bit too small on the phone screen. Gorgeous and fun, though, and it doesn't kill you and force you to start over when you get something wrong. I had Issues with a couple of the levels in terms of my brain not working the way the game needed it to, but I did get there eventually.

On Saturday I wandered through the bookstore and came up with both Dodger by Terry Pratchett and Eggs, Beans, and Crumpets by P.G. Wodehouse, from the used books section. Both of those books have been on my "keep an eye out for this" list for ages. That's why I wander through the bookstore. It's nice to have things to be happy about that don't involve ingesting calories. In that vein, I'm seriously considering sending a letter to the Patriots.

Speaking of calories, I have a small problem in that I only have one pair of jeans that fits me these days, and they're in the dirty laundry hamper at the moment. I don't WANNA buy size 12 pants again! But at least they aren't size 14. I started the whole weight loss saga three or so years ago when I needed new pants and discovered that they really ought to be size 16, and that was unacceptable. So here I am three or so years later and size 12 is unacceptable. I'm not sure what I think about that. I know I ought to be walking home, but a foot or so of snow is a pain in the ass to walk home in.
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The problem with coming back from winter break and picking up where you left off is that none of the problems have solved themselves over the break, so you're right back in the same rut you left in, if not worse. I don't care who's doing all this scheduling next year, but it is not going to be me. (That's what I said last year, too. Obviously the universe wasn't listening.)

My coffee maker's water level indicator isn't working. It doesn't even have any moving parts, so I guess I can't say it isn't working, but it isn't working as intended. It's got air bubbles in it and I can't tell how much water I actually put in the reservoir, without doing all sorts of math (OK, the top is up to 9, but there's a bubble between 3.5 and 5 and another one in the middle of 6 and 7, so maybe that will be 6? But the coffee maker always subtracts one, so maybe it's 5?). With the result that today I made rocket fuel by accident and had to put sugar in it to make it drinkable. Today is the sort of day that calls for rocket fuel, though.

I have a new recurring dream, but I'm not sure why. It involves going to see a very large model aircraft carrier and having to climb up a ladder to stand on it, and getting stuck at the top because people want to argue with me instead of letting me get off the ladder. And then my aunt shows up and yells at me for something involving somebody else's marijuana. I've had this dream three times now and I haven't a clue what it means.

I keep thinking there's got to be a better way to crush up Lily's pills than doing it on the back of a saucer (which has a rim so the fragments don't go everywhere) with the back of a spoon, but so far I haven't found it. I'm not interested in investing in a pill crusher, because I'm not sure the bits I start with are big enough to crush that way anyway. The problem is mostly getting the teeny amount of powder off the back of the saucer, and remembering to use the "cat food spoon" instead of the "thyroid spoon" on Snip's wet food. Maybe I need to invest in a couple of cheap pill-crushing spoons that don't get used for anything else.

I've sold a piece of embroidery for the first time in my life. It's the blue band sampler from 2012 (the name of the pattern escapes me, but there's a blue one and a red one and I did both. I'll have to look through the archives when I get home). So tonight I have to iron it, but before I do that I have to go to an art supply store and get a cardboard tube to wind it around and a poster tube to transport the whole thing in. Fortunately it's only on a quarter yard of linen, so I should be able to find what I want.
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I knew the end of this week was going to be tough, and I was right. Especially yesterday. Thursday I merely got to work at 7:05, helped set up breakfast, and started taking minutes for the CODA Standard 2 mock site visit at 8:00. Half an hour of break at 1:00, back to it again until 5:15. Dinner out (Taberna de Haro, which was good, but the chairs are too high and I had to mountaineer myself into mine). Home, feed cats, fall into bed.

Yesterday, there was all of the above except dinner, and added fun involving the CODA meeting being in the new building and the clinics being closed for staff development. Everybody at HSDM cuts through the clinics on the first and second floors when they're going from one building to the other. But when the clinics are closed all day, the doors are locked and you can't cut through. (The clinic director thinks that's stupid because nobody's going to be smuggling patients in and working on them. But the facilities director had a fit about security.) Usually you can also get from one building to the other by going outdoors, but the main building entrance is closed for the next several weeks while they rebuild the outdoor stairs. So the only way into the main building (where my office is) when the clinics are closed is through the new building via the basement. Not Useful. Probably also not legal in terms of fire exits. However, also not my problem, because I'm taking the first half of next week as vacation. Therefore I don't have to think about it at all.

Lily likes chicken-flavored pill pockets, thank goodness. We're training each other on acceptable usage thereof; if I put it on the floor, she'll eat the pocket and leave the pill. At which point we try it again, and so far she'll eat the pill the second time. But if she takes it out of my fingers, she'll eat the whole works the first time. Maybe she thinks she's getting away with stealing it if she takes it directly from me, and has to get rid of the evidence? I don't know.

Snip has recovered from her cold, or at least I assume so because her Niagara of the Nose is gone and she doesn't sneeze when she wakes up. She thought I needed to be Washed Properly this morning, which I was inclined to let her do; she wouldn't be trying to sand the skin off my nose if she didn't feel like doing it.

I have to go out at some point today and buy some more pill pockets and run various other errands. This is the first time I can remember since summer that I'm not feeling like I Gotta Do Everything NOW. I wish more of my life felt like that.
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I got Lily's pills by mail on the 9th and started her on them on the 10th. Fortunately she seems to be happy to snarf down half a pill in a pill pocket twice a day, except this morning when she ate the pill pocket and left the pill (second time lucky, though). I may be imagining things, but I think she's already putting a little weight back on in her face. Meanwhile Snip has her annual cold, and this one is pretty fierce; she sneezes about twelve times every time she wakes up, and she had Niagara of the Nose yesterday morning. Poor kid. At least she's still eating like a horse and carrying her puffball around and being herself except for sneezing when she wakes up.

In an attempt to not spend $10 per month on pill pockets at the pet store, I went to Target yesterday. No pill pockets, but they did have shampoo and toothpaste and Brita filters and Progresso minestrone and a DVD of Age of Ultron and a little teeny food processor, which I've been flirting with the idea of for ages and trying to grind rosemary in the blender put me over the edge on. So now I own a little teeny KitchenAid food processor, and am out of excuses for not using up the rest of the preserved lemons making marinade. Or soup. Or whatever I want to use ground-up preserved lemons in.

This is not a post about politics because I have had it up to here with posts about politics and how they say I should be out on the streets screaming at the top of my lungs, only they say I won't be listened to because I'm white, and they say I won't be listened to because I'm female, but I should be out there screaming because white men are screaming at everybody who isn't white and male. I don't want to scream at anybody. I guess I'm in the "Damn it, everybody calm down and start acting like decent human beings to each other!" camp.
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Cats are vetted. Snip's fine, Lily's skinny (but Marlene is fine too). Sometime tomorrow they'll call me and tell me if it's Lily's thyroid; if it is, pill every day for the rest of her life (to start with; if that doesn't work, I get a radioactive cat for a little while). If it isn't, find food she likes and provide her with lots of it.

We sort of started on the wrong foot because I was just persuading the cats to come into the bathroom and eat cheese when the doorbell rang. Lily shot off somewhere like a guided missile, so I went down and let Dr. G in and he stayed downstairs while I reconvinced Snip to stay in the bathroom, found Lily and more or less chucked her into the bathroom and shut the door in her face. And then Lily had to have blood drawn after the shots/exam/manicure process. But at least she's still speaking to me in a "Hey, what about dinner?" sort of way.

There are other things I could have done today, but they all got postponed in favor of finally finishing that book about the WWII concentration camps. Heavy stuff. Part of my brain thinks that book is worth keeping, but there's another part that doesn't want it in the house any longer than it took to finish it. For now, it's living in the vicinity of the "somebody please take away these books" boxes. Which, eventually, will go either out on the curb on trash day, or some will go to work and I'll finally set up the Official HSDM Non-Dental Book Swap Shelf. I'm not sure anyone at work would actually want to read the nonfiction stuff I've been reading for the last year or so.

Tomorrow I plan to vote on the way to work and then come home and put Octarium's version of Ubi Caritas on repeat until I get sick of hearing it. Where charity and love are, there the gods are. (Which is not what the original says, of course. But I'm not Christian, so I'm allowed to think there are several gods. If there are any at all. It's complicated.) In any case, I will not be looking at any election news until Wednesday morning. I've had enough.
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I haven't been embroidering again, because my shoulders have been complaining right when I get into the groove and it throws me right out of it again. Sigh. I'm never going to get out of this tree, am I? (Current piece of pattern is the crown of a tree, and all the individual leaves thereof. But I can't tell which leaf is where by looking at the pattern; it all looks like blobs and I faithfully reproduce the blobs and wonder what's the point. Then I stand six feet away from the actual embroidery and then I realize "oh, OK, that blob is about six leaves.")

I finally caved last night and downloaded Civ 5, which required my subscribing to Steam, which I am not thrilled about. But Civ 4 is too old for my current laptop, and I miss it. And messing around on the computer doesn't hurt my shoulders. It does, however, frustrate the Hairy Beasts because they don't fit in the available lap space. I just hope Civ 5 breaks the pattern of odd-numbered Civ versions not being as good as even-numbered ones.

I could have voted early, but the early voting places are more out of my way than my regular polling place, so I'm going to stand in line with all the other regular election day people. Voting early wouldn't have put me out of any more misery anyway, because despite the Facebook filters I put in, half of my news feed is politics. The other half is baseball, which is more cheerful. Even though I'm not a baseball fan, I understand sports-cheerful.

Today was New Crunchies Day, which is the one day in the month when Lily eats breakfast enthusiastically. She actually ate it out of the bowl Snip likes to eat out of, which confused Snip quite some. I'm not sure she realizes there are two bowls with the exact same amount of the exact same stuff. (I love Snip dearly, but she has the IQ of mayonnaise.) I may just stop trying to feed Lily dry food.

The modern music for chorus this semester is growing on me, but I really wish it wasn't as crunchy as it is in so many places on purpose. Nothing like a section in which every other note is an accidental in order to avoid having a recognizable chord anywhere. Granted, it's easier to sing music that looks like that than it is to play it on an instrument, but still. I'm teaching my sense of relative pitch to appreciate that even though the alto section is singing a second against the tenors, ignore what it sounds like and just be glad it's the right interval. After the concert on December 3, I can go back to singing thirds against the processional for The Play of Herod and making myself feel better.
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It got cold (by which I mean 60), and I disapprove. The Hairy Beasts only disapprove of cold floors; they know they can come sit on me with their little cold feet and sooner or later their little cold feet will get less cold.

Aside from being cold, this week is less insane than last week and the week before. At least I managed to get through the 24,000 rows of Excel sheet I was converting into a couple of tables for the last couple of weeks, and get through another several thousand rows of demographic data, and I went through three subsections of CODA Standard 2 like a dose of salts, and I rendered readable the first draft of an article on the results of a teaching method that hasn't happened yet, and I prepared the in-class materials for said method which is being piloted next week, and I have most of the figures for the annual survey that wants to know about clock hours per year for five different kinds of instruction, which (given the curriculum change) is a massive combined guessing game and headache. But this week at least I had time to think about all that jazz.

And, last weekend I finally got off page 1 of the embroidery pattern. This is the first pattern I haven't been able to look at and figure out what's going on before I've stitched it. It will get more legible later on, but right now it's all individual leaves in a tree, and they mush together and the pattern doesn't make any sense until I look at what it results in. I would love to get out of this tree. And I will, eventually.

Speaking of results, I bought a floor stand for the enormous framed piece because I don't trust a plaster wall with it. Actually the floor stand is a $30 expandable easel, but when not expanded, it makes a perfectly adequate floor stand. It's strong enough to hold the embroidery, holds it low enough that the cats can't run under it at 40 mph and knock it over, and it's compact enough that I'm not tripping over it. I love it when I get a good idea that actually turns out to be a good idea.

Trying to throw most of the bills in the recycling before I actually paid them was not a good idea, but fortunately I figured out where they had gone before I went completely insane. Also fortunately, I tend not to take out that recycling bag until it's overflowing, and it was only half full. Most fortunately, the Patriots/Bengals tickets were not also in the pile I chucked in that bag.

I think maybe I'll take the entire week of Thanksgiving off. My brain is kind of stopping there anyway when I think about things that are coming up.
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LONG week last week, too. I got to Friday despite the CODA meeting, another couple of meetings with and/or about the second year students, and a chorus rehearsal. I was going to go home and have a takeout-and-football night on Friday, but I finally decided I didn't want the entire week to be work, chorus rehearsal and home. So I took myself out to Alden & Harlow instead and had steak and porter and pistachio cake. The food was good, but the room is loud when there are that many people in it.

Saturday I didn't do much of anything, except grocery shopping and I didn't do that until 6:00. But when I did go grocery shopping, I bought a lot of vegetables and stewed them today so I can have stewed vegetables and tomato couscous for lunch this week. I can't stand any more lunch meetings with pizza or sandwiches. I ordered soup and salad for the CODA meeting on Friday and actually ate soup with lentils and chemically hot stuff in it because it wasn't sandwiches or pizza. (You get the Soup of the Day for the day you want it, so you don't know what it will be. This time it was lentil, barley, and hot curry powder.)

Today I did in fact get my act together before lunch, in consequence of which I have a genteel sufficiency of kitty litter and a rack full of wet laundry in addition to the stewed vegetables. I still want to make another round of frittatas, but I can't decide what kind. Smoked salmon and scallions sounds good, but it's 8:30 on Sunday night and I don't want to start cooking again now.

As of today I also have an idea of exactly how much simultaneous bilateral pectoral muscle spasms suck. (Very much indeed, in case you didn't know that.)

Speaking of cooking, or not, last night we had major teamwork going on. Snip found a grillionpede somewhere and played hockey with it until she got it into the living room, at which point Lily took over, stomped on it and ate it. Snip has very definite ideas about what is and is not edible, and apparently grillionpedes are not edible. Lily, on the other hand, will try anything once, and even if she thinks it's disgusting, she'll keep begging for it. Silly beast.
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LONG week, this week. Not helped by the second year students complaining about anything they can think of to anyone they can think of.

Meanwhile I got handed the completed procedure data for the classes of 2014, 2015 and 2016. Problem is, what I got handed was what the electronic dental record system could export, which is every procedure code completed by every student. So if student 15001 did 37 instances of procedure 1110, that's 37 rows of "15001/1110" in the Excel sheet. I swear I could make a million dollars by writing an electronic dental record system that can export useful data. Or at the very least, I could make half a million dollars by writing an appendix to the existing system that can export useful data. HIPAA has its merits, but we're an educational institution and we need this data for accreditation, so we can keep being an educational institution. So I've been staring at Excel for most of the past two days and I'm not even through one class yet. And my boss keeps wanting me to go to more new and different meetings, now that I'm the Senior DMD Curriculum Coordinator. I still don't know why I went to the "nobody cleans up after themselves in the lab" meeting.

Meanwhile, last Friday I picked up my newly framed embroidery and nearly gave myself heat stroke hauling it home in the humidity. It came out 35" x 38", and it's gorgeous, but I'm not sure I trust the plaster walls to keep it hanging. So right now it's leaning on my bicycle, until I decide whether I want to buy a floor stand for it and whether that would be a good idea in the first place. It was a better idea before last night, when the Hairy Beasts were playing tag at about 40 mph for about half an hour. Which goes to prove that even though Lily is skinny, she's still herself, and I should find out why she doesn't eat her dry food these days. It isn't tooth problems this time, as far as I can tell.

I can't decide whether I want a Large Slab of Dead Cow because I want meat, or because I want umami. If umami, a box of mushrooms is cheaper than a Large Slab of Dead Cow. But I do love a ribeye, and I haven't had one in years. Decisions, decisions...but it's probably not going to be Large Slab of Dead Cow tonight because the Red Sox are playing. Maybe next week when they're out of town again. Baseball season is at least three months too long, and I mean to bring that up with the Minister of Convenience the instant we appoint one. As long as it's convenient, that is.
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What, I ask you, is the point of having a FINAL schedule if people keep changing it? (I suppose the point is to make them only change one version. But what I'd really like is for them to stop changing any version at all.)

I'm mildly grumpy today because the Journal of Dental Education editorial staff probably thinks we're all idiots, because I've submitted and then had to have them unsubmit the same article twice now. That's what happens when my boss tells me this is the final version and please submit it, so I do. When I do, all the authors get an email. Then one of the middle authors realizes he has more edits. There's no way for the submitter to recall an article; you have to email the associate editor and get them to do it. Which I have, twice, for the same article.

Oh, and after they finally fixed the air conditioning issue, now we have an issue with the "pH neutralization tank", which means the building smells like sulfur. I think we should just all work from home until after Labor Day. That ain't how life goes, though.

At least I got to grin this morning because it was New Crunchies Day, which is Lily's favorite day of every month or so. She heard me throw the dregs of the last bag in the trash and launched herself off the top of the living room bookshelf, and came barreling down the hall for breakfast. That's as animated as she gets in the morning when it's hot out, and sounds like this: *THUD* *galumpfgalumpfgalumpfgalumpf*mrrw? Mrrw! *crunchcrunchcrunch* Snip, meanwhile, knows merely that it's breakfast time and Lily's interested, which means Snip ought to be interested, but what's holding up the breakfast?
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This round of jet lag, while not as inconvenient as some, appears to be stubborn. I keep waking up earlier than I really want to. But it gives me an excuse to wake up the Hairy Beasts, because I object to being slept at if I can't sleep when I should be. And I get Purred At.

I can't quite believe it's going to be July next Friday. I do know where June went, but I was expecting there to be more of it.

Memo to self: feeding the Wednesday meeting every goddamn Wednesday, and paying for it myself most of the time due to office credit card issues, makes me unhappy. Therefore I eat way too much of whatever it is I'm feeding the Wednesday meeting. Yesterday it was pizza and I ate three slices and was too full and very thirsty all afternoon. So don't do that. The Wednesday meetings will only run through mid-August at the latest, so there's an end in sight, but it can't come soon enough. (At the end will be ice cream, which will be new, different and celebratory because we'll have ironed out most of the huge lumps from the year 2 courses. We all agreed on that last month.) When found, make a note on, so I did. Now I have to figure out what to do about it, and do whatever it is.

I don't know what Lily had in mind at bedtime last night, but she tried to jump from the bedroom floor to the top of the bureau, couldn't get there, but stuck a foot up and snagged Grandpa's socks and flung them on the floor. Snip and I both thought she was crazy. She thought she was a Mighty Huntress. I confiscated the socks.

Cirque du Soleil on Sunday. Hooray!
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Back on a somewhat more even keel again, and back at work again. Only 191 emails and I only had to do something about a handful of them. Thank goodness for After Graduation.

Having come home on Thursday, I went grocery shopping and did laundry on Friday, and generally didn't do a whole lot else except provide the cats with somebody to stare at and hang around with. On Saturday I went and got my hairs cut, which was an exercise in "I don't know what the hell it's doing and I'm fed up enough to shave it all off; make it shorter and give it a style, please?" So that's what happened. MUCH better. And I reintroduced myself to coffee as she is properly spoke; the coffee I had in Iceland managed to be weak and bitter at the same time. Besides, I needed the afternoon coffee to get myself back on Eastern Daylight Time, sort of. I still want to go to bed early, but I've stopped waking up at 3:30.

Yesterday was my youngest cousin's high school graduation party, so I went to that in the afternoon. In the morning, Snip finally decided I was actually me, and she brought me her puffball and curled up in my lap and purred like mad for an hour or so. Apparently I finally smelled like me again, because before that she wasn't quite sure I was who I said I was. Lily was mostly convinced by bedtime on Thursday, but she's been delivering a lot more orations than usual. Apparently I need to be told about all sorts of things.

It was a nice surprise to come back right into the start of cherry season. I see a lot of cherries in my future, because they're already pretty good and reasonably cheap. It's time to start paying more attention to not eating everything I want just because I want it. Part of that was a function of the stuff going on at work before I left, but the summatives and competencies are now done with, the Year 2 course directors have deadlines, and graduation is absolutely over. And I feel like I might be able to be better about what I eat without making a major battle out of it.

Onward and upward. Forward. Whatever. Lunchward, anyway.
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Ugh, finances. But hooray, having enough finances to have to do something about them. (I finally found an independent financial advisor, and I've met with her twice now and we have a Plan, or at least the beginnings of one.)

Also hooray, sunshine! It's so much easier to convince myself to walk home when the sun is out. I think the time has come to find a new route, though. Maybe I'll start doing the one that goes via Aspinwall instead of via Longwood. I like all the enormous Victorian houses back there. And I should start doing push-ups again. I think my shoulders can stand it at this point, and if I'm wrong, I can stop.

The Hairy Beasts have decided the sun is back for good, and were sprawled all over the living room rug this morning, recharging their solar cells. If it were warm enough in the morning, I'd open the living room window so Lily can lie on the windowsill behind the futon and bake her brain (and her entire left side) and watch people coming up and down the street. I'm not sure Snip would fit back there if she wanted to, but it seems she doesn't want to anyway. She'd rather take up as much of the bed as possible.

Two days ago I had a headache. It turned out to be an occipital muscle spasm, which meant that the left side of the bottom half of the back of my head was sore in a post-massage-sore kind of way yesterday. Occipital muscles aren't that big, but apparently they're important. I'm mildly impressed that I managed to make the headache go away without resorting to anything stronger than caffeine, which didn't work anyhow. I guess I really should reschedule my massage appointment, though.
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