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Back at work again, and actually getting things done for a change. I looked at my email on Thursday night when I got home (shame on me) and reduced 87 emails to 42 (I don't need all the "HMS in the News" and server update notifications and "I'll be in late last Wednesday" emails). By the time I got in this morning, I only had 56. And most of them didn't count. That's an acceptable Monday.

Now that I've spent last week eating everything in sight and gotten gluttony out of my system, it's time to Do Something And Mean It about the way my pants don't fit. I've done it once before, which means I can do it, so I'm going to do it. It can't be that hard to stop eating leftover meeting food from meetings I wasn't at. I shouldn't have stopped walking home from work, either, so starting that again can't hurt in the long run. In the short run it will, because I still have one spot on my left big toe knuckle that's healing but isn't currently happy with me.

It is gorgeous out. I should open two or three windows when I get home and get the Hairy Beasts drunk on fresh air. They haven't had any since February, and they get silly when they aren't used to it. I have to open at least two windows so they can each sit in one. Lily crammed herself onto the windowsill between the back of the futon and the (closed) living room window yesterday morning, and I had to go disturb her just so I knew she wasn't stuck back there. She usually only does that when the window is open and she has the windowsill and all the space before the screen to lounge around in. She wasn't stuck, she just wanted to charge up all her little furry solar cells. I firmly believe the Hairy Beasts are solar-powered, and apparently while I was gone they ran down, because since I got back they've been in any sunspot they can find.

Hopefully now that the weather is getting better and I've had a vacation, it won't be such a chore going to chorus rehearsals. I kept getting to Wednesday and finding my heart wasn't in it. It'll be over after May 5, so I don't have to keep hauling my carcass to Cambridge for much longer. I don't know why my heart isn't in it this semester; it's not that Mendelssohn is boring (in fact, he's sneaky; he looks easy, but he isn't), but I just haven't felt like putting in the work of actually singing for either conductor and I don't know why not.
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My big toe is continuing to turn purple, but it doesn't hurt unless I try to grip with it. It is, however, a very impressive shade of purple, like the ink on elementary school worksheets. I know that liquid will take the easiest path between point A and point B, but I would love to know why the easiest path between the top of my toe and the ground (gravity works for everybody) goes into the end of the toe. Capillaries, probably.

After three whole days of Weight Watchers, the hardest thing so far is trying to get used to coffee without milk in it. (I can drink coffee without milk or without sugar, but not without both, and I prefer it without sugar.) Apparently milk is a bigger calorie sink than sugar, which I wouldn't have thought, but what do I know? I hate skim milk enough to skip it entirely, so I'm drinking black coffee with three sugar packets in it and wishing I didn't have to. However, as much as I don't enjoy coffee that way, I would enjoy a 16-hour caffeine withdrawal headache even less.

Today was my last day in Faculty Affairs. Or it was supposed to be, but they forgot to ask me to give the office keys back and I forgot to give them the office keys back, so I guess I had better stick my head in tomorrow and take care of that. Following which I might just wander around the corner and go see the samurai armor exhibit at the MFA, which I meant to do last month and never got around to. I've got a whole list of things I ought to get around to, but it's not a catastrophe if I don't get around to all of them in the next four days.
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I have now been to my last Faculty Affairs office retreat, and I'm glad this was the last one, because it was nowhere near as useful as the others have been. If this is how they're going to go from now on, I won't miss them.

Last year somebody went to a leadership class and came back with a Communication Skills Diagnostic, which promptly got integrated into last year's retreat and was interesting as a one-off concept. This year they brought it back (which I think was unnecessary) and made it the focus of the retreat (which I think was thoroughly unnecessary), and it didn't do anything useful other than make us all argue about whether being Planners is a reflection of who we are, or a reflection of who we have to be in order to do our jobs. So we argued about that for a good chunk of the morning and didn't arrive at any useful conclusions, nor did we come up with any useful ways to apply the results to anything else. At least after that we all went to the annual summer outing at the Dean's house and there was way too much food and a pool to dip feet (and toddlers, of which there were five or six, and teenagers, of which there were four or five) in, and that was nice.

I may be being overly harsh on the retreat, since today started at 4:30 this morning when Lily suddenly developed a burning need to wake me up, get scritched, settle down for three minutes, jump off the bed, come back again five minutes later and start all over again. She nearly got flying lessons, except that I couldn't move that way because the left side of my neck and my left shoulder are locked up with muscle spasms. So they're sore, and they wake me up when I want to roll over, and then Lily won't let me go back to sleep, and then I get up and go off to the retreat and it takes me an hour and a quarter to get from Brighton to Cambridge. So I might have started off on the wrong foot just a bit.

I'm still happy with the weather. Right now I wish I could bottle the breeze and sell it in Mississippi or someplace where a cool breeze doesn't happen in the summer. (I'd say Saharan Africa, except I don't want to get into the whole question of taxes on international sales.) Failing that, I think I'll merely meander into the other room and enjoy the breeze in there.
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On the way back from dinner on Friday, I inadvertently imported an inch-long grapevine beetle into my apartment (it hit me in the eyebrow and when I got indoors, I found it hanging onto my shirt). The Hairy Beasts cornered it in the bedroom at 4:00 Saturday morning, but my getting up to fetch a container and a piece of cardboard distracted them and they lost it. Last night I found it again, and promptly reintroduced it to the Great Outdoors. I could have been nicer about it, because I pretty much flung it out a second story window, but I suspect it was responsible for the sensation of something crawling up my arm at 2:00 on Sunday morning (although I didn't see what it was; it was a "wake up flailing arm around" situation). I didn't even know we had grapevine beetles in Boston. Live and learn, I guess.

Speaking of learning, apparently I shouldn't take online training courses first thing in the morning. HSDM requires a HIPAA course (even though I won't have access to patient information) and an information security course to be taken and passed before I start over there, and I took both today before my coffee kicked in, so I had to take the quiz at the end of each course twice in order to pass them (passing is 100%, and I clicked on the wrong thing at least once each). But I did pass them both, so now I can stop thinking about that.

There are some other things I'm going to love not thinking about, for sure. If I were staying, I'd be lobbying fiercely for the new online annual appointments system to automatically refuse any application in which the start date on the cover sheet and the start date on the nominating letter are different. (It can't actually do that because the letter will be an uploaded PDF or Word document, but I'd be lobbying for a big bright red notice somewhere before you hit the Submit button that says "CHECK START/END DATES ON ALL DOCUMENTS".) It's going to save somebody a headache someday.

I can't hardly wait for Saturday. I hope this time they mean it when they say "thunderstorms", but I'll settle for "weather that doesn't make the cats glare at me".
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At 1:00 it was tolerable outdoors as long as you didn't intend to move much. By 5:00 it was downright pleasant out. And here was me disbelieving the weather forecast that said it was going to be better today. Silly me.

It's ridiculously quiet in here, because I turned off the fans that had been on 24/7 for the last five days. There's a nice cool breeze coming in on the bedroom side of the apartment, so not only is it sleeping-under-the-sheet weather, I might even have to put a blanket on the bed.

Proving that life isn't all beer and skittles, the two weeks of vacation I was going to take in August have become three days between jobs. Oh well. At least I'm getting the three days, and they're the last three days of a week, so they're really five days. I hope in this case a change is as good as a rest, although I'm getting a little rest too. (Drat, shouldn't have used that word, now I really want to go to bed, but it's too early.)
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I got the job! Starting sometime in August (yet to be determined exactly), I will be the DMD Curriculum Coordinator for the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

I sort of thought I was going to get it, but I didn't want to count on that until I knew for sure.

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I got past the interview, and was asked for references yesterday. That process has changed some since the last time I did it, and for once, having six supervisors in eight years came in useful. They wanted five references, at least three of whom had to be previous or current supervisors. So I gave them six references, five of whom were previous or current supervisors. (My TUSDM supervisor probably won't answer, because he didn't the last time I put him down as a reference. That's why I gave them six references. I hope this is like the faculty promotions process, in which you can give up on expecting a reply from one person as long as you have enough other replies to cover the requirements.)

It's a tad bit warm out, but it's better than yesterday. Yesterday even the breeze was hot, and it was like standing in front of a bus exhaust. (I ended up standing in front of a bus exhaust for a little while besides, and it was even hotter.) Today the breeze isn't quite as hot. The Hairy Beasts still think it's my fault, though, and between the daytime temperature and the thunderstorm last night, they spent quite a lot of their spare time glaring at me. I admit to not being sorry at all about the thunderstorm, because it cooled off into decent sleeping weather afterward. I hope it does that tonight too. Aside from liking sleep, I like thunderstorms. Snip hates them so much that she won't even be distracted by cheese. I'm considering getting her a thunder shirt.

Yes, voting is important. Yes, if you don't vote, you can't complain. But just once I'd like to be able to vote FOR somebody under the level of President. I seem to always have a choice between the guy who's been entrenched for 20-odd years and has nothing much to say except "don't vote for the other guy!" and the other guy, whose platform I don't like. Or, if it's a local election, I get a choice between the guy who's been entrenched for 20-odd years and has absolutely nothing to say, and the other guy I've never heard of.
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I shouldn't mess around with the year-end P&R statistics when I'm tired already. I find out exactly how much work we've done since September and I get even more tired. It does tend to take my mind off wondering how the people I interviewed with last week thought my interview went, though.

I have to say I'm impressed that my (profligate!) new sandals showed up yesterday. I was told to expect delivery in 7-10 business days when I ordered them on Saturday. I also ordered new contact lenses, because my eyeballs continue to be unable to make up their minds as to prescription. One is getting less nearsighted and more astigmatic, and the other is getting more nearsighted and holding its level of astigmatism. At least they're both correctable with contact lenses, for which I am very grateful. I apparently depend a lot on my peripheral vision, because when I wear glasses I can't do that, and it drives me crazy. So, new lenses it is. I asked about Lasik just to find out if I would be a candidate for it, and I would be, but it's not high on my list of priorities. Maybe if I won the lottery, I'd consider it.

I'm supposed to come up with something new to work on in voice lessons, doesn't matter what as long as it isn't rap or country. I'm leaning toward opera, since we've decided I'm a genuine mezzo soprano and I suppose I can be Carmen if I want to. (I had all sorts of other ideas, but I don't want to ruin any song I like by not being allowed to sing it all the way through for two or three weeks.)
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Interview(s) (there were three of them) have happened. I met with a HR guy who I already knew, and the Director of Predoctoral Curriculum, and the Director of Education Services. I should hear in 2-3 weeks, but I think it went fairly well. And if I don't get the job, I've still got this one to fall back on. I can't leave this one until July 15 at the earliest anyway.

Unfortunately the interviews started at 1:00, and I was afraid to eat anything beforehand, so now it's almost 3:00 and I'm STARVING. And I know where they stash the potato chips next door. (OW. I seem to have tried to drive a shard of potato chip through my soft palate. I really don't recommend that. Of course, it's my own blasted fault for eating potato chips for lunch in the first place.)

There seems to be a big bright thing in the sky again. I missed the big bright thing in the sky. And I've got two whole days to do whatever I feel like doing with it, too. That is a lovely thought. I think the first thing I'll do, once I get done answering other people's phones, is take myself out for a drink somewhere.
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If you want something to happen, ignore it. I knew that, but every so often I get reminded.

Because I wasn't at work yesterday, that was the day the HR office emailed me about setting up an interview for the DMD curriculum coordinator position. They wanted me to interview tomorrow at the exact same time as my eye appointment, so now I'm waiting to see if they'll accept Thursday or Friday instead. At least it wasn't my work email account, so I can honestly say I didn't read my work email on a personal day.

It was a pretty nice personal day, too. After my cousin's graduation party on Sunday, I went back to Noank for the overnight and all day Monday. I spent it mostly hanging around and making decisions about my incipient bookshelves (poplar, either stained or painted, although I don't need to decide which yet). And Mom had to make bread, so I got warm bread with butter and honey on it. Bread doesn't get any better than that.

I wish it hadn't rained, but oh well. At least I didn't get rained on much. I ran away from home on Sunday with nothing but contact lens solution and clean underwear (and the usual suspects: keys, wallet, phone and iPod), so I didn't have an umbrella. Sometimes it's fun to go away without any luggage at all. I do, however, want to know what it is that my phone gets up to in Noank, because it can get there fully charged and then run out of juice overnight. It doesn't do that in Boston.
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Today should really be Friday. P&R week always does that to me; having an 11-hour work day on a Tuesday makes the rest of the week ridiculously long. (I completely forgot I was taking Monday off, until I told my boss that I would send a huge batch of emails on Monday and my coworker said "No you won't; you're not here on Monday!" I'm glad somebody is keeping track of these things.) I suppose Thursday is an acceptable day for it to be. It might be an interesting voice lesson tonight, though. And this being the third night in a row that she's going to get her dinner late, I suspect Lily might finally have something to say about it. One meow from her is the equivalent of a five-minute lecture from any other cat.

You know you're tired when you get home and find a package waiting for you, and can't be bothered to open it for two hours. Granted, I already knew what was in it because it was a Zappos box, but it's the principle of the thing. I still have the college-mailroom "I got a package!" mentality, since usually what I get in the mail is bills, or takeout menus from places I've never heard of. So when I can't be bothered to open a package for two hours after I get my hands on it, I'm beat. (But the dress sandals that were in it were precisely what I wanted, and I wore them all day yesterday without getting blisters. Clarks Wendy Land 7.5 W, for future reference.)

I've been drinking too much coffee lately. I can tell, because I'm tired of the flavor.
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All the various weather forecasts seem to think that I should have gotten all of my indoor stuff done yesterday and today so as to be able to enjoy the outdoors tomorrow. I hope they're right. I still have some indoor stuff to do, but it's not going to take all day. I went out this afternoon just for the sake of going out, and didn't quite blow away even though it was extremely windy. I'm being promised 70 degrees tomorrow, and I want every single one of them. I also want to be able to take the quilt back off the bed.

I definitely needed a long weekend. My voice lessons have moved from Saturday afternoon to Thursday evening, and last Thursday I was so burned out by the time I got there that the lesson plan went right out the window. Instead I spent 45 minutes singing every song previously performed by Julie Andrews that we could think of and had music for (I Have Confidence, Hello Young Lovers, Getting To Know You, I Could Have Danced All Night, Wouldn't It Be Loverly, and a couple of others I've forgotten), just to cheer me up. Hopefully next Thursday will be better, because I won't have any performance reviews next week. I had the yearly one with my boss on Thursday and the monthly one with the office manager on Friday. Ugh. I've decided there's no "up" where I am, since I'm still junior staff after seven and a half years; if I want to go up, I have to go elsewhere, so I'm starting to look fairly seriously for an elsewhere to go to. (Why am I thinking about work when I don't have to?)

This morning I was made aware of the cat beard phenomenon, and it got a decent-sized snort out of me. I am not going to try it with either of the Hairy Beasts, though. Lily would probably go for it, but she's having an outbreak of "the herp" (viral conjunctivitis, which I think is related to Snip's URI last week), so her life is tough enough at the moment. Snip is completely the wrong color to be a believable beard, since she has spots, and besides I don't think I could get her to stay in the right position for long enough to take a picture.
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Sometimes if I'm having a less-than-ideal day, something completely random will snap me out of it. Today it was axolotls.

See, I got a promotion file for somebody who studies axolotls in order to try to figure out how exactly they regenerate limbs. One of the letters in the file referred to "the worldwide axolotl community" (in the context of it not being very large), and for some reason that phrase cracked me right the hell up. That is, until I got to the next sentence, which contained the phrase "technical questions of axolotl husbandry" and I lost it again to the point where I had to go get a drink of water.

Now "axolotl" is a pretty amusing word all by itself, but I have no idea why I found that letter so hysterically funny. A couple of hours later I still giggle every time I think about "axolotl husbandry".

My brain is a very strange place sometimes.
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Life lesson #9254: If a glass bottle is allowed to break into little tiny shards, you'll never find all of them unless you walk around barefoot in the area they're in. (At least I only got one in my foot.) I hope I've found all of them at this point, because getting them out of my foot is one thing, but getting them out of feline feet would be a whole other problem. (Actually, Lily would probably let me. Snip, on the other hand (foot?)...)

I've been having a lot of fairly disturbing dreams lately. I never remember them, but I do remember waking up in the middle of the night for the last couple of nights and thinking "I don't want to keep dreaming about that." I wish whatever my brain is working on would sort itself out. I know I'm ready for this academic year to be over, and the fact that it isn't over until July isn't helping.

I also wish somebody, somewhere, whoever it is, would get off their ass and do something about the position regrade I was told was starting under review last fall. I haven't heard thing one about it since, and neither has my boss as of last month. It wouldn't mean I get any more money, but at this point I pretty much don't care. I just want somebody to acknowledge that there's more work involved in this job than there was when they invented it. It doesn't really help that it's the end of the performance review cycle and I'm fighting the urge to be sarcastic about the job description that appears on the evaluation forms. "Sweeping generalities" just about begins to cover it. (Insert standard rant here about how worthwhile the whole performance review system isn't.)

Speaking of things worthwhile, I finally get to work on the Flower Duet in my voice lessons. I, of course, am singing the mezzo part, and apparently the woman singing the soprano part can't sing any note lower than the highest note in the mezzo part (which is G5. The B flat above that is as high as I go.). This ought to be interesting.
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P&R yesterday. We had the conference room reserved all day since we have a morning meeting and an afternoon meeting. Because the room predates computers by quite a bit, it's not set up to deal with 25 laptops, so we have to construct a web of extension cords and power strips to keep the elderly laptops running for two hours. Somebody came into the room after the morning meeting, ripped up the whole web and dumped it in a corner (still plugged into itself and the wall outlets, mind you; there's some crawling around on the floor involved with plugging things in), and rearranged the tables. We now know that we can reset the room in fifteen minutes, but we shouldn't have had to. We're looking for the responsible party so we can have words with them. (The conference room does lock, but the Security office has the keys and won't let us borrow them. If we could lock it, we wouldn't have to put all the laptops away between meetings either.)

The conference room kerfuffle happened immediately after I went to Starbucks and watched somebody else with the same name walk off with my drink. By the time I realized where it had gone, she had started drinking it, so I really didn't want it back. I ended up with hers, which was at least in the same family as mine (the "cold coffee" family), but wasn't what I had wanted. First world problem, I know, but it mattered to me at the time.

Today I'm limping around acting geriatric, because yesterday I wore eight-hour shoes for eleven hours. My left foot is still not sure what I did to it. (It's not alone; I'm not sure what I did to it, either.) That's the problem with having P&R on Tuesday; I have to get up and go to work on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afterward. At least today I can wear sneakers with impunity, and I don't have to stand up more than I want to.

Lily appears to have decided she isn't done shedding yet. She stopped for a couple of weeks there and I thought she was done. I should know better. Fortunately she doesn't object to being brushed, as long as she doesn't get zapped when I do it. Beats me how I ended up with an ex-feral cat who likes having her nails clipped (but only with the human nail clippers; she hates the ones designed for cats) and lets me try to brush out mats before I resort to scissors. Snip, who likes people in general, thinks being groomed by humans is an assault on her dignity and will just barely permit herself to be brushed. Not sure how that works, since she likes to wash humans. Silly beast.

Since I can't get it from anywhere closer than Cambridge any more, I ordered a case of Granny Squibb's Mojito/Lime iced tea online. For some reason that made me feel like an idiot. If it were wine, I wouldn't have felt like an idiot. I wonder why that is? And is it related to how it seems socially acceptable to read in a coffee shop, but not in a pub? Hmm.
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It probably shouldn't annoy me so much that as of last week, the same security guard who's been seeing me come into this building most mornings for the last seven years wants to see my ID every morning. But it does annoy me, so I've started coming in through an unguarded (but locked, and you unlock by swiping your ID) door. There are some forms of security theater I just can't stand. I'm not the world's biggest fan of airport security theater either, but there's nothing I can do about that.
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GAH, sick again. I woke up on Saturday morning with a brand new sore throat and cough, and yesterday I couldn't muster enough energy to take a shower until lunchtime. I did manage to do that, though, and eventually I re-potted my jade plants. That was kind of fun, actually. I like playing around with dirt, and I don't get a whole lot of chances to do that these days.

I think jade plants are related to the hydra, because I started with seven pots and ended up with nine. Granted, that's because I kept every living offshoot of the mostly-dead stalk, and if they die I'll be back to six pots. Which wouldn't be a disaster, since I am now out of simultaneously plant-friendly and cat-unfriendly surfaces. (I realize that in saying this, I have just guaranteed that all of the pots of offshoots will grow like gangbusters, and next spring I'll end up with about twelve pots and nowhere to put them.)

Having successfully dealt with the jade plants, I semi-successfully made coconut curry for lunch this week. It looks vaguely dreadful because all of the potatoes got overcooked and some of them disintegrated and made the sauce a little too thick, but it tastes pretty good. And hopefully between the garlic and what all is in curry powder, it will give this particular cold something to think about.

If being pissed off about being sick actually helped me to stop being sick, I would be better already. I think I caught an Irish cold in March and an American one just now. Either way, I can't afford to keep being sick, especially since I have to haul my carcass out of bed for P&R tomorrow morning. This is never fun, but I suspect that tomorrow it's going to be even less fun than usual.

I hate that I start dreading Tuesday morning P&R on Sunday night. Mostly it's because even with hauling my carcass out of bed before 6:00 and taking a three-minute shower before running out the door to get on the earliest possible bus, there's still never quite enough time for two of us to get the power strips and 20 or so laptops set up before 8:00. And there's nothing we can do the night before to make the morning any easier. If I ran the universe, there either wouldn't be a morning meeting, or it would start at 9:00. But I don't run the universe, so I start dreading Tuesday morning on Sunday night.

At least I have next Monday to look forward to. I'm taking the day off, because the marathon screws up the bus routes to such an extent that I had to walk two miles to get home last year. (Normally a two-mile walk isn't an issue, but I wasn't planning on it and thus wasn't wearing shoes to walk that far in. OW.) This year I decided to avoid the whole thing, use up a personal day, and stay home. Or at least stay away from the marathon route.
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Ireland was nice, although slightly chilly. I'm very glad the coat I brought with me is windproof, because that came in handy at least two or three times. (Blowing snow in Dublin? Who ordered THAT? The Dubliners certainly didn't.) Further Ireland stuff later.

I got back to Boston in the middle of last Friday afternoon and spent the rest of Friday letting Lily in particular figure out that it was, in fact, me. Eventually both Hairy Beasts decided it was, and then decided that since it was, they could eat again. I know that they don't eat all the food I leave for them if I go away for a weekend, and now I know they eat about half of what's given to them if I go away for longer and have somebody else feed them every day. On Saturday they ate about twice as much as they usually do in a day. Things seem to have evened out again now, though.

In Galway last Wednesday I came down with a cold, and brought it back to the US with me. I've got the cough that sounds like what Mom had over Christmas, but this one seems to want to be a shorter cold than that one was. (Thank goodness.) On Saturday I went to the drugstore, the bank and Trader Joe's, and those three errands knocked me on my ass so much that I had almost no energy for the rest of the day. Discretion being the better part of valor, I put off the rest of the errands I wanted to get done yesterday, and did nothing more energetic than laundry. Today I feel almost human, but we'll see how much energy I've got after being at work all day.

I got myself dug out from under my emails by lunchtime, but today seems to be "ask a random question" day. I have no idea why anybody thinks I would know where to get HMS academic regalia, or why I would know what the difference in pay scale is between a postdoc and an Instructor at one of our affiliated institutions. (And yes, both of those questions came directly to me.) Ah well, onward and upward, I guess. Literally upward, because I started at the oldest email and proceeded up the list from there.

It appears we're in for another mess of sneaux tomorrow. I can't say I wish it were April, because we've been known to get sneaux in April, but I wish winter would decide it's got an urgent appointment Elsewhere for about six or seven months, already. At least the clocks have changed so I won't always be coming home in the dark, regardless of what the rest of the weather is doing.
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Today started off as the very definition of "inauspicious". For the last two nights I've had what isn't quite insomnia, but is a complete lack of wanting to sleep until about 1:30 in the morning. Which is fine on Saturday night, but not so much on Sunday night. And last night the invisible ice pick in my left ankle wouldn't stay in my ankle, and kept moving up and down my calf and keeping me aware of it. On top of that, I had a major set of disturbing dreams when I finally did get to sleep.

This morning I woke up with the ice pick transferred from my left ankle to my left pectoral muscle. Explain me that, I dare you. And then since the one P&R meeting we're having tomorrow is of course the morning one, I had to remember to take out the trash today, and rolled my already-unhappy ankle and fell down a couple of stairs with the trash bag. (Fortunately I landed on my ass, which is one of the more padded spots on my person.) So I limped off to the bus stop and missed the bus I usually take by less than a minute. (That's actually not a bad thing, because that's the bus with the screaming driver, for whom I was truly not in the mood at that point.) So I got on the next bus, and proceeded to go to work with the ice pick still in the pectoral muscle and a more unhappy ankle.

Upon arriving at work it turned out that the Board of Registration came back to bite me, so I had to fix that. Then we had a staff meeting (which included breakfast, and by "breakfast" this time we meant "eggs and french toast and fruit and croissants", so that was good too), and I had another meeting immediately after that. At least it took a good chunk out of the morning.

Here it is almost 2:00 already, and I hope the fact that I'm exhausted means I won't be up until 1:30 in the morning again. At least I'm getting things done in spite of being exhausted. The shorter the list gets before Thursday, the better off I'll be when I get back to it.
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It's Friday, and as of this morning I can stop worrying about the P&R agenda for Tuesday. I don't have anything against orthopedic surgery as a specialty, but the Department of Orthopedic Surgery as an administrative entity seems to want to give me ulcers and insomnia (neither of which can be treated by an orthopedic surgeon, so it's not like they're drumming up business). However, now that I've finally heard from them, I can sleep this weekend.

Next week I have to remember (a) that I'm going to a work-process-improvement class on Thursday, and (b) that I have some homework to do before I go there. Problem being, I have to somehow take "we're taking on responsibility for six thousand junior faculty appointments that we weren't previously responsible for" and condense all the implications thereof down to one paragraph. That ought to be an interesting hour or so. Hopefully the class itself will also be interesting. One of the people who's running it is the person who runs our annual office retreat, which does tend to be interesting, so I have hope.

Mutter grumble Board of Registration mutter mutter...the Board of Registration in Medicine issues temporary medical licenses. I have somebody who needs one for two days in the end of March, and the Board meets once in March, and the hospital department has called me approximately six times in the last week and a half to ask if the paperwork has been signed and sent yet. (This is after they called in early February to ask what they had to do, and then lost the form I emailed to them for three weeks, and then called again to ask me what to do.) If it turns out this guy can't get his temporary license for two days in the end of March because I couldn't send the forms, I'm going to feel awful. Even though it isn't my fault.

It occurs to me that I'm not going to be able to email it on the actual Due South Day, also known as The Eleventh of March, so Happy (Early) Due South Day.
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