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I never did get around to busting out the vacuum cleaner on Saturday, but I did get the bed made and the bag of clutter filled up. There is no more pile in my bedroom, and all the pants and bras that got chucked in the closet as I changed sizes are sorted out and put away properly so I can find them again when/if I need them. (I don't plan to need the 42DD bras ever again, though, so I should probably get rid of them.) That means the kitchen, pantry, bedroom, and bathroom are DONE. The closet won't take much more doing, and the living room won't take much doing to begin with, and the office is down to just the bookshelves and some other bits and pieces.

Sunday was mostly good; I got to see my aunt and uncle who I haven't seen since last Easter or thereabouts, and I handed off my CD player/clock radio to my parents, whose CD player doesn't play reliably. And there was lasagna, which Mom said wasn't brilliant but I think was jes' fine.

Unfortunately there was also a lot of "Molly sits there feeling like a lump of Crisco while her sister shows off all sorts of pictures and video of static trapeze moves and everyone says 'Holy shit!'". I rather hate that. If I say anything about what I've been doing with myself, it looks like I'm competing for attention. I won't win that one, so I don't get into it. I just sit there feeling like a lump of Crisco. In the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter that I'm the "other kid" even though I'm the older kid, and in the grand scheme of things I know that, but it still bothers me when my nose gets rubbed in it.

I want cornmeal pancakes with molasses. If I buy cornmeal, I could do that for dinner (assuming I remember where the molasses got relocated to in the pantry).
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I've got a new bad habit. I go grocery shopping and find things I shouldn't buy but want to anyway, and excuse them by saying "Trump is still president, so I can buy this thing because it will make me happy." Yesterday it amounted to goat's milk cheddar, cauliflower ravioli, and a mint chocolate bar. At least I was right about the chocolate bar; it did make me happy for as long as it lasted (which was less time than it should have, because I practically inhaled it). And I've had the ravioli before, so I know they're happy things.

Since it was snot-freezing weather and windy besides on Saturday, I stayed indoors all day and made soup and did a lot of embroidery. The soup was because my appetite thinks it's spring, and in the spring it wants all the vegetables it can get. It got diced tomatoes and half a bag of lima beans and half a bag of corn and the end of a bag of green beans and most of the end of a bag of brown rice, thrown into the last of the homemade frozen soup stock with a couple of cloves of minced garlic. I promptly had it for lunch on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday, and have enough left over for lunch today and tomorrow. It sticks to the ribs pretty well on account of the brown rice.

The embroidery is going again, and that's happy stuff too. I forgot how much I missed it. Various combinations of sore shoulders and sweaty hands and artificial light put me off it for a while, but I got back in the groove on Saturday and might actually get off page 3 before April. Considering I started this pattern last June, that's sad.

I'm getting used to the new vacuum cleaner. I like that it has separate settings for the rug beater versus just suction, so it doesn't have fits when it tries to use the rug beater on plain floor, and that it can cope with the entire living room rug without having to stop in the middle, and that it fluffs up the rugs instead of beating them flat, and that it's quieter than the old one. I don't like how top-heavy it is, and I wish the crevice tool had a wider slot, because cat crunchies don't fit through it. However, in general it is an improvement on the old vacuum cleaner. If I had been thinking beyond "I HATE this thing and I want it gone", I would have kept the crevice tool from the old vacuum cleaner and life would have been lovely (until it didn't fit the new vacuum cleaner, because that's how life goes). Oh well.
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I didn't go to the Boston women's march, because huge crowds are not my best thing. (Although I was OK with the Patriots game I went to. I think maybe it was because there were seats.) However, I have been thinking about what I can do/should do/want to do about the whole situation. I can't change the whole situation, but I can do something about part of it. The question I keep coming up against is which part. I believe that abortion and gay marriage should remain legal, but apparently my opinion doesn't count on gay marriage because I'm straight. I believe in the Golden Rule and that the Golden Rule should be colorblind, but apparently my opinion doesn't count because I'm white.

I would dearly love to tell one of my straight white relatives-by-marriage to haul his Catholic head out of his Libertarian ass for a minute and think about what happens if abortion is illegal and the country is awash in children their parents can't afford. He objects to abortion, and he's firmly in the "I get mine and I don't pay for anyone else's" camp, and that makes me incredibly angry. If he's going to insist that all children must be born, he damn well can't insist that he doesn't have to help pay for them. End rant.

I'm most of the way through The Pillars of the Earth, and wondering whether pigheadedness was an actual survival skill in 1100s England or whether it's just the way the author thinks. Pigheadedness seems to cross all classes, professions and sexes in the book. No wonder there was a civil war going on?

I bought some disinfectant/anesthetic gel for Lily, and she promptly washed it all off (it's safe for feline consumption). It seems she doesn't want any. Fortunately she seems not to really need it either. I just wish the fur would grow back, because its absence keeps reminding me that there's a hole in the side of my cat. Snip is, as usual, washing the living daylights out of Lily's head, but stopping there.

Remembering the Good Things, the weather on Saturday was a revelation. I feel like it hasn't been sunny on a weekend since before Christmas, so I went out grocery shopping (I had to do that anyway) and indulged myself shamelessly on the way home by going to both JP Licks and Union Square Donuts. And now I have satisfied my sugar craving for the next couple of months. I may have to do something about my chocolate craving eventually, though.

Then I came home and played a complete game of Civ 5 for the first time, and won it by cultural victory. I don't think I've ever won a game by cultural victory before; usually I win by building a spaceship first. Then again, I've never played as the Celts before either. I didn't really intend to spend five and a half hours doing that, but I didn't tweak enough settings to make it shorter, either. Next time I should see if I can tweak the shape of the land masses, because being stuck in the middle of a very long, very narrow continent was a pain in the ass. At least it meant everybody wanted open borders with each other. And I do have to admit it was fun clearing out barbarian axemen by sailing a destroyer up to their islands and going KABLAM.
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Heavy stuff this week, because I met with an estate planning lawyer on Tuesday and now I'm $2000 poorer and have a lot of complicated forms to fill out. But at the end of the forms I'll have a will, living will, medical proxy, power of attorney, and all that stuff Responsible Adults are supposed to have. I'm going to need a drink when I get to the end of the forms, and probably need to go snuggle a Hairy Beast or so if the weather is conducive to it. Responsible Adulthood isn't any fun at all, sometimes. Hopefully this is going to be one of those "set it and forget it" sorts of things.

Also, cherries aren't on sale any more, and I refuse to pay $5 per pound, so no more cherries for a while.

BUT, the Patriots/Bengals tickets came in the mail on Tuesday, and I wasn't expecting them until September, so now they're living in my desk drawer until October 16. And the fan part of the unhappy ceiling fan is still perfectly fine, which is good because it's necessary now that the weather has decided it's summer again (which is also good).

And I get an hour and a half of massage tonight, and I need at least that much. Last time I completely forgot the appointment, but that was before Iceland and I had so much stuff in my brain that some of it wouldn't fit. Like the massage appointment. My brain is doing much better since it's been on vacation; at least when I forget things, I'm either forgetting trivial things or deliberately ignoring semi-important things like doing laundry.
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It was nice of the weather to be warm yesterday, but it was awfully wet. I know, because I stood in it for half an hour at Harvard Ave waiting for the T. I did have an umbrella, but I also had a bag of cat food, which I wasn't interested in walking all over hell's half acre with, and wasn't quite willing to walk into a bar with (although I was sorely tempted to give up and go have a drink somewhere). So I stood in the rain for half an hour. At least it got me over being annoyed at myself for the latest tutorial session disaster, which I had known about but which got shoved into the back of my brain behind competencies and summatives and Mozart. So I have to reschedule two tutorials, but fortunately only for one of the four groups. Problem being that this is a split course; it happens for two weeks and then there's a three-week break so the students can study for and take the National Board Exam Part 1, and then the course picks up again for another three weeks. So if I can't reschedule the tutorials for next week, they'll have to wait until May. But I'm human, therefore I'm not perfect, therefore I can stop kicking myself about this, right?

Not taking any vacation this spring has been rough on my brain. I did it on purpose this year, though, because taking vacation in March has never been really convenient for this job; waiting until after graduation would be better. But I got used to having a break in March, and not having it is making me unhappy and making me eat too much (operating on the premise that I eat too much when I'm unhappy, I'm trying to figure out why I'm unhappy. The answer keeps being some variation on "I need a break."). Apparently I need more of a break than a single four-day weekend last month. At this time two months from now, I will be in Iceland. For today, I'm glad it's Friday. And I'm very glad I splurged on an hour and a half of massage appointment tonight, because bits of me need it.
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My left eye, which is the one Lily poked me in, hurt all day Monday. My right eye hurt all day yesterday, probably because it was doing more work than it wanted to. Neither eye hurts today, so that's progress.

This morning my FB friends list included the meme "What's the one thing you can't live without?" Most of the answers were "my kids". I had to think for a solid minute before I came up with my answer: vision correction. I would figure out how to live with it if my vision were bad and uncorrectable, but thankfully it is correctable, and therefore corrected. My thought process boiled down to "what won't I travel without?", because aside from food, shelter, clothing and enough money to provide those things to a level that keeps me alive and out of jail, I could get along without pretty much all of my other material possessions. I might not be happy about losing some of it, but if I had to, I could. Mentally, anyway.

Just by virtue of having a life expectancy of more than 15-20 years, I'm guaranteed to have to live without the Hairy Beasts eventually. Not to say I won't go and get other hairy beasts when the time comes, but they won't be The Hairy Beasts. They'll have to be collectively known as something else. (The Bloodthirsty Jungle Demons are now the Bloodthirsty Jungle Demon, which is sad. Galileo and Bonnie both died in the past year, at the age of 12. Zoe continues to be Zoe, as far as I know.)

Good heavens, that's depressing.
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The career development course continues to be interesting. Yesterday was mostly about skills, which is what you get hired for, and how skills often have nothing to do with what you like doing, and how to figure out how much of that disparity you can live with. In my particular situation, the next step up (which I won't be looking to take for at least two years, probably longer) is to become management for somebody. I don't want to manage people, partly because I don't know how. So I'll have to learn how, but at least now I know that. I also know I'm an excellent second banana if somebody else wants to be in charge, so I'll have to get used to being in charge (well, sort of. There's always another layer of management.). But I realized that the distinction between "working with" and "working for" is important to me too. So if I could get into management by learning some management skills and then being the manager of one person, I might be able to stand it. Throw me in charge of a five-person team tomorrow and it would be a disaster.

Speaking of disasters, I gave up. I'm having a bad shoulder day anyway and when I sneezed this morning and it didn't like that at all, I decided to go to the doctor (on Monday morning, apparently). I'm tired of knowing it's going to hurt to do necessary things like putting on sweaters, and I'm really tired of not knowing what else is suddenly going to hurt. I just hope it doesn't take a week, a GP appointment, an orthopedist appointment and an x-ray appointment to tell me they can't actually see anything wrong, because I know there's something going on in there; I just don't know exactly what it is.

On the subject of things being wrong, I put my hand on the front door at work today and the fire alarm went off. Timing is everything. Fortunately I was already equipped with coffee at that point, and had brought my best umbrella (the one that's wide enough to keep both of my elbows dry, and doesn't leak), so 20 minutes standing outdoors drinking coffee wasn't so bad.
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This morning was the first of four mornings I'm spending in the next two weeks at a career development course. So far it's actually useful; today was about skills vs interests and how you get hired for what you're good at, whether you like doing it or not. Eventually we'll get to "and if not, what do you do about it?" The pre-course work included the Strong Interests Test (invented by a guy named Strong, and testing what you're interested in), which I didn't like at all when I was taking it, but which decided that my interests would match up well with being a translator (although its first choice was putting me in the forest service). That's the first time I've ever had one of those tests actually come up with something that actually sounds like me, and I was shocked because most of the questions seemed to be about jobs I wouldn't consider unless I was starving. Under normal conditions I would run screaming from anyone who wanted to make me a tax accountant.

So then I got to come to work this afternoon and exploded with a whole lot of ideas about the job I've actually got and various committees I'm ex officio on. At least I still have a brain in there somewhere; I was beginning to wonder about that.

Now I have to go back to Cambridge again for chorus rehearsal. I'm not sure how long I'm going to be happy staying with this director, because he's got the whole English "if it's excellent, it's good; if it's good, it's awful" thing going on and I get tired of paying dues in order to go and get yelled at for two and a half hours once a week (four and a half hours twice a week for dress rehearsals). But I'll go for this semester, anyway, and maybe going to Australia will be the battery-recharge I'm hoping for and I'll come back all enthused about all sorts of things I've stopped being quite so enthused about. I hope.
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As of 2:00 yesterday afternoon, the rest of this week can go suck on a warthog. It's not that there's anything in particular going wrong; I'm just DONE. I need it to be April so I can go Away for a while. Away is nine points of the law right now. Even when it's warm(ish) out and I'm cheerfully looking around and saying "Hey, that snowbank is shorter than it was yesterday! There's melting going on!", I'm still in Boston and life is still about snowbanks and work and errands and chores and lack of time to do both what needs doing and what I need to do. At least the cats are still happy to see me when I get home.

However, here I am at work, because the Curriculum Task Force meeting that was going to be yesterday got moved to today as of Monday. (Confused yet?) So, since somebody's got to go to the task force meeting and write things down, I'm here waiting for noon. At least there will be lunch. There will, in fact, be way too much lunch, because the reason we have task force meetings on Tuesdays is because nobody can come to meetings on Wednesdays. So I ordered lunch for 12 when the meeting was on Tuesday, and now I have four people I know of coming today. Usually there are at least three or four people who never reply when I ask who's coming but show up anyway, so maybe I'll only have four or five extra lunches. Sigh.

Speaking of lunch, now that Townsman is finally open, I want to go there (for dinner). But I may wait until my birthday weekend, just so I can have a serious blowout of a dinner.
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EAP finally came through and I get to go talk to somebody on Monday. At this point I'm not sure what it will do for me, but it can't hurt to try. I've been feeling less like eating everything in sight over the last week or so, at least. And I bought a mushy eraser and some drawing paper. I already had pencils and a pencil sharpener, so now all I need to do is get my act together and start drawing.

I'm sitting here in my long underwear, despite it not being all that cold out, because there's no heat at all in my boss's office and every time she opens the door I get an arctic blast. They've determined that the coil that's supposed to provide hot air via hot water is blocked, so no hot water is getting through it. They were supposed to unblock it yesterday, but they haven't yet. So I sit here in my long underwear.

This week I've had a fairly major case of Don't Wanna every morning. Part of it is the weather, because it's warm in bed and it's been Very Not Warm outdoors. Part of it is that damn it, I want some time off that isn't a disaster, but I just had almost two weeks off and I don't feel justified in taking any more time already. Part of it is that I get tired of doing things for people when I don't understand why I'm doing them. (Yes, I know how to reserve rooms at the medical school, but you're the room scheduling person; why aren't you doing it? Partly my fault, because I said I'd do it rather than saying I'd teach her how to do it. Next time I'll offer to teach her how.)

This weekend, the rut I'm stuck in continues, what with the grocery shopping (and lack of the right kind of wet cat food, which has been going on for a month now, which is why I keep a three-month supply in the house) and laundry and like that. It being a long weekend, I should probably try to do something unnecessary besides, just to prove that I still know how.
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Some kinds of help are the kinds of help you don't actually get, apparently. It's been just about two weeks now and I've heard from EAP once to the tune of "we're working on it but everybody's booked solid". I'm debating now whether I should call them back and tell them to forget it, or whether it would be useful to tell somebody what I thought I needed help with so I know what, if anything, to do with it next time. I hope there won't be a next time, because one crisis at a time is plenty, but just in case...

In other news, my right rotator cuff is giving me issues again. I wish it would decide what exactly it doesn't like, because so far it seems to be random amounts of sore on random days. I know it didn't like the peculiar stretch I had to do the other night to shut off the light on the nightstand without shoving Snip off the bed, but I haven't done anything like that lately.

So far my attempts to, as my family puts it, "remember the good things" have resulted in at least one good thing per day without my having to think about it terribly hard. That leads me to believe that this is a thing I should keep doing, because there's always SOMETHING good, no matter how trivial. Today it was the look on Lily's face when she yawns, which makes me giggle every time I see it. It's been about seven years now and I still giggle every time I see it.

I need to make some time, sometime, to start drawing again. I'm passable at it as long as I pay attention, and there are at least three things I've seen lately that I want to try drawing. I've been carrying a painting around in my head for ages now, too, but I absolutely cannot make paint do what I want and I don't think it's something I can describe to somebody else and have painted for me. The painting is sharing brain space with the children's book I should write down someday. Meanwhile, I keep embroidering.
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It was good that I went to Noank for five days. I spent most of it hanging around, except for going for a long walk most days. One of my long walks consisted of walking up to my former elementary school, which is going to be torn down and replaced with a community garden (there aren't enough kids in town to support a school these days). The way you get there goes past the Noank cemetary, which I hadn't been in for years, so I wandered through there for a while. I didn't realize how many late 19th and early 20th century graves were in there. Most of the larger families had a stone for somebody lost at sea at the age of 20-something. Some of the more modern graves are people I knew; my 5th grade teacher is there, and somebody I went to school with.

If things had turned out differently, I might have been visiting Dad in the cemetary, but he's home and making progress. By this afternoon, he was actually able to blow his nose somewhat forcefully, which he hadn't been able to do on Thursday. Hopefully after Tuesday, when the staples come out, things will improve considerably. (Staple removal is not a thing to try at home. He's had people remove stitches for him at home before; he starts rejecting that sort of thing about five days after getting them. It's a useful trick for splinters, but not so much for stitches/staples.)

Somewhere on the list of things the homestead might consider upgrading is the 30-year-old unpadded twin mattress I (sort of) slept on. I think I'll have to call it a character-building exercise. My right hip is not very happy with me and my left hip is even more so. Between the condition of the mattress, the lack of elastic in the bottom sheet and the fact that the covers all seemed to want to be anywhere else, I'm happy I can fall into my own bed tonight. The other guest bed is a pillowtop queen, but I deferred to my sister's horrible cold and let her have that one.

One of the books I brought to Noank with me was The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox. From page 101:

"Lotus Cloud hops out of bed and plunges her head into a pail of cold water, bellows "Aaarrrggghhh!" runs a comb through her hair, and looks around to see if there's anyone handy who feels like making love. If such is the case, she hops back into bed. If not, she jumps into whatever clothes are lying around and leaps out the door - or window; it doesn't matter - to see what wonders the new day will bring, and since she views the world with the delighted eyes of a child, the day is bound to be marvelous."

I think I might make a resolution this year to try to live more like that.
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I'm done with this week and it isn't even Tuesday afternoon yet. I shouldn't have started watching that football game last night, because it was a mess and I went to bed feeling depressed about it. And then this morning I woke up and went off to work and discovered that today is the second of three straight days of lunch meetings. The fact that there's going to be lunch doesn't mean I want to go to lunch meetings, though. Mostly it means I am so sick of scheduling meetings, I could scream. (Although tomorrow's wasn't mine to schedule, which is nice because it got rescheduled at least twice before it ended up tomorrow.) I'm just tired of dealing with people's lack of availability.

Add the above to the apparent conspiracy to make everything happen on October 8 (faculty development day, first day of CNA course including lunch meeting, caries evaluation exercise including evaluation forms and surveys, furnace replacement, chorus rehearsal, and probably three or four other things I've suppressed), and I want to hide in the back of the spelunking closet until November.

September 30 is St. Jerome's Day. St. Jerome is the patron saint of translators, and it always makes me a little sad to get to St. Jerome's Day and not be doing any translating, again. Granted, I get paid pretty well for what I am doing, and I get some satisfaction out of it, but I got more satisfaction out of translating than I had ever gotten out of anything else in my educational or professional lives.

You wouldn't think it would be so hard to find boxes to keep model skulls in, but for some reason Google thinks that "skull storage" means "it has skulls on it". Which is not what I meant. Oddly enough, when I tried "model storage", I got a lot of results for boxlike things to keep dental casts in. Close, but no cigar. The search continues.
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I was going to run away and join the circus or something over Columbus Day weekend, and yesterday I discovered at least two reasons why I can't. But I really need some way to stop being a responsible adult for about three days before the end of October.
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It appears to be fall again already. I shut the windows last week and haven't opened them since. This doesn't bode well for the rest of the winter. (Speaking of which, winter=furnace, furnace=conversion, conversion=don't forget to call and cancel November oil delivery. Preferably way the hell before November.)

I really can't explain why I'm almost completely unmotivated unless caffeinated lately. I can be productive while uncaffeinated, but I have to absolutely force myself to do anything work-related, and I procrastinate like mad for anything else. (Except grocery shopping, but that's part of the weekend routine these days.) Maybe it's the season changing. Whatever it is, I've got to figure it out because it's annoying me. Yes, there's a difference between what I need to do and what needs doing, but that isn't an excuse to put off the things that need doing for a couple of weeks. I put off doing laundry for so long I nearly had to go buy more underwear. I should probably do that anyway, just so I absolutely have enough for two weeks.

OK, canceled the November oil delivery, so I can stop remembering that I haven't done that yet. (Yes, I know that gas explodes; and no, I don't want to stay with oil, and even if I did, it wouldn't be up to me anyway. All I want is for you all not to pump oil into a basement that won't have an oil tank in it in November.) Also got two of the three people who assisted with the head and neck anatomy lab session last year to agree to do it again this year, and expect the third to say he'll do it too. If this course won't fit into the redesigned curriculum, I won't be terribly sorry. The schedule is ridiculously complicated and the director is somewhat entitled and never here, so she gets to tell me to do things I wouldn't usually have to do. At least I get paid to do it, and the leftover curriculum committee meeting lunch included an egg salad sandwich (my favorite!) so it's a good day anyway.
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This week is definitely in the running for "Longest Week in the History of Weeks". The fact that today is Thursday is nice, except that it means that the week isn't actually over yet. Ugh.

Part of the problem, first world problem though it is, is that Tuesday was long on account of glee club dress rehearsal, and yesterday was the actual concert. So I caffeinated myself out of all proportion on Tuesday afternoon and screwed up my sleep on Tuesday night. By yesterday afternoon, if I had a tail, I would have been dragging it, but I didn't dare mess with any more caffeine. So then there was a half hour walk in the air you can wear, and then there was more rehearsal and the concert.

The concert was OK; I never sing solo as well as I'd like to and in this case I was sharp, but apparently nobody except me noticed much. (Having steeled myself to listen to the very poor recording on my phone, I couldn't tell either. Sometimes having as good a sense of relative pitch as I have is a mixed blessing.) The glee club was good, though. And the Brookline Library is a pretty good space to sing in. (Especially now that we have a microphone that works. Apparently this was an 11th-hour send-somebody-to-Guitar-Center-NOW issue, but I missed the urgency of it and only got the "well, these microphones suck but we're fixing that" bit.)

For my next round of insanity, I'm going to audition for the Harvard Radcliffe Chorus. If I get in, that's two and a half hours of rehearsal on Wednesdays. If I don't get in, I still have voice lessons, so I can keep singing anyway.

So in an ideal world, what would I be doing today? I think I would be at home curled up with a book (and most likely also with a cat), or possibly outdoors somewhere with a book absorbing sunshine and letting the brain drift. At some point there might be pizza, since last night I had dinner (consisting of almonds, two slices of cheese and three plums) at 9:30, and promised myself something really out of the ordinary today.

I originally said I had promised myself something really evil, but then I thought I shouldn't use that word in relation to anything edible. I tend to use it jokingly to mean "something Weight Watchers probably frowns upon if I eat as much of it as I want to" rather than "something that will ruin my entire life if I eat it and gain any weight", but I still don't like the overall idea that anything edible is evil. Society wants me to believe that and panic over eating anything that isn't kale. Sorry, but I don't like kale anyway, and in the second place I would rather die happy and eating potato chips once a week than die a miserable size 2. I'm glad that my last memory of my grandfather was sitting at dinner and watching him drink wine and eat about three and a half brownies for dessert, half a brownie at a time.
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It was a pretty good weekend, in that it was three days long and it only snowed once. That meant I could go stomping around outdoors, breaking in my new sluck-puddle boots (after Sunday) and breaking out of a case of the fidgets at the same time. The new boots have stiffer soles than the old ones, which is taking some getting used to, especially when walking on ice. But they also have shorter laces than the old ones, so Snip can't destroy them quite so much. (She has her very own set of shoelaces; why can't she play with those?)

Speaking of Snip, I have discovered that she Does Not Like human beings under the age of 10. I have no idea why that is, but she got VERY upset, to the point of hissing at me for a while after the perceived threat had gone home. She's only ever hissed at the vet before. At least she had calmed down again by bedtime, so whatever the trauma was, I've been forgiven for it. And I got to be social, and got rid of a significant number of pairs of pants that don't fit me these days, so it was all good in the end.

Today hasn't been quite so good. I managed to scrape my hand and tweak my ankle this morning in the process of getting the ice-encrusted lid off the trash can. Trash day isn't until tomorrow and I could have waited, but I wanted to get rid of a couple of pounds of chicken bones I had made stock out of. (I wanted black bean soup, but got sidetracked by Whole Foods selling chicken bones for soup and ended up making stock instead of soaking beans.) I'm having to learn to cook all over again, sort of; it's not so much that what I cook is bad for me, but I have to get used to smaller portion sizes and either cook less of whatever it is, or eat it for two or three straight weeks, by which time I'm thoroughly tired of it. Freezing some things would be lovely, but I don't have enough freezer space to keep ingredients and meals at the same time. Someday I'll figure this all out.

Then I got to work and, of course, Dr. C had to come tell me there's something wrong with his online course materials. He comes at least once a week and asks me why things don't work the way they used to when it was all on paper and how am I going to fix it. (First, have an orientation meeting with your tutors, like we asked you to three times. They can do what you're asking me to do as easily as I can; they just don't know that because you didn't tell them, or they don't want to, or both.) This course ends at the end of March and I hope March goes quickly (although I'm not expecting it to, between the weather this winter and the fact that it's never even warmish by the end of March).

In cheerier news, yesterday I treated myself to a latte, and it was wonderful. Part of me thinks it's silly to make such a big deal out of the existence of coffee with milk in it, and the other part thinks it's great that it made me that happy and can't wait (another three months?) to do it again. I generally side with the part that thinks it's great, because it's fun to enjoy things. I wonder what the next thing I enjoy that much will be?
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I believe I can now say with absolute conviction that I can't sleep the night before I have to be at work hideously early. I couldn't do it for two years for P&R and I couldn't do it for the curriculum blueprint meeting in September, and I couldn't do it for the curriculum design workshop this morning. (Although there was a lot of light coming off the snow outside, too, and that woke me up once.) I'm debating whether I should caffeinate myself like mad and stay up late tonight getting stuff done, or whether I should go home and collapse and get stuff done sometime like Sunday afternoon, after it gets done snowing. Speaking of which, is it ever going to give up snowing once or twice a week?

The workshop was fascinating, and I got to both learn stuff and help figure some things out for the CE course. That's the next great big hairy thing with warts on it, but it's not happening until April, so I don't have to actively worry about it all the time yet. The current course design model is to start by figuring out what you want the audience to learn, and then working backward and figuring out how to teach it to them. A CE course is different because instead of being a captive audience (thou shalt attend this course if you want a dental degree), it's an audience that wants specific things, and won't think the course is worthwhile if it doesn't get those things out of it. So before first, you figure out what the audience wants, and then you figure out whether it's what you want to tell them, and THEN you figure out how.

I seem to be completely over Shame You're (Still) Single Day. Partly I've had other things on my mind, but mostly I don't even care these days. I've given up wanting Orlando Bloom to fall through my ceiling (as an abstract concept; I don't want to deal with the real Orlando Bloom and the baggage thereof), and I'm OK with the fact that nobody's beating down my door to date me. I've decided dating is too much like playing mao; too many rules you don't find out about until you break one inadvertently, and I don't have the patience for that on a this-will-affect-the-rest-of-my-life scale. Granted, I may be somewhat biased due to exposure to polyamory.

Never mind. The point is, I'm willfully missing the commercial point of February 14. And I'm fine with that.
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I still don't know why it takes three days to transfer funds from one bank to another. Maybe if it were several million dollars, or if it were going to the Cayman Islands or Switzerland or somewhere like that, it wouldn't take as long? But at least my life savings went where I sent them, so I can stop panicking about that and get on with closing the accounts at the megabank. (This is one of the things I started last year and would like to finish.)

Things I think about while walking home: When I turned 35, I had two or three goals I wanted to accomplish before I turned 40, and I'm going to get through two of them this year. I can't remember what the third one was, which means I've either already done it, or I was being silly and didn't actually mean it. In any case, I don't turn 40 until next year, so well done me. One of the two is a good thing to keep doing even though I already did what I said I wanted to; not so much with the other, though, so I guess it's time to think of something else I want to get done before I'm 40.

Given a three-day weekend with no voice lesson in it, I feel like I should have an adventure of some sort or other. Unfortunately I have no idea what constitutes an adventure this time. I do think it's going to be an adventure, rather than an Adventure, though. I tried to figure out an Adventure for February, but everywhere I thought I wanted to go seems to be booked solid through April. At least I'm not quite so desperate to go somewhere warm now that the polar vortex has let up.

New phone may happen before new toy, but only because it seems the Lego Millennium Falcon is on backorder for a couple of weeks.
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In 2006 I started posting "The Strange Case of Mr. Ballantine's Valentine" every February 14. I'm not going to do that this year, because I was doing it as a sort of protest. I had been single for six years in 2006 and was tired of February 14 being Sorry You're Single Day.

It's 2012 and I'm still single, but I've stopped feeling that I shouldn't be. Sometime over the course of the last year I got to a place where I'm comfortable being who I am (except the overweightness, but that's not quite the same thing), and my answer to Sorry You're Single Day this year is "Why should I be sorry? I'm happy as I am."

February 14 is also Ferris Wheel Day, so Happy Ferris Wheel Day!
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