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The other side of the freelancer's "never turn down work if it's offered" coin is, "turn it down if you know you're not qualified to do it." I turned down a financial translation today. I just don't know enough about how the French banking system works.

Honesty might eventually get me work even if expertise fails at the moment.

I'm tired. I think I ought to go to bed.


Nov. 6th, 2006 04:12 pm
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On Thursday I discovered that maybe being a Kent State graduate will do something for me after all. I got a definite nibble from the Lionbridge vendor manager, who said he was all for hiring Kent State grads because he knows my ex-localization professor, and said I should definitely send him email when I got back. So I did, and if everything goes the way I wish it would, I might get contract work from Lionbridge. I've sent them my resume twice now, but I went through the internet application form, so who knows where the file actually landed?

So, possibly, rowr. It certainly can't hurt to try. (I was falling asleep an hour ago and caffeinated myself, and now that it's kicked in, I'm bouncing off the walls and looking for something to do. Or at least something to do that doesn't involve beating my head against a certain committee chair's schedule.)

A propos of nothing, if I'm going to make bean soup, I probably ought to buy beans.


Sep. 7th, 2006 11:06 am
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The universe is back in balance again.

On the positive side: this morning I got an email from a translation agency in France, wanting my CV and rates. They were looking through the ATA listings for FR>EN medical translators, and found me. So I, of course, fired them off a reply. We shall see...even if I don't get any work from them, at least somebody was interested enough to ask. Since I have yet to make any money as a translator, I don't really have much of anything to lose.

On the negative side: I don't see any particular reason why my scanner should have died between the time I shut down this computer last night and the time I turned it on this morning. I thought it might have been the power supply, but it isn't. It's plain old completely dead. Harumpf.

A list:

Haircut 11:30 Sat.
Lady Grace
Farmer's market
Lunch for next week
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Last night I had the interview for a possible second job. I'll be interested to see if I get it, because I think interviewing for a permanent part-time job is a completely different beast from interviewing for a permanent full-time job. Besides which, I've never interviewed for a permanent part-time job before. I think it went reasonably well, but we shall see. I may have put my foot in it by saying I could start on the 28th as opposed to immediately, but I'm not giving up my previously planned vacation for a part-time job I might not even get. Supposedly they'll know by the end of the week who they're going to hire (there are two slots they're trying to fill).

Second-job interviews are interesting because I don't have to care about a lot of things that are vitally important for a full-time job, like benefits and time off and all that sort of stuff. It's extra money, more or less, so I find that the idea of taking a day off and not getting paid for it doesn't bother me. I may be shooting myself in the foot, thinking that way, but who knows?

The problem with a lot of the part-time stuff out there is that if you've already got a full-time job, ain't no way you can get the schedules to work. I wouldn't mind being a dog walker, except that all the dog walker positions are 10 AM - 2 PM or similar, and that won't work. And I don't have a car, so that lets about half of the dog walking jobs out anyway. I know why I would need one, but I need the second job if I'm ever going to be able to afford the car to begin with...

Never mind. The point is, there may be light at the end of the tunnel, and if there isn't, I'll have to find a torch somewhere else.


Jun. 27th, 2006 01:30 pm
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I just applied for an 11 AM - 8 PM job every Sunday as a library stacks assistant. It's grunt/reshelving/etc. work, but it pays better than anything else I've seen yet. The really amusing thing is that it's for the Widener Library. At Harvard. In Cambridge.

If I end up working on both Harvard campuses at the same time, I'll laugh. I wonder if resumes submitted from other Harvard institutions count as internal applications, and if internal applications carry any weight in this case.

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I've got an interesting quandary going on, between "good things come to he who waits" and "he who hesitates is lost".

The dream job I applied for while I was still in grad school has just gotten around to sending me a translation QA test. Too bad I had to find a job to live off in between grad school and now, and too bad I like the job I've got. Now what do I do? (Do the test, send it in and see what develops, of course. I know that.)

I guess this week is trying to make up for the mess it made of Tuesday.
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The translation company I would almost sell my soul to get a job with just sent me a proofreading test so as to keep me on file as a linguistic QA reviewer if it turns out they need another one in the future. Problem is, it's a part-time on-site job, and I couldn't do it during normal business hours now that I have this Harvard job. I think I'll take the test anyway, since I'd really like them not to forget about me.

I know this is how job-hunting works, but I really wish it wouldn't.
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In the category of "well, what did you expect?", the first email I read this morning was from a translation agency that's interested in me. Of course, now that I've got a real job, NOW I start getting translation inquiries.

I know that's how the world works, but it sort of amuses me anyway.
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Aha. Apparently the benefits forms aren't really supposed to make sense yet, because I haven't had orientation yet. Also, I'm supposed to be getting a letter that explains the whole orientation thing. (Silly post office, how about delivering things in the right order?) However, now at least I know that I'm supposed to have orientation on December 13. And I called my various temp agencies and said "So long and thanks for all the fish".

The fact that it's pouring throws a bit of a curveball at my plans for today. I know I won't melt if I go out in the rain, but still, I don't particularly want to lug groceries home in it. I suppose I can wait until tomorrow, because I want to make soup sometime Fridayish so I'll have it around next week.


Nov. 22nd, 2005 02:23 pm
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EMPLOYED! As of December 5, I've got the job at Harvard!

The happy dance will commence as soon as my feet thaw out enough (since it's raining, the best place I get cell phone reception is out on the back porch.)
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I just got off the phone with the student loan people for my grad school loans, about which I hadn't heard anything, and about which I was getting nervous. It seems I don't have to start paying them for another four weeks, but they had the wrong address for me besides, so I fixed that.

Apparently technology hates me today, because Sprint in its infinite wisdom decided to forget the address change it had happily accepted in August, and sent this month's bill to my old address in Brighton. Which I would never have known about if Sprint in its infinite wisdom hadn't sent me a text message about that.

And my VCR, for some reason, shut its timer off yesterday, so I missed taping the first part of a two-part show at 3:30 this morning.

And it's cold out and the heat's on its daytime schedule, meaning I'm freezing.

Yesterday after my interview with MGH (which went fairly well, I think, so if Harvard doesn't want me after all, at least I have a couple more options), I went to Windsor Button, because I had come to a point in my embroidery where it wanted a color I didn't seem to have. So I bought a skein of it, and came home, and discovered that I already had two skeins of it, but I'd misfiled them (I file floss in numerical order). Then I discovered that the pattern had a misprint. 544, according to the pattern, is bright yellow; according to the actual skein, it's light lavender. Oops. A bit of research led me to the conclusion that the pattern meant 444, not 544. So now I have to go downtown again and buy a skein of 444.

I can't decide whether or not the universe is actively snickering up its sleeve at me.
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Yesterday morning my brain got mushy, or something, and what I thought was a good idea floated to the top of it. So, under the name I use for posting writing (by which I mean fanfic), I posted this:
cut, just because I wanted to )

An hour later, somebody had set up [livejournal.com profile] fic_translation, and so far it's collected people for four or five languages, and everybody seems to think it's a wonderful idea. I'm amazed that I actually had the idea in the first place, and gratified that people seem to think it's a good idea.

I got email from Harvard again this morning, wanting to know if I could wait until next week to hear about the job. (I hope that means they're going to give it to me, and they're just making sure I haven't taken another offer yet. I'd like to think that if they weren't going to hire me, they wouldn't bother asking me if I could wait until next week to hear it.) I said I'd like to know one way or the other before Thanksgiving.

I feel, in general, like I'm on the edge of something here. I hope it's something good.
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When I got home last night, I applied for some more jobs. This morning I got a nibble from one of them, so now I have a first interview with MGH tomorrow afternoon, for Staff Assistant in Cardiology. (Now if one of these umpteen interviews I've done since mid-October would actually lead to being HIRED, thank you...)

I suppose I should consider it a good thing that I can put resumes out and get responses, even if the interviews never get me anywhere. At least I'm not a completely unmarketable commodity.
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I'm hedging my bets and applying for more jobs. I'm reasonably certain I've got the Harvard job, but if it turns out I don't, I need to have somewhere else to go on to.

It's warm out; how did that happen? Not that I'm complaining, because I have places to go today. It's just that I've been cold for the last three days, despite SmartWool socks and shearling slippers and heavy sweatshirts.

I have a small bottle of olive oil which I've decided I don't like the flavor of. How can I dispose of it without making a mess everywhere, and without pouring it down the sink, which I don't think the sink would like? My current idea is to leave it in the freezer until trash day. There's enough room in the bottle so that I don't think expansion would be a problem, if oil expands when it freezes.

Today's list:

- Vacuum
- Find another couple of jobs to apply for
- Grocery store
- Clean bathroom
- Clean kitchen
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Harvard asked me for references this morning. My fingers are crossed up to the elbows (symbolically, because I can't type with my arms in that sort of a knot). Good thing I haven't had any coffee yet (or any breakfast, for that matter).

My mom asked me what kind of pie I want for Thanksgiving. I can't decide whether I want pumpkin or blueberry. There are already votes for apple, apricot and Greek walnut.

Speaking of pie, I suppose I should see about eating something.
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Third interview today. It was short, mostly because it was a lot of the same things I've heard three times already from the three other people I've interviewed with. This being a short week, I'm hoping they ask for references tomorrow if they're going to ask at all. (Please?)

It takes me 18 minutes to walk up the hill, in heels, without ice on the sidewalks. I missed the bus I wanted to take, but it wasn't a disaster, and I just started walking instead of waiting for the next one.


Nov. 8th, 2005 11:00 am
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Wow, talk about heart attacks...last week's was nothing compared to this one.

This morning I got an automated message from Harvard saying that I had been removed from consideration for a Staff Assistant position. Which made no sense to me, since as of 4:45 yesterday, I was supposed to have the last interview tomorrow. I figured either the ideal candidate had fallen out of the sky and landed on them, or their computer was confused. So I fired off email to the appropriate person, basically saying that I had set up this interview for tomorrow, and should I still keep the appointment?

As it turns out, the position I originally applied for isn't the one they're interviewing me for. The position I originally applied for has been filled, hence the automated message. I still have the interview tomorrow for the other position. So now hopefully my stomach will unknot itself sometime soonish.
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An etiquette question: if you have an interview on a Friday, can you wait until Monday to send thank-you notes, or does the 24-hour rule still apply?

I'm supposed to be doing laundry, and I would if the washer and dryer weren't both full of other people's stuff. I'm down to the jeans I won't wear in public. I'm also supposed to be weatherstripping the windows today, but considering last night, I don't think I need to bother. I have no control over the thermostat, and I ended up leaving the kitchen door open until I went to bed because it was so hot in here. Better too much heat than not enough, though.

I've got cooking to do today, too. I really shouldn't forget that, because it's stuff I want to use up.
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If you really want to give me a heart attack, give me an interview at 3:00, 20 minutes from home, and give me an absolutely packed bus that doesn't arrive until 2:40. And while you're at it, put me in heels and make me run across Huntington Ave, including the T tracks. (I made it with a whole two minutes to spare. Thank goodness for shortcuts.)

Today I met with two of the three people I didn't meet on Wednesday, including the one who's on vacation next week. The only one I haven't met with yet is out of the country this week. It's a good sign when your resume says "references available on request" and the Assistant Dean asks you if HR has asked you for references yet, right?

Right now I want to be employed by Thanksgiving. If this really goes the way it looks like it's going, I might be employed the week before Thanksgiving. That would be nice.


Nov. 3rd, 2005 06:03 pm
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I went out this afternoon with the intention of going up to the ATM in Chinatown where I used to buy stamps, and if not getting them there, going up to the Chinatown post office. No luck with the ATM, but at least I remembered where the post office was and got the electric bill mailed. (And the Chinatown post office isn't staffed entirely by curmudgeons any more, either, hooray!)

Having got that done, I wandered off to Borders for a while, just because, and then decided to go up to Coolidge Corner by way of Park Street. Unfortunately there's a used CD store between Borders and Park Street...but while I was there, I got a call from the department-specific Harvard HR person I talked to yesterday, so now I have an interview with the Dean tomorrow. I really hope I don't end up talking to five people and not getting the job anyway.

Anyway, I got on the T and went off to Coolidge Corner, because I discovered last month that Paper Source had some adhesive dots that are exactly what I want to put together the collage I've had bits of kicking around since before grad school. They were out of them, of course. Oh well. I think today ends up on the positive side of the ledger anyway. It was even sunny and decently warm.
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