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Counting this week, there are three weeks left in the semester, into which I have to shoehorn what feels like four weeks' worth of work. I started thinking about it in chronological order of classes, and came up with this:

-Final version and parallel texts for diagnostic aid (due Tuesday)
-SciTechMed final: translations, glossaries, bibliographies and analysis (due 12/15)

-Group L10N project meeting Saturday morning (due Wednesday)
-Re-rescheduled L10N class tomorrow
-L10N final project assigned tomorrow (due 12/16)

-Composition exercises (due Thursday)
-Cover letter (due Thursday)
-Final draft of final composition project (due 12/16)


-WinAlign parts 4-6, due ASAP

I want today off, and I'm not going to get it. I would have tomorrow off if not for the re-rescheduled L10N class. (I would be really tempted to skip that if not for the final exam being assigned then; it's a guest lecture.) I would have Saturday off if not for the L10N project meeting. I wouldn't take both days off, mind you; I just want one day off before Sunday.

I've been skipping karate all over the place, which annoys me, but if I can't stop thinking about academia while I'm in the dojo, I'm going to get hurt. I've got too much academia hanging over me to stop thinking about it. Thinking about anything productive lately is like trying to force oatmeal through a sieve.

Yes, I'm whining. It seems to be one of those days.
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I shouldn't have done it, but I done it anyway. My composition for this week is done because I put it in Courier. It's still too short, but at least it makes some kind of coherent sense and that's a minor miracle in itself.

Part of the way I'm feeling may be low iron, but part of it is definitely the fact that I'm burned out. I may not look like it yet, but ye gods do I feel like it. Tired, I can deal with. Two or three kinds of tired all at the same time is hard to deal with.

It's raining, again. November seems to have realized that "warm and raining", which is what it was doing, shouldn't be in its vocabulary, so it's cold and raining. This makes me extremely disinclined to go to karate tonight, even though I skipped it on Monday in favor of my SciTechMed midterm and I really don't want to skip an entire week. Maybe I'll just go for an hour, if we can manage not to take up the entire hour on calisthenics (which are good for me, but aren't what I go to karate for).

Three more weeks until Thanksgiving. I'm not sure how I'm going to get through the next three weeks. I know I will, but I don't know how.
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Here I am, skipping karate again, because I would have had to run like hell without having had any dinner in order to get there in time, or do umpteen zillion situps for being late.

The reason I would have been late is because, except for one article that I can't print from off-campus, my SciTechMed midterm is done. I'm not sure whether it's good, but it's done.

When I went to hand in my rent this afternoon, I discovered that the property manager has adopted (or been adopted by, I'm not sure which) a six-week-old kitten. I very nearly melted. I want to be curled up with and purred at, damn it.

The grand total of political intrusions on my life in the last two days (so far) is nine phone calls and a door-to-door visit from MoveOn. I think I'm going to spend as much of tomorrow as possible elsewhere after I vote. I hope they hand out "YES, I VOTED" stickers at the polls so maybe I can get people to leave me alone if I wear one.

I made a mistake in thinking that decaf without sugar would be all right since I hadn't had any coffee at all since Friday. Apparently it isn't, because now I'm back to feeling like a train hit me. I was feeling better this morning, too. Cocoa is out because of the sugar, and black tea is out because of the caffeine. I guess I'll have to start carrying lemon tea around in my water bottle. (Thank goodness for Nalgene bottles.)
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A question in two parts:

1. Is the karate filter I set up working for those who said they wanted to be included in it? I can't tell.
2. Does anybody else who isn't getting my posts about karate want to read them?
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Today it's cold and grey and raining. According to the weather map earlier, there are about three states in the entire country where it's raining, and I'm in one of them. Somehow that figures.

I'm considering not going to karate tonight, because I haven't been what you'd call awake all day, and besides the second half of the Farscape miniseries is on tonight. (Yes, I know, that's what programmable VCRs are for.) I tried to tape the first half last night, and my supposedly two-hour tape stopped after an hour and a half. If I do go to karate tonight, I'll get back home around 10:00, so I'll only need to tape the first hour or so tonight. I think I wouldn't even be having this discussion with myself if it wasn't raining and looking like it's never going to stop. It's about a 25-minute walk to the rec center from here and I'm not terribly fond of long walks in cold rain.

As near as I can figure, the embroidery stuff I ordered before I left got here the day I left. (It was on the bottom of the pile of junk mail in my mailbox.) So now I have linen to cut up (I had to order more than I really needed) and hem. I also have to get ahold of about five or six skeins of white floss, which entails either more mail-order or a several-mile walk, neither of which is happening today, thank you.

On to the good stuff...I got both my final Advanced Composition project and my case study approved, so I can stop worrying so much about those. I just have to fill out the prospectus form for the case study, and start thinking about cultural equivalents for the composition project (I'm translating a children's book, which is very British in places, into French).

As it turns out, the thesaurus I bought is a Canadian one. I've got four languages' worth of equivalents in my references; my brain uses American English, my bilingual dictionary uses British English and European French, and my thesaurus uses Canadian French. I really want to know where the Francophone world gets its reference-book names from; my dictionary is the Petit Robert, and my thesaurus is the Petit Druid. (Yes, there is a Grand Robert; it's the French equivalent of the OED, and it costs a LOT.)

I have a whole list of stuff to do for my advisor, but I think it's going to wait until tomorrow. There's nothing I can really do from here and it's too late to do any of it in her office today.
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I'm considering setting up a karate filter, because once I get started talking about it, it's hard to shut me up. Anybody who wants to read martial-arts-related stuff, please comment here.

My schedule for next week is all upgefuckt, because I have a class on Monday to make up for the fact that we won't have it on Thursday. So now the work that would normally be due on Thursday was assigned yesterday and is due on Monday, so I don't get a non-academic day this week. We leave for Toronto sometime noonish on Wednesday, and we made up the Wednesday class last Tuesday. Confused yet? I am.

I did laundry this morning anyway, academic day or not, because No Pants! (Fortunately it's still shorts weather, even if it is on the cool end of shorts weather).

I'm doing the "Calvin waiting for his propeller beanie in the mail" thing again, this time for embroidery stuff. Online ordering 24/7 is a good thing on one hand and a bad thing on the other. It's good because you can sit there at 11:30 PM and place an order for something, but then you have to hang around and wait for the order to get processed and packed up and shipped. I think in the internet age, it's a bit of a contradiction in terms to be able to pay for something instantly and then wait around for three weeks until the stuff shows up. I'm not sure I wouldn't rather have to call up and order things so I could at least ask when the order would be processed. (My Luddite tendencies are showing again.)

I think I've got some major brownie points with my advisor for telling her about the Gutenberg Project. I had forgotten about it myself until earlier this week, at which point it turned out to be exactly what I needed.

I'm sort of generally stiff all over, except for random spots that actually hurt (like the hamstring at the back of my right knee). For want of a hot tub, Advil will have to suffice. At least I don't have to run any more errands today. Time for more composition exercises and another actual composition.
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On the one hand, being back in karate again is great. On the other, I wish there was an accelerated course. I train with the other beginners, and if I end up spending a month on nothing but the straight punch, the middle block, the front kick and the roundhouse, I'm going to get bored. I'm at a stage where I may have forgotten the existence of some techniques, but if you told me to do one, I could do it, and I'd be pleased with how I did it after 25 reps or so. I don't necessarily need to spend two hours a week on dissecting the front kick.

We were working on roundhouse kicks again tonight, which I admit need a lot of work. It's the balance (or lack thereof) that throws me off. But anyway, we got to work with pads, and I haven't actually kicked anything since I stopped taking classes at Oberlin. I was working with a guy who's probably at least one and a half times my weight and is taller than me by at least a foot, and I impressed him with how hard I was hitting the pad. (I haven't forgotten how to hold pads, either.) It felt good to actually hit something, instead of just hitting air, and the THWAP noise it makes when I hit the pad was very satisfying too.

I don't think I'm going to be so sore tomorrow. Or if I am, at least it'll be in different places.
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I don't know why, but today we had French speakers coming out of the woodwork for the coffee hour, which is mildly ironic because it happened just in time for there not to be a coffee hour next week due to the ATA meeting. (We're out of cups again, and we're running out of cookies. Gotta do something about that.)

I'm supposed to be writing a 3-4 page objective composition in French based on an outline I wrote last week. Which would be just dandy, except for two things. One, the subject I'm writing about is American politics, and two, it's hard to be concise about it. I've got about three pages now, which is good, because I think if I went on much longer, I'd give myself a headache. I don't think I'm even going to get to the foreign policy part of the argument if I've taken this long on the domestic policy part.

Speaking of headaches, I'm finally back to my normal level of backache and such, just in time to have another karate class tonight. Maybe since this one is with a different sensei, I'll get to work on kata and therefore not end up sore until Sunday. I'm not betting on that, though. And at least when I hurt, it's the good kind of hurt.

Right. Lunch, and back to explaining why W can go suck on a warthog (only I can't say that, because I'm supposed to be objective. See why this is so difficult?).
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I was right; I hurt today. My arm hurts, although I got to it with the bruise goop so it doesn't look like there's anything wrong with it, and my shoulders hurt. My legs are fine, but my abs are not. I just gave up and took some Advil, because tonight I have two classes back-to-back (one is making up for the ATA meeting and lack of class next week) and I have to walk home afterward, and I want to be able to do that without thinking "Damn, I hurt" all the way. I wonder how much of this is because I'm out of shape and how much of it is because I'm not 21 any more?

Due to the bruise goop, I smell like soy sauce and celery seeds, neither of which are actually in the stuff. Actually, I don't have a clue what's in it (the labels are in Chinese), but the recipe I found contains neither.

The problem with mental lists of things to do is that the items on the list keep switching places until I can't remember if all of them are still there or not.

It's going to be a LONG evening. I have classes from 4:30 to 9:45, with a 15-minute break at 7:00. I wish I didn't hate almost every kind of energy bars in existence, because that's all the dinner I'm likely to get.

What did I come home for, anyway? Oh, right, I wanted to print things and get this week's composition started. I haven't done any of that stuff yet. Right now I wouldn't mind curling up (insofar as I can curl when I hurt in odd places) in the sun for an hour or so.


Oct. 4th, 2004 10:38 pm
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Ow. I'm gonna have bruises all over my left arm in a couple of days. My shoulders hurt and my legs hurt and I suspect I won't be happy about running around all over creation tomorrow. And I love it.
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I called my sister to find out if she had a cookbook with pomegranate chicken in it. She does, but she had just packed it because she's moving next weekend. So I muddled through with the recipe I had, which was very tasty but was more like white wine and cinnamon sauce. I think the pomegranate I bought wasn't quite juicy enough. Next time, more pomegranate and less cinnamon.

I also finally broke down and ordered the fabric and pattern for Bagatelle, and the pattern for St. Sylvestre. I really don't like buying linen sight unseen, because it usually doesn't turn out to be quite the color I wanted. It's a little like trying to buy paint by name only, and when they give the DMC equivalent, most of the time I don't have that color of floss in the first place, so it doesn't help much. What I want for St. Sylvestre is maroon, and I'm afraid if I buy linen for it without actually seeing what color it is, I'll end up with purple. For Bagatelle I took the pattern's suggestion, which I know is a fairly dark blue. I'd like to do it in silk, but I learned from the last time I tried using silk floss that (surprise!) silk is slippery, and Bagatelle is big, and I'll end up spending a lot of time re-threading needles. Maybe I'll do St. Sylvestre in silk; it's smaller.

My sister is sending me her spare white belt, since I left mine in Boston. (I know exactly where it is, but it's not easily extracted.) Last week I finally gathered up my courage and went to talk to one of the senseis who runs the karate classes here. It turns out that they do Isshinryu, which is the same style I used to do at Oberlin (what is it with Ohio and Isshinryu, anyway?), and they'll take me regardless of how much I've forgotten. After that I came home and went spelunking in my files and found the certificate I got when I got my brown belt. December 1996!? What do you mean, I haven't done this in almost eight years? In that case I definitely ought to start with the white belt again. It's courtesy, besides; when you train in a new or an unfamiliar dojo, you wear a white belt. I'll bring the brown one anyway, and if sensei tells me to wear it, I'll wear it. But I definitely don't deserve it any more. Give me six months and I might.

I gave in to the dictates of the weather and shut all the windows again, having spent large parts of Saturday night being not quite asleep enough to not be cold. Yesterday morning it took a fairly long and very hot shower and two cups of coffee to warm me up again. It's definitely fall here now. I wonder how much snow we'll end up with this winter?
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