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I feel accomplished because last week the following things happened:

- Internet issues resolved and speed doubled
- Cable bill lowered
- Trumpet obtained
- GP appointment accomplished
- Mammogram accomplished (can't decide whether this or pap smears are worse)
- Whales watched (and I did get video of a breach; it was a "point and pray" situation, and it worked)
- Eye doctor appointment accomplished

I also rotted my brain on too much TV, and got halfway through page 7 of the embroidery pattern, which got me mostly out of the crown of that tree. Thank goodness.

And here I am at work, not accomplishing a whole lot, but that's OK because quiet is good and we haven't had as much of it as usual this summer.
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So I can say I got things done today, here's what I got done today (so far):

- Made a "raincoat" for the massive framed embroidery out of trash bags and scotch tape
- Dressed the embroidery in the raincoat and took it down to my office on the bus, and deposited the embroidery next to my desk and the raincoat in the trash (and made my left shoulder sulky)
- Hiked off to the hardware store at St. Mary's and bought a shower curtain liner
- Hiked off to Trader Joe's and did the grocery shopping
- Wandered through Brookline Booksmith and only bought one book
- Wandered off to Peet's and actually got to sit down for a little while and drink a green tea latte
- Got home and disassembled and put away the collapsible tabletop easel the embroidery had been living on
- Put away the groceries
- Cleaned the litterbox
- Did the dishes
- Replaced the shower curtain liner
- Started the first of two loads of laundry
- Stripped the bed
- Unpacked the second spice rack, which was waiting on the doorstep when I got home, and put the appropriate spice bottles on it

I think I might be forgiven if I take my new book (Sarah Dunant's second volume of historical fiction about the Borgias) and go curl up in the living room with it for the rest of the afternoon, except there are still at least three things I have to do today:

- Put clean sheets on the bed
- Vacuum the living room and office rugs
- Fill up this week's trash bag of clutter

Lily is insisting on helping me type, so I think I'll go bust out the vacuum cleaner so she'll leave me alone. I love her dearly, but I don't need her within three inches of me at all times today.
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Nothing like going out with a grocery list consisting of coffee, cat food and stuffed grape leaves, and coming home with:

- Coffee
- Stuffed grape leaves
- Lemons
- Mushrooms
- Downeast Cider (might as well see what the fuss is about)
- Garlic oil
- Bacon jam
- Carnitas
- Chickpeas
- White beans

And, of course, no cat food because they were out of the right kind.

I decided not to buy what looked like an interesting book about the Soviet gulags, because right now I'm not in the mood for absolutely everything I read to be depressing.

Speaking of depressing, since the weather decided to be solid overcast, I decided to get all the other depressing stuff over with today, and did my taxes and the laundry and paid the bills. Laundry isn't all that depressing except for how long it takes the air-dry stuff to actually dry, but it keeps me at home because I don't go out while the dryer is running. It hasn't set the place on fire yet, but I don't quite trust it not to try. And actually, taxes aren't so much depressing as "get them over with as soon as possible and don't think about them again until next winter". I ended up getting the usual chunk of refund, so that's nice. But there are definitely things I would rather be doing.

I'm not going to California in March. Next year, when I'm not in charge of the oral surgery course, and the accreditation insanity is over, and the meeting is in Orlando, I'll go. I do want to decide where I'm going next, though. And when. The When is the hard part, because give me a time period between now and mid-October and I'll give you a reason why going on vacation then wouldn't be a good idea. Eventually "because I need to be Not At Work for a while" is going to be a better reason than any of the others, but that's not the case just yet. I've maxed out my accruable vacation (again), though, so I should probably use up some of it.
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Here it is, 2017. It feels like 2016 needs a good shot of Remembering the Good Things, so here goes:

- Nobody in my immediate family spent any significant time in a hospital in 2016.
- My last remaining grandparent is still going to Florida for the winter at the age of 94.
- I am gainfully employed and liable to stay that way.
- I still have the same two cats I started 2016 with.
- I had a marvelous time in Iceland.
- The FB book exchange was a lot of fun, and I got four books I'd never heard of.
- I went to my first live football game since high school, and my first live NFL game ever, and thoroughly enjoyed it.
- My extremely elderly washing machine is still going (although I do apologize to it when I wash all the towels at once).

I leapt on the bandwagon and transferred my LJ to Dreamwidth. I'm not even sure why, because the Russian government isn't running the LJ servers as far as I know. But if anyone's interested in keeping up with this journal, you can find me under my LJ name at Dreamwidth.
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To borrow a concept from somewhere else (but I forget where), I have been beaten with the Whelming Stick so much lately that I am now officially Over-Whelmed. There are so many medium-sized things going on all at once that I don't want to deal with any of them.

1. Lily is going to be taking pills for the rest of her life, and the rest of her life is probably five years. This complicates my ability to go anywhere for more than 24 hours; she can skip one pill, but only one. And if I'm lucky, her liver and kidneys won't require medication because her thyroid does. I have no idea how I'm going to convince her to take three medications every day. On account of her not having so many pre-molars these days, she sounds like a dog eating peanut butter when she eats pill pockets. The idea of chicken-flavored peanut butter gives me the blue creevles.

2. Chorus is over until January 25, but the music is still stuck in my head and we got pretty thoroughly humiliated in front of the composers at the last dress rehearsal. It's hard to sing joyfully when you're going to be stopped and savaged for not being exactly in tune/not enough diction/etc. after three bars. We did it for the actual performance, but I had to go find a corner in one of the "dressing rooms" after the dress rehearsal and get some equilibrium back in order to perform up to my own standard.

3. The thermostat in my apartment has decided not to work. It sits there merrily reporting that it's 60 in the living room, and that the heat is supposed to come on at 64, only it doesn't. I'm hoping it's something stupid like needing new batteries, or having a loose wire. I really don't want it to involve tearing out all the wiring between the living room and the furnace; I can live with a certain amount of deconstruction (see "kitchen floor") but I don't want any cats going exploring in the walls and getting stuck.

4. I need new concert dress, or I need to get serious about fitting into the concert dress I've got. I went through about four variations trying to find something that (a) fit me and (b) wasn't obviously two different blacks under strong lighting. I don't fit into my size 10 pants. This cannot be allowed to continue, but when I stopped following Weight Watchers I enjoyed the absence of being hungry all the time. I didn't realize I was, until I stopped. I have to figure out how to get around that.

5. I never get caught up on anything domestic, except the bills (because I like having shelter and utilities and not much debt) and possibly the dishes. I need to do three loads of laundry and sort through the pantry shelves and vacuum all the rugs and wash the floors and clean out the fridge. But I never have motivation when I have time, and I never have time when I have motivation. So I live in a state of more chaos than I really want lately.
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Just so I know why I'm going to be sore tomorrow morning, today has been:

- Sectional rehearsal
- Grocery shopping
- Put groceries away
- Empty, wash and refill litterbox
- Vacuum pantry, living room and bedroom
- Put laundry in washer, in dryer, and on drying rack
- Dishes
- Clean kitchen sink
- Clean bathroom tub/toilet/sink
- Clean bathroom floor
- Take out kitchen trash, bathroom trash, office trash, and recycling
- Fetch from basement, fold, and put away laundry

I still have to go out and buy more kitty litter, and paper towels, and toilet cleaner. I'm sorely tempted to add beer to that list, but I'm not sure I've expended quite that many calories.
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I tried, I really did, but by the end of today I just plain hated every human being I came into contact with. They consisted of:

- Pushy salesmen (referred by the Dean, so I couldn't just tell him to pound sand)
- Pushy students (no, I can't print this recommendation letter from this faculty member on our letterhead; the faculty member is not a member of our office, and no, I don't know who in their department can do it for you)
- Confused faculty (no, I don't know who's giving this lecture; ask the course director, and no, I don't care that they told you to ask me, because they haven't told me who it is, so I still don't know)
- Faculty with legitimate but stupidly complicated questions (yes, that is a legitimate course, but it's part of the old curriculum and only a month long and no, I don't know when during the day it happened)
- Confused coworkers (no, I don't think renaming all of these two-hour lectures as "interactive sessions" is going to keep them from being two hours of Powerpoint slides, either, but that's what I was told to do, so I'm doing it.)

I also was not fond of the fact that the three (and a half, because she's filling in while two co-directors of the same course are on vacation) Year 2 course directors, the instructional technologist, and myself, all seem to have different versions of the course schedule. We have a Dropbox folder precisely so we can avoid this sort of issue. I have no idea which version is the one being argued over.

So I called my parents and said "Set the clock" and got it mostly out of my system, and went home by way of a bookstore and a liquor store. Turns out the new Harry Potter book really is a play, and I've never been able to get anything out of reading plays, so I came home with The Golem and the Jinni instead. The woman I sat next to in dress rehearsals for chorus was reading that in the spring and I thought it sounded interesting.

Good old cherry mead. All of the above are still aggravating, but I don't care nearly as much as I did half an hour ago.
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Thursday the 12th is usually worse than Friday the 13th. Yesterday, that manifested itself in the embroidery I had to keep tearing out. It didn't matter what I was trying to do, it was wrong. (And it's really frustrating when you get to a point where you realize that it's not working because you put in three stitches instead of two, ten minutes ago, and you have to go back and fix it, and you keep doing the same sort of thing over and over in different places.) But today is Friday, and I have to tear out a dozen backstitches and put in about ten, and then I'm down to about three hours of finishing and that one will be done. And then I can go on to the next project. And at least the only thing that really went wrong yesterday was embroidery.

I have different lists sprouting all over the place. There's the grocery list, the list of other errands, the list of stuff I have to do before Iceland, the list of stuff that would be nice to do before Iceland but won't keep me from going there, the list of information I have to track down for my finances, and one other one I can't remember at the moment. But at least I found my list of performance-review goals for this year, from last year. And lo, of the four of them, I've only made partial progress on one, because what I've actually been doing is more important. I'm so glad my boss hates performance review season as much as I do, because she doesn't care what's on the Forms, she cares whether the important stuff is getting done. Which it is, because I do know what's important. So there.

On to the weekend, however. And the grocery shopping and the laundry, and possibly the shopping for rain pants. And possibly the movies. And possibly even the wearing of shorts and the subsequent scaring of livestock and small children, because "pasty" just about describes the skin tone of my lower extremities. But if it's going to be 75 out tomorrow, I'm damn well wearing shorts. In public, even.

Part of the problem I'm having with weighing more than I want to is the problem with how my clothes fit. I keep having to remind myself that if nobody can tell what color my underwear is unless I tell them, I can go out in public and not get arrested, and it doesn't matter that my legs are pasty and my entire carcass weighs 20 lb more than I wish it did. Nobody's going to care any more than I do already.
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Made it to Thursday, despite not having seen the sun since Saturday (cold, cloudy and windy when not actually raining; when did I move to England?).

Not-so-good stuff:

- I want to go home and hibernate until the sun comes out again. If that happens on Monday, it'll be too long, and if it happens tomorrow, it'll be another work day anyway.

- It's performance review season, which always gives me a lack-of-self-esteem problem. And I had one before performance review season started in the first place.

- Due to lack of self-esteem, one of my worse eating habits is back. Time to stop buying certain sorts of edibles, because if they're around I will eat the whole thing at once, or damn close to it.

- I can almost recite CODA Standard 2 from memory. It's got 25 parts and part 2-23 has 15 subparts. I am so sick of CODA Standard 2, I could scream. But I'm stuck with it until at least July 2017, when the self-study document has to go to the site visitors.

Good stuff:

- My boss hates performance review season as much as I do. We both consider it a waste of time.

- Pret à Manger will do catering for less than 10 people. They'll even do it on short notice if you go in and beg at 8:30 in the morning, but you have to pick it up yourself (not a problem). And their sandwiches are pretty tasty.

- I've been feeling somewhat more human again since the retreat/dress rehearsal/concert weeks are over.

- I've only had to go to two lunch meetings in four days this week.

- The Hairy Beasts are still glad to see me when I get home, and are still breathing in both directions (in and out).

- New Avengers movie coming out this week. Maybe in two weeks or so I'll be able to get a ticket.

- It's going to be sunny again at least once before the end of May.
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Having a Target close to work is awfully convenient sometimes. I feel considerably better now that all the cleaning supplies are off the list, and I've always wanted a microplane grater, and I can stop reminding myself that I'm running out of cat treats. Lily would cheerfully eat those instead of dry food if I let her. Sometimes I consider letting her, because I feel awful about how skinny she got with bad teeth. But it's not that time yet.

Vikings started again last night, and was up to its usual standards of awesome. The episode could have been called "In Which the Vikings Discover Crossbows", so there was a fair amount of shooting going on, but there was also a fair amount of plot. And I love Lagertha. If the writers kill her off, I will be displeased, but if they do it in such a way that she doesn't die fighting, I will be extremely displeased. And I really should see about getting the soundtrack from last season.

Unexpected boss alert, but that's actually good because now I have answers to a couple of burning questions. One of which is, no, I am not going to be doing all this CODA stuff the discipline directors are ignoring our internal deadlines for. Thank goodness. We may now proceed (in two and a half hours) to the weekend portion of the program and I might not get an ulcer through fretting about it.
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Not feeling it today. Whatever "it" is. Today isn't quite an Easter Island day, but I seem not to be communicating in any language anyone else understands. When I say I need to know who to address an externship recommendation letter to, I need a name and a university, not a request for three more letters to send to "other programs" (still no names or universities).

It's easier to figure out what I don't want, because everything that comes up is met with an instant Do Not Want. I guess if I take the opposite tack, I want:

- The oral surgery course schedule to stop needing rearranging at least once a week
- The CODA Standard 2 nagging to be somebody else's problem; there's a schedule, but nobody's following it and I don't know how to make them follow it (short of filling out their forms for them. NOT happening.)
- The CE credit application for the April retreat not to include a budget and a schedule and a writeup of each individual workshop session's goals and objectives
- People to realize that they can't call into meetings in rooms with no phone jacks and bad cell service (well, they could, by cell, but it won't work well enough not to be annoying)

What I want amounts to a nap in a sunbeam, followed by an excursion to somewhere that sells Swiffer cloths, followed by an enormous bowl of pho. I might get the Swiffer cloths off the list tonight, at least. I've been trying to get around to that for two weeks now, but a combination of weather and other places I had to be got in the way rather extensively. I hate it when mandatory responsible adulthood gets in the way of responsible adulthood that makes me feel better.
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I've been getting around to a lot of things that keep itching the back of my brain, but not enough to take time to do them. So, this week I have:

- Transferred money out of my checking account into my savings account (I had transferred some money the other way to cover the Australia trip, but that was last April)
- Updated my resume to add my current job (which I've only had for two years now...)
- Finally got around to ripping the CDs I keep wishing I had on my iPod (I found some from college, that I forgot I had but am very happy to see again. Major nostalgia time.)
- Started a search in earnest for a book that disappeared somewhere between my bedroom, where I unpacked it at least a year ago from a trip it had been on, and my office (diagonally across the hall), in which is the bookshelf it belongs in. Haven't found it yet. This one annoys me more than all the others put together, because I Do Not Lose Books. I know it's here somewhere. It's probably in the same place as the only other book this apartment has eaten (to the point where even buying a new copy didn't produce the original one).
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Good news! Grammie came through her hip replacement surgery (although it took seven hours on account of her arthritis) and is maybe going to a rehab place today or tomorrow, when she and the hospital and a rehab place decide which one. Apparently there are three options.

Also good news: I donated my size-16 suit to a program that collects interview clothes for women who can't afford them. The idea is for me not to need a size-16 suit again, and I did get my current job from an interview I went to in that suit. Hopefully it has good karma for somebody else. And since my boss begged me not to go anywhere until at least the summer of 2017, and I like this job (mostly), I don't need to run right out and buy a new suit this weekend.

Not-so-good news: Snip has her annual post-vet cold. She's a congested and very sneezy beast. But she's still eating like a vacuum cleaner, so that's good. She usually gets over the post-vet cold in about a week, so most likely she'll be fine by Thanksgiving.

Shoot-me-now news: The week after Thanksgiving is going to be a bear. It starts with three consecutive days of lunch meetings, I have four hours of dress rehearsal for chorus on Monday and Wednesday night, and a retina specialist appointment on Thursday morning.

Slightly better news: I can start drinking high-octane coffee again the week after Thanksgiving, which might help me get through it. I went off caffeine last week because the parental units don't drink high-octane coffee and I'd rather have the headache before Thanksgiving weekend and get it over with. And I'm only going to the retina specialist because my new eye doctor noted that I haven't seen one in a zillion years, not because there's anything new wrong with my retinas.
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Just so I can keep track, this is Done Since Tuesday:

PD2 Oral Health Day
Flu shot
HRC EC meeting
HRC rehearsal
HRC EC meeting minutes typed up and sent to president
Folders for handouts for retreat
Handouts for retreat
Name tags for retreat
Ride share Google doc for retreat
HRC sectional rehearsal
Grocery shopping (well, sort of)

In the interstices, finished re-reading a book and made some more progress on the embroidery. I think the whole circular pattern might actually fit in the rectangular space available, but I know what I'm going to do if it won't.

Also had an anxiety dream on Thursday night in which I was explaining another anxiety dream to somebody. The interesting thing is, the dream I was explaining is one I've never actually had. However, it was perfectly plausible as a dream I would have had, and it made sense when I woke up. (The Hairy Beasts had learned to drive, and had come to work and started criticizing and tearing up a lot of papers I was putting together for a Longer Service meeting. Never mind that I don't do Longer Service meetings these days.) The dream in which I was explaining this was about trying to get on a train in Mystic to go skiing in Vermont somewhere. Never had that one before, either. But we've never had a retreat at Babson before, so I suppose there's no reason to haul out an old dream for a new situation. My brain is a very strange place sometimes.

Speaking of brains, and the amusements thereof, I've discovered two new phone games: 1010! and Two Dots. Two Dots is just addictive enough to keep around, although I might get rid of it if it keeps insisting that I can win the current level (whatever it may be) if I make enough in-game purchases. 1010! is rather like Tetris, only slower because it doesn't give you falling shapes; it gives you batches of three and you put them in the grid yourself. And you can make vertical lines as well as horizontal.

After the sectional and the grocery shopping this afternoon, I had gotten to the point where I was hungry enough to be grumpy and grumpy enough to refuse to decide what I wanted for lunch. Usually that means I go home and eat everything in sight, trying to figure out what I actually want. Today I went to Whole Foods (ostensibly for seltzer) and came home with braised cabbage and cheesecake, because it turned out that was what appealed more than anything else. I'm still not sure that's what I wanted. But that's what I ate.
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Continuing to enjoy stupid things that don't hurt with functional shoulders, including:

- Holding my music for two and a half hours of chorus rehearsal
- Being able to raise my left arm enough to put deodorant where it will be useful
- Taking a shirt off over my head

Also trying to remember that this is only temporary, so I should enjoy the living daylights out of it without overdoing things. I'm not going to run out and go rock climbing. But I am going to start doing all five pages of PT exercises again. And I have a massage appointment tomorrow, which will sort out the muscles for a little while now that the tendons have been silenced. But tonight, after the PT exercises, embroidery!

Apparently we're back to not having Hurricane Joaquin on our doorstep this weekend, but it's going to rain. Or not. But not constantly. Or not. And only in the morning. Or not. It all depends on which weather forecast you look at and when you look at it. So I'm bringing my raincoat, and my windproof jacket, and a change of trousers, to the Alzheimer's walk on Saturday. I suppose I could go to EMS and get some rain pants and be mostly waterproof, just in case. (Or possibly just encased.)

Still want to go see Black Mass. Maybe that's what Sunday afternoon is for.
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Shoulder does not like being forced not to move, either. One of the MRI scans had to be done twice because I couldn't stop the involuntary muscle twitches. Fortunately it was one of the shorter scans; the shortest one was three minutes and the longest one was ten minutes. By then it was mind over matter, mostly, and I had rearranged my arm very slightly. The lower frequency noise bothered me (in the emotions, not in the shoulder) more than the higher frequency noises. Results supposed to be in to the radiologist and the orthopedist by 10:00 tomorrow night, but I don't know what that means in terms of when somebody will tell me what they are. I have a vestigial PT appointment on Monday, and I'd like to know by then whether I should cancel it or reschedule it or actually go to it.

Had I known that the bus I was trying not to get run over by at 9:45 last night was a Coolidge Corner M2, I would have tried to get on it. But I didn't find that out until it was passing me, so I walked home instead. And due to messing around in Kenmore Square, I managed to see the three FSU football team buses twice (once on the way to, and once leaving from, the Fenway movie theater). Apparently that game is tonight, but I don't follow college football because I don't want to encourage the NCAA if I can avoid it.

Shameful confession time: I do not want to take the Hairy Beasts to the vet in November. It's a lot of money for me (especially given that the pet insurance renews in October) and a lot of emotional stress for everybody, and I don't want to deal with 25-odd pounds of cats in carriers with only one mostly functional shoulder. And having somebody else help won't help, because the cats aren't used to that either. I think I really might have to start looking into vets who make house calls. That won't be cheap either, but at least this week the idea of doing the usual Zipcar and cat carriers dance is giving me a major case of the fantods. Responsible adulthood sucks sometimes.

Good stuff: Hooray for Friday! And hooray, also, for breathing space, and (as much as I gripe) modern medicine, and mushroom-and-Swiss cheeseburgers (dinner last night) and miscellaneous other little things that make my life pleasant, convenient or possible.
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Got x-rayed and asked to do various things with both shoulders, and the verdict is impingement on the right side and tendonitis in both. Treatment to consist of PT for the rest of forever (three months is apparently not enough time), because shoulders take that long to heal and the right side is weak because I haven't been using it, because using it hurt. And if it still hurts after half of the rest of forever, we can think about cortisone shots.

Hm. Can't get an evaluation appointment for PT (not the same place I was going before, which was a madhouse and which wasn't helping as far as I could tell) until the day after the four-week follow-up with the orthopedist. That's going to be less help than it might, but I guess I can re-start the unhelpful exercises in the meantime on the theory that anything is better than nothing. And I can start the massage-every-other-week plan, which might at least be good for my neck. It ties itself in knots trying to compensate for my shoulder.

At least it's warm and no longer pouring rain outdoors. And it's Wednesday, so I can go home after my voice lesson and fall into mushroom ravioli and alfredo sauce. And it's voice lesson day, and that's been good lately. And tomorrow is technically Friday, because Friday is a holiday. I'm thoroughly in favor of that idea.

So far next weekend's Up To Something list goes like this, in no particular order:

- Massage
- Swan boats
- Minions, Inside Out, or both
- Townsman
- Breakfast out, or ice cream, at least once (maybe both at least once)

Thereby leaving a lot of time for anything else I might come up with to get Up To. So there.
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Things I seem to be getting away with:

1. New sandals (YAY!) and new Mary Janes (also YAY!)
2. Persuading my boss to have our retreat in October at Babson because the clinical staff retreat is taking up all the space here already (and besides, Babson provides catering as part of the cost per person)
3. The absolutely, no-really-we-mean-it-this-time, last draft of the new curriculum map, including reshuffling the oral exams and adding a qualifying exam for the national board part 2

It seems that tomorrow is the art festival in Coolidge Corner, which is a nifty thing to know about. I like to wander through and drool over things I can't justify buying, and maybe buy some earrings if there are any I can't live without. And the weather tomorrow is supposed to be just the thing for wandering around outdoors, too.

Having practically inhaled two pounds of roasted grape tomatoes this week, I think perhaps I'll do that again this weekend. I kept thinking I would use them as an ingredient in something, but I ended up eating them plain and I never did figure out what I wanted to do with them besides that. (Well, yes I did, but I knew better than to actually do it. Leftover alfredo sauce isn't left over for long if I'm around.) Nothing wrong with garlic shrimp and roasted tomatoes, though, so maybe that's what I'll do.

Drat, I should not have started thinking about food. Now I want pizza, or garlic shrimp and roasted tomatoes, or a meatball sub, or anything else in the warm-tomato-and-cheese family.
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I spent a lot of this weekend being domestic, including three loads of laundry on Friday night. Saturday was grocery shopping day and yesterday was clean out the fridge day, which pretty much meant throw out a third of the contents of the fridge, cook another third, and leave the last third (condiments, some of Saturday's veggies, and smoked salmon) alone.

I was a bottomless pit this weekend, but mostly it was because if it was a fruit or a vegetable, I wanted it. On Saturday I ate half a cantaloupe, a pound of cherries, a pound of strawberries and a very large bowl of arugula. (Which is what it was after I ate the burrata off the top of it. Burrata, while exactly what I wanted, turned out to be disappointing in terms of being a large number of points for not enough quantity to make me happy.) On Sunday I ate another pound of strawberries, another bowl of arugula and an entire head of roasted cauliflower. At least I expected the cauliflower; every time I make that, I end up eating all of it at once when it cools off enough. And yesterday was a good day to roast things, anyway, since the weather was cold and soggy. I now also have two pounds of roasted grape tomatoes, and what I really want to put them in is a pound of pasta and a jar of alfredo sauce, but that wouldn't be a good idea.

I also started the Great Work-Appropriate Summer Shoes Quest again yesterday. The current list of what happens when I walk home from work in any given sort of shoes goes like this:

- Tevas: horrible big-toe-knuckle blisters
- Clarks sandals, 2 pairs: semi-horrible heel and under-ankle-bone blisters
- Clarks Mary Janes: blister on top of my right fourth toe
- Brooks sneakers: heel blisters (gotten around by wearing expensive running socks)

So, Zappos is going to be my friend for a while. Probably the UPS Store is, too.

Speaking of stores, I was mildly disturbed on Friday to find that both the Walgreens in Coolidge Corner and the Staples at Harvard & Comm Ave are going away. The Walgreens is the less convenient disappearance (I don't WANNA go all the way to Aspinwall Ave!) and it's been there for ages, and I hope something else is going in there that isn't a drugstore because it won't survive given the 2 CVS stores on the same block. The Staples probably didn't need to be where it is, but I worry about what (if anything) it will be replaced with. There's already the ex-Marty's on the other corner that was supposed to be a Tedeschi's as of last fall and is still empty. That corner doesn't need two large empty retail spaces. File under "If I ran the universe..."
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Pull out umbrella and yell CHARGE!, indeed.

I woke up earlier than I was expecting to this morning, partly because last night was massage night and my regular therapist is sick, so I had somebody I've never had before. She was very nice, but she gave me my wish: my shoulder is now consistently sore, which means it doesn't like anything I do with it. (Except for the one PT exercise that hurt last week, which they told me to stop doing if it hurt. I did it today to see if it still hurt, and it didn't. The one at right angles to it does, though.)

So, since I was up early, I finished the book I've been wading through (a history of the Tudor monarchy, mostly Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. I liked the author's other book on the Borgias better, I think.). Having finished the book, I got up and wandered through breakfast (mine and the cats'), and then got my act together and went out.

The Buy list is dead now, because I bought: vacuum cleaner bags, groceries, embroidery floss, a granny cart, kitty litter and cat food. The granny cart wasn't really planned, because I hate them as a species, but bringing the groceries home proved that today I am physically incapable of carrying as much kitty litter as I wanted to buy. I couldn't even carry four bananas, a couple of avocados and six apples in a bag over my right shoulder. So since I was in Porter Square anyway, I swallowed my fit of the dignities and went to Tags and bought a cart. At least it has a bag with snazzy blue and green stripes, and doesn't sound like a bag of wire coat hangers falling off the roof. But I still feel decrepit.

Speaking of decrepitude, I had a minor disaster with my backup email address a month or so ago, and a lot of emails got deleted. Apparently one of them was the confirmation number for my Australian electronic visa, which I believe the email said I didn't actually need to bring with me, but which I figured couldn't hurt to have printed out anyway. (That was the first item on the Pack list; the second item being my passport, which is now packed.) I tried to do the "forgot my username" dance with the Australian visa web site, but it seems not to want to do anything much on a weekend. I think I'll try the dance again on Monday, because if I don't try, Murphy's Law says there will be some sort of problem. If I try and still can't do it, that will probably pacify Murphy.

At least I fixed the bathroom faucet. Having bought a pair of pliers and applied them to the faucet, I discovered that the inside of the aerator had sediment in it, so I flushed it out and now everything is just dandy. And today was open window weather, and I opened one window in the living room and one in the kitchen, and the Hairy Beasts got oxygen drunk as usual. Snip tried to ambush Lily, but it didn't work very well since Snip and subtle don't even have a nodding acquaintance. I suppose it's hard to be subtle when one of your favorite pastimes is Finding Yourself By Screaming A Lot.
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