Apr. 8th, 2004 02:46 pm
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Today's modeling assignment involved sitting on top of a three-foot-long wooden box for two hours. It was nice to be able to stand up at the end of the class and let the blood back into my backside. The class itself was interesting, though, because what they did was put me in a corner of the room and then project a slide on me. I've seen photos of people with things projected on them, but I'd never seen a drawing of somebody with things projected on them. Apparently what was being projected on me was a lot of abstract shapes, and stripes, and something that looked like old roof shingles.

Anyway, after that I went grocery shopping, and now I have fruit and veggies and Cheerios and the makings of lasagna for this weekend. (Gotta have lasagna for Easter; it's a tradition.) Anybody want to come help me eat it?

By the way, for anybody who ever considers reading two of Rostand's plays at the same time, don't. I'm reading Cyrano de Bergerac and L'Aiglon at the same time, because I don't have any choice. I have to present L'Aiglon in class in two weeks, and I have to have Cyrano read before Monday. At least I've fought the glossary project out to the point where I can leave it until Tuesday and not be horribly behind, and I'm ahead of my translations by a little.

Time for lunch, I think.
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I never did get to the library today, because I spent four hours before class working on my glossary project. I now have 17 complete entries, with definition and context in French and English. Before May 1, I need another 28 complete entries, or more if I can't find context for some of them. Sometimes it's harder to find a definition than it is to find a context. It took me a lot longer than I thought to find a definition for "French knot", instead of instructions for how to do them. And once I found it in English, I then had to find it in French.

Anyway, I was gone between 12:30 and 7:15, and left my phone at home, and of course today would be the day the art department called me about working. I have to call them tomorrow, and go chase down this bloody book. I have a hard time believing that somebody would have absconded with both copies of the same obscure play, in French. I don't even want both copies; I only want one. If I have to get it through OhioLink again, it'll take until next week. (I got it once, but I ran out of renewals so I had to return it. Why so difficult?)

Grocery shopping and laundry have to happen on Thursday. If I had any time tomorrow, they'd happen tomorrow.


Mar. 5th, 2004 01:14 pm
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This is a very odd day. It's warm, and very windy, and alternately sunny and threatening to rain. It's one of those days in which, if I could do it, I would spend the entire day outside and not care if I got rained on. I think I'm coming up on needing one of those days anyway, since I've had a case of the fidgets in various forms for about a week now, and any night when I get to sleep before 2:00 is an oddity. I need to tire myself out.

I also need to stop dwelling on things I can't change. The fact is, as long as I'm a charity case, I can't afford to do most of the things I'd like to, and the list of things I absolutely won't do without has to undergo some serious pruning. Unfortunately, having had a steady income for several years, I got used to being able to do certain things without thinking about them. I hate the fact that when I go grocery shopping, I really have to ask myself three times whether I want to buy any single item over $3. I never used to have to do that. I never used to have to look at what I had bought and decide on that basis to put off buying certain other things until next week. I'm at the point where almost anything other than absolute basics is an indulgence, and any indulgence is a guilty pleasure, and I can't keep living like that. I need new shoes, because my sneakers are giving me sore feet, and new jeans, because my jeans are honestly falling apart, but I can't bring myself to spend the money.

I could, of course, suck it up and tell the art department that from now on I'll take modeling assignments for the 7:45 AM classes, but if my sleeping habits don't change, that's only going to make things worse.

Edit: I think I might sleep tonight. I went off to the computer lab and worked on my glossary project for about three hours. I don't hate MultiTerm quite so much any more; now I hate the concept of having to find citations for general knowledge. Since I'm working on a bilingual glossary, I have to find citations for the terms in both languages, independently. I wish I could get away with just taking the English definition and translating it into French. Then all I would have to worry about is finding context in both languages, which isn't quite so difficult, but takes longer.

Oh, and apparently it was 72 here today, and for the next week and a half the high temps will be in the mid-40s. It must be March.
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This morning I leaped out of bed at what my brain thought was a rather early hour, but my body thought was time to get up. That gave me time to go out this morning and hand in my assistantship application. KSU has done a pretty good job of clearing off the major foot traffic routes, but they haven't cleared the actual sidewalks in the last couple of days, so the sidewalks are covered with something like an inch of that nasty snow/sand/salt mixture you get when the salt can't melt the snow. Anyway, after a couple of minor detours, I found the right building, the right entrance to said building, handed in the application, and came home again, and here I am.

Yesterday I had my first modeling job of the semester (clothed, since they couldn't find any clothed models for that time slot). It was a bit of a challenge, because they started with a series of 30-second poses, and it's hard to think of a next pose that will be interesting in 30 seconds. They did 20 of those, and then 20 two-minute poses, and then 15 30-second ones that involved me going through 15 stages of leaning over to pick something up and then getting up again, and then some longer ones. I think the longest ones worked out at about 10 minutes or so.

After I got done with that, I went off to the grocery store in search of wine. Good thing I remembered, when I was in a position to do something about it, that I didn't own a corkscrew. So I bought a bottle of wine and a corkscrew, and didn't get carded for the first time in my life. Well, not quite, but definitely the first time in my life when trying to buy alcohol in a store instead of in a restaurant. They asked me what my date of birth was and took my word for it.

So I got home with the wine, opened it, threw about half of the bottle in a frying pan with four cracked garlic cloves, rosemary, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and poached some chicken in it. I overcooked the chicken a little, but I more or less expected that. It tasted quite nice anyway, though, and I also made a sort of salad with orzo and spinach and lemon zest in it, and called it dinner. And a very good dinner it was, too.

I should probably go do something academically productive now, just to say that I haven't wasted the entire morning. Yesterday I did a lot, but I can't really say I got a lot done (except laundry, which had gotten to the Utter Screaming Necessity stage).
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Less depressed today, which is good.

I tried making mango lassi, and decided it's probably better with actual mango as opposed to canned mango nectar, but of course Kent has no idea what a mango is. At least now I know my blender works, at least for that sort of thing. I don't tend to do much by way of food processing in the blender. I make milkshakes and lassi and such in it, and I suppose I could make gazpacho in it in the summer.

Last night I got talking with the head of the translation program, with whom I also have Literary & Cultural Translation this semester, and she thinks I should definitely apply for an assistantship for next year, regardless of whether they want two-year commitments or not. If they do want a two-year commitment, I wonder what I could do with it? It would be a good way to take classes on KSU's dime, but I don't have a clue what I would take. One year isn't long enough to get another degree, and I don't think I want one anyway. That's all contingent on getting the bloody assistantship in the first place, of course.

I should go to the Registrar's office and pick up the Schedule of Classes for this semester. It helps when I get a modeling job; I can look up the time and find out what level the class is at, since they don't tell me when they call me and offer me work. They tell me who and when it's for, but not what class. It's a matter of curiosity on my part more than anything else; I've never had a problem with any class I've worked for. I suspect they warn the Drawing I classes off before I get there about not talking to me. They're not supposed to, and it's easier for me when they don't. I suppose it's a form of turning myself into an object rather than a person, but in this case, that's fine with me.

I've got reading to do, so I suppose I should go do that before anything else.
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Last week, somebody figured out how to open the skylights in the art studio I was working in this morning. Of course, this morning it was somewhere below freezing and blowing hail in at me. I made them close the skylights again.

I just caught myself singing harmony with the CD I have on. I haven't sung absentminded harmony in quite a while. Usually when I'm singing harmony, I know I'm doing it. I only discovered it this time because the note I thought was going to be in tune, wasn't. Rather severely wasn't.

I have way too much to do, including finishing the paper on knowledge organization in prosthetic dentistry. I'll have that done in another three or four pages, and that shouldn't take me all that long. I should have done laundry today, and didn't. I also have to have a cleaning fit and pack before tomorrow night. Why don't the gremlins who steal things ever manage to do anything useful, like the dishes?

Right. At least two more pages of paper, dinner, cleaning fit, sorting of laundry. That will do for tonight.
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So I'm lying in bed this morning, dreaming something about the Roman legions (no idea where in my brain they came from, but there were a lot of red capes and plumed helmets involved), and the phone woke me up. By the time I figured out what was going on, I'd missed the call. Turns out it was the Kent HR department, who wants to interview me for a job I applied for in SEPTEMBER.

This on top of having more modeling work in November than I've had in any month previously, and having roughly 40 pages of writing to do before December 8. It figures, doesn't it?

I have decided that come hell or high water, I am getting my hair trimmed before Thanksgiving. It's shaggy now and it's driving me to distraction.

Off to the library to return books and do some honest-to-goodness copying, cutting and pasting into the theory paper (the camera idea, of course, didn't work).
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The water is back to being drinkable today, and the first thing I did this morning was take a shower. Ahhhhh, much better.

Then I went off to work, which was in the art studio I don't like as much. It's cooler in there, but it's also not as close to the ladies' room I change in. There's a "changing room" in the studio, but it's really an unused darkroom and the light, when it's working, is red. I find that disconcerting for some reason. Today the light wasn't working at all so I got to get dressed in the dark. I'm not quite sure how I managed to get my shirt back on frontward, but I did, so hooray for me.

After work I went to pick up some checks the Art department was holding for me, and then went to the student center ATM and the library to pick up a book. Now here's the curious part; I had had breakfast in between shower and work, but I came out of work feeling woozy and starving. So I got a scone and a cup of coffee (Irish cream, bleah, but it was the only decaf there was), and inhaled those, and now I feel better except for having sore arms. You wouldn't think that holding still for something over an hour and a half combined would be that difficult, but it is. Today there was another figure drawing class in the studio I like working in, and the model from that class came in to cool off a little during one of his breaks (which coincided with one of mine) and we complained at each other about how hot it is in his studio and how drafty it is in mine.

Domesticity, in the form of making soup stock and doing dishes, calls. Following which, the theory paper and other academic stuff calls. Off I go to be productive.
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My back is going Crunch again. That's because today's modeling requirements were two 1-hour poses, both involving having my back twisted in one direction or another. Apparently, though, the professor I was working for today specifically asked the scheduling person to get me if at all possible. That's gratifying.

The other major thing I did today was go to the library and get five or six books about the linguistic aspects of aphasia. That's for my Semiotics paper. I was also looking for references for my Theory paper, but there aren't any available, so I have to change the whole premise of the thing now. Grr. It's my fault for procrastinating, but it's also due to the lack of readily available books on translation theory in general. A lot of the ones I would need are available from one or two libraries and all copies are already out. Then there's the one that was due back on September 9 and hasn't been returned yet. That annoys me worse than any of the rest of them.

Tomorrow I absolutely must do two things: clean my bathroom and do my Semiotics exam (which, this time, is only four questions and doesn't have anything to do with Peirce, thank goodness.) All this, of course, in preparation for my immediate family showing up on Saturday morning. I hope it doesn't rain all weekend. Today it was downright warm out, and sunny, and so of course I spent large parts of the afternoon in the library and then large parts of it in the art studio.

There's something I was thinking I should do before I go to class tonight, and I can't remember what it was.
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I think my cold is going away. That would be nice of it.

In the "maybe I really do know what I'm doing" category, I got my second translation exercise back last night. It had one minor error, which was only worth half a point. That's actually better than I thought, since I didn't like that translation very much. It was a translation of a recipe, and I didn't like the tone it ended up with. Apparently the professor did, though, so it worked. I also think I did pretty well with my theory exam, which I turned in this morning. I don't think I aced it, but if I don't get a B on it, I'll be shocked. Grades aside, sometimes I wonder if I'm really any good at this. Translation is one of those fields in which you can get a degree, but it doesn't mean anything until you've got a whole lot of experience besides.

I get another Semiotics exam to deal with while my parents are here. If I'm a really good kid and I do it on Friday before they get here, it'll be out of my hair. But since when am I ever a good kid about that stuff? Realistically, I'll be thinking about it all weekend and then I'll sit down on Monday night and do it, so I'll have Tuesday to rework it.

Speaking of work, I got paid, finally. $121 after taxes for sitting still for fourteen and a half hours. I wish it was more than $121. but I really can't complain about how I earned it. They've turned the heat on in the building the art studios are in (which is not the art building), and now that it's on, it stays on regardless of how hot it is out. Yesterday it was so hot in the studio that they cut the class short so nobody would pass out. I thought it was hot in there, and I wasn't wearing anything.

I love my computer, but I wish I had a DVD player independent of it. Maybe next year if I have a little more money, I'll do something about that. There are a couple of other things on the Maybe Next Year list already, like a patio chair and my next embroidery project (Garden Verses by Mirabilia; she looks like a translator to me. I want to use darker linen than that, though. If she were blonde, I'd do it on navy blue linen, but I don't want her hair to disappear.) I can probably ask for the linen itself for Christmas if I can decide what color I want.

I should go make a list of things I want to get done this weekend. That way I might even accomplish some of them.
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I was right about the Theory of Translation exam being easy compared to the Semiotics exam. We got the theory exam last night and by the time I went to bed, I had answered three of the five questions. I even went to bed at a reasonable hour, that meaning "before midnight" these days. Unfortunately, I couldn't actually fall asleep until 3:30 this morning for some reason.

I hate being sick. I particularly hate it when it interferes with things I wanted to get done. I wanted to go grocery shopping today, but I don't think I've got the energy. It's a gorgeous day out, and it would be a nice expedition, but all I really want to do is go to sleep and wake up again healthy. Not going to class tonight would eventually lead to total disaster, though, so I have to do that.

Yesterday as part of the modeling job, I got to do a series of six or seven 30-second poses with a long staff. I surprised the professor when she told me to change poses and I did so by going through one of the moves of Tokumeni no kun, which is the only staff kata I learned in the course of taking karate classes. I guess I don't look like I should know that sort of thing.

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As usual, I go for a while without modeling and then suddenly I'm up to my ears in it. Today I was modeling for the open drawing session that happens every Friday. Next week I've got work on Tuesday and Thursday, and then the Tuesday after that. At least it's income, even if it is a pittance. The floor in the studio is covered in charcoal and I have to wash my feet every time I get done modeling. I wonder if people draw my feet with black prints on the bottoms, or if they ignore them? Actually, I don't really want to see the drawings of me. None of them will look anything like what I think I look like.

The weather is what I'd call "unsettled". Today it's been sunny and cloudy and cold and more or less warm and windy and not so windy, and several combinations of those. Right now it's windy and cloudy and sort of warm.

The French coffee hour on Fridays is really fascinating. We get people who speak three or four languages. Today we had a guy who speaks English, French, German and Hungarian. The coffee hour is a good place for window shopping, too. *smirk*

I should go see whose junk mail I got today. Happy Friday, all.
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Wow, is it gorgeous out! Not that I'd know, all that much, except for the walks to and from campus...

This morning went thusly: got up, wrestled hair back into a bun again for work, went to work, sat there for two hours. Went off in search of food after work, obtained sandwich, inhaled sandwich, disappeared into library to do research. (Hopefully some of the stuff I found will actually be stuff I want, since I'm writing one paper on exoticism and Chateaubriand and another on contrasting translation theories.) Emerged from library after an hour and then some, observed that it's gorgeous out, and came home to wait for the UPS man, who either hasn't been here yet or who has been here and didn't leave one of those redelivery notices.

I'm waiting for the UPS man because the box he's supposed to be delivering has very important things in it. Namely, ten pounds of sushi rice (which Ohio has never heard of) and my teddy bear, who managed to get left in the living room when I moved. He was with the pile of stuff to be put in the car, but I had my hands full when I went downstairs and I forgot to remind anyone else to get him. I assumed that since I knew he was important, everybody knew he was important. Oops.

I sort of wish there was a convenience store around here somewhere. Going to the grocery store is dangerous, because going there to get milk always turns into "milk, and some of this, and some of that, and oh look, I haven't had those in ages, and hmm, this is on sale, and..." and then I wind up spending more money than I wanted to and giving myself sore shoulders hauling everything home. Exercise is good for me, but overspending is not good for my budget.

I seem to be sleeping better, but a lot less, lately. Sooner or later, I suspect it'll catch up with me and I'll be falling asleep in my reading again.
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No, that's not my breakfast cereal, that's my neck making that noise. I spent two hours this morning sitting there while a sculpture class started making models of my head. Holding my head still for that long made my neck stiff. The hardest part of the whole thing is finding somewhere to look that isn't directly at a student, because if I were a student, I wouldn't want to be watched like that.

The way this works is, I sit in a chair on a revolving podium, and the students all stand in a circle around me. Every fifteen minutes or so, I get rotated in one direction or the other so that everybody can see me from any angle. It's not precisely boring, but it's not really thrilling either.

I wonder, if I had any Advil, where I would have put it?
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