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The Boston Music Intelligencer reviewed our concert, and said "More diction." In Sanders, you can't be on the stage and hear what the audience hears (or doesn't). I suggested we should circulate a few people per section through the house when we rehearse in there, so "more diction" will actually mean something to more of us, as opposed to being something the conductor says five or six times per rehearsal all semester, so we stop listening when he says it.

I have had it up to the eyebrows with responsible adulthood, and it's only Wednesday. This week the Gainful Employment subdivision of Responsible Adulthood needs to be good for more things than providing food, shelter, and payments for utilities, so I'm running off to the movies (Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2) tonight, rather than going home and doing the rest of the laundry.

Speaking of washing, I've ruined one of my favorite things about having a cat who hunts. These days Lily won't go into the bathroom voluntarily unless I'm in the bathtub (in which case there's no chance that the vet will descend upon her), so she won't come hunt grillonpedes in the tub. And I am damn well not getting into the tub myself if there's a grillionpede in it. Which, this morning, there was, and it was very large. And I had to flush it down the drain myself. Harumpf.

I have to make an appointment for Lily to have blood drawn sometime next month. She seems to be doing OK in all the observable-by-owner categories (eating, using the litterbox, sleeping, reminding Snip who's in charge, generally acting like herself), but I have no way of knowing what her internal chemistry is up to.

Snip got a claw stuck in the masking tape around my embroidery last night, and even that didn't convince her she needs a manicure. She does, desperately, but she's rather like Granny Weatherwax in terms of things she can't be having with.
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I had plans to be outdoors for a lot of the long weekend, but they got called as of mid-Sunday because my left ankle went out on me again.

On Friday night I went to Target and ended up buying yogurt and the DVD of Hidden Figures. I had to go to Staples for whiteout and Command strips, because Target had neither. Harumpf. But at least now I have whiteout, instead of that stupid whiteout ribbon thing that never gets whiteout where I want it. And if I ever get around to hanging up art at home, I can do it without putting holes in the plaster. Since I decluttered the place, there's more blank wall I can get at, and it cries out for art on it.

On Saturday I went out and got my hairs cut, and decided to grow them out again because it takes too much work to keep them short. And then I went grocery shopping and failed to buy tea for lack of it, went to the bookstore and bought one used and one new, and went to the pet store and failed to buy cat food for lack of that. I decided that since there were several million dogs all over the place in the pet store and the staff were all busy wrangling them (which would have amused me if I hadn't been disgruntled about lack of cat food), I would try again on Sunday.

As of Sunday, the supplier for the pet store didn't have any of the kind of cat food I want, and that's not good. That was also when my ankle went out, so I limped off home again and spent the rest of the afternoon muttering imprecations every time I put weight on my left foot.

Yesterday I cooked beans and made lunch for the week (bean salad: black-eyed peas, roasted cauliflower and zucchini, approximately half a ton of fresh parsley, 1/4 cup of lemon juice, and some garlic and black pepper) and did the dishes three or four times as a result, and played most of a game of Civ 5 (unless I cannon up quite a lot and declare war on somebody, I think I might win it by time running out, because I can't seem to get anything else really going well) and did less embroidering than I really wanted to. Oh, and I did the laundry. And watched Hidden Figures, which is a reasonably good movie even if it does have Kevin Costner in it. So far Hidden Figures and Silverado are the only two movies I've seen in which Kevin Costner isn't playing Kevin Costner.

This morning I woke up at an hour that shouldn't exist, on account of pain in several places in my left calf. Of course my half-awake brain thought it was DVT, but of course it isn't. It seems to have settled out into a couple of different muscle spasms as of getting-up time. I should probably start buying bananas again, and in retrospect I've been walking funny in various ways since before I went to Charleston, so of course various bits of me are complaining. More work for my massage therapist on Thursday.
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Two nights ago I was running errands in the vicinity of Fenway 13 anyway, so I went and bought a ticket to see Rogue One last night. That was my first experience with actual reclining movie theater seats, and I think I'm spoiled for life now. The movie was worth what I paid to see it, too. (But if I were a stormtrooper and survived the movie, I would have words with somebody about the usefulness of the armor.)

Maybe I want to go see Hidden Figures, too.

Since last night was movie night, I turned it into cheeseburger-and-movie night. Sometimes you just want a cheeseburger, and nothing else will do. What I really wanted was a gold star for my forehead, because I didn't tell the faculty member I was dealing with yesterday exactly what I thought of his failure to tell me until after I scheduled all his lectures (Tuesdays only, please) that he's on vacation for two weeks in the middle of February.

The piece of embroidery I sold is Sampler Cove's Spanish Bleu, just so I have it written down somewhere.

Today did not start the way I wanted. It wasn't snowing when I got up, but it was when I left the house. And then the bus didn't show up for 20 minutes, so when it did, there were enough people on it for two buses already. Good thing today is Friday and I don't have to do that again tomorrow. I'd better do some grocery shopping tonight, though, because it's supposed to snow again tomorrow. I can think of worse things to do tomorrow than spend most of it with a cat in my lap.
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Progress on all fronts, pretty much. I went through the pantry and got rid of several extremely elderly spices and other various stuff that might still have been edible, but I didn't trust it. And now I know I should have asked for a three-tier spice rack for Christmas. The optimist in me thinks I can go down to Fenway tomorrow and go see Rogue One and buy the spice rack I want at either Target or BB&B. The realist thinks there won't be any available movie tickets until at least January 3, and I should order the spice rack online.

Also progress: Lily is the poster child (poster cat?) for methimazole, apparently. As of yesterday she's a light heavyweight of eight pounds, and her thyroid is behaving itself and her liver is too (I had missed the fact that her liver values were off at the end of November). But now she's done with vet appointments until June. I told the vet we had to stop meeting like this, because Lily was getting suspicious. He thought that was amusing.

More progress: I just about got myself out of the crown of that tree, embroidery-wise. Well, horizontally, anyway. Page 7 will be back in it again, but that's three pages from now. I bought myself the first three seasons of Vikings on DVD, and went and watched most of the first season while embroidering yesterday. I wanted to watch the first season again anyway, because the fourth season just ended an era (knew it was coming, had to happen, but still a punch in the gut) and I missed the way it was at the beginning.

Since it was a good day for it (to wit, raining), I made turkey stock yesterday after the vet excitement. All I had for carrots was purple ones, and the stock consequently came out darker than usual, but not actually purple. I'm glad in the long run, although I was a little disappointed yesterday; there are some kinds of purple soup I can deal with (fruit, or borscht), but purple turkey soup isn't one of them.
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If I ever find whoever it is who sees fit to dispose of their used chewing gum by sticking it under the tables in the tutorial rooms, they'll wish I hadn't. I keep finding it by accident. Ick. Why the hell would anybody do that when there's a perfectly good trash can in each room and one in the foyer outside?

It should be warmer out than it is. I left the kitchen and living room windows open this morning and I suspect I'm going to be sorry. The sun is nice, but the wind is Not. I keep waiting for the day when I don't have to think hard about whether I should wear my windproof winter jacket.

I took myself out for dinner and movie last night, because why not? So I went to Wahlburgers because I was curious (it was OK, but overpriced for what it was) and went to Captain America Civil War afterward. I wish they hadn't shoehorned Spiderman into it; there was no good reason why other than providing six people on each side for the brawl. But I was entertained for two and a half hours, and that was good. I don't go to comic book movies looking for Oscar-worthy material; I go for entertainment, eye candy, and explosions. All of which I got.

Must remember to go renew my library card this weekend. I don't generally go to the library, because the Allston branch has a thoroughly random selection of books and most of them are books I'm not interested in, and the main library is out of my way. But I like having a valid library card.

I got my "expected 7-10 business days" delivery in two days. It's always nice when that happens, and now I have rain pants. I'm still incapable of getting in and out of them gracefully, but I can live with that.
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Made it to Thursday, despite not having seen the sun since Saturday (cold, cloudy and windy when not actually raining; when did I move to England?).

Not-so-good stuff:

- I want to go home and hibernate until the sun comes out again. If that happens on Monday, it'll be too long, and if it happens tomorrow, it'll be another work day anyway.

- It's performance review season, which always gives me a lack-of-self-esteem problem. And I had one before performance review season started in the first place.

- Due to lack of self-esteem, one of my worse eating habits is back. Time to stop buying certain sorts of edibles, because if they're around I will eat the whole thing at once, or damn close to it.

- I can almost recite CODA Standard 2 from memory. It's got 25 parts and part 2-23 has 15 subparts. I am so sick of CODA Standard 2, I could scream. But I'm stuck with it until at least July 2017, when the self-study document has to go to the site visitors.

Good stuff:

- My boss hates performance review season as much as I do. We both consider it a waste of time.

- Pret à Manger will do catering for less than 10 people. They'll even do it on short notice if you go in and beg at 8:30 in the morning, but you have to pick it up yourself (not a problem). And their sandwiches are pretty tasty.

- I've been feeling somewhat more human again since the retreat/dress rehearsal/concert weeks are over.

- I've only had to go to two lunch meetings in four days this week.

- The Hairy Beasts are still glad to see me when I get home, and are still breathing in both directions (in and out).

- New Avengers movie coming out this week. Maybe in two weeks or so I'll be able to get a ticket.

- It's going to be sunny again at least once before the end of May.
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Mental health day 2:

Didn't even get dressed properly. But did finish the seventh section of the embroidery. Screwed it up somehow, but it still falls under "Persian rug symmetry" where there's the same stuff in each section but not exactly in the same place. So I'll live. Seven down, one to go, and the last one is pretty much copying the one before it. Should go fairly fast.

I really desperately needed the time off. There's entirely too much angst around here, part of which is the curriculum change intersecting with the accreditation (which would be bad enough by itself, without the curriculum change), and part of which is the added (to me) angst from the oral surgery course. I needed to stop being marinated in all that stuff. So I did, and after Friday I stopped thinking about work at all except to be amazed when I didn't have to go back to it after two days off.

I didn't make it to Zootopia, because both afternoon showings on Sunday were sold out, and Monday was a snow day and therefore no school and therefore probably movies full of screamin' chilluns. Not my idea of relaxing, at least not for this round of relaxing. I'll get there eventually, though.

I also didn't do as much cleaning as I should have, didn't do laundry, and didn't manage to make lemon bars out of the Meyer lemon juice. I'll do that tonight assuming I still have a brain when I leave work and remember to buy eggs on the way home. Yesterday I wasn't willing to get dressed enough to go out in public and buy eggs. (I did make black beans on Saturday, though, because I had bought bacon ends on Friday.)

The cats refused to get up this morning, because they got used to getting up between 8:30 and 9:00 over the last four days. But somebody who lives in my apartment has got to go make some money, so here I am. And I only had 43 emails, and most of them were either medical area spam (lecture announcements, award nomination announcements, Harvard in the News, etc.) or FYI-type stuff. I can deal with that.

Onward. And hopefully upward, but I'll settle for forward.
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Now that it's over, I can laugh about it (partly because after last night, I suspect Matthew Slater feels the same way). On the 23rd, I set up my out-of-office message like a good little cube farm denizen...but I somehow set it to send itself as a reply to all 3500 messages currently in my inbox. Once I figured out what was going on, I tried to pull the plug, but the server is more efficient than I am. So a lot of people got a lot of email. I'll have to send out a blanket "yes, I know, I clicked the wrong thing, sorry" when I get back, unless everybody decides to call me about it.

Christmas this year was about as low-key as last year, but several orders of magnitude more cheerful. Dad actually enjoyed his dinner, for one thing (and it was an excellent rib roast, which made dinner for Christmas and sandwiches for Boxing Day, and an excellent blueberry pie, which made dessert for Christmas and breakfast for Boxing Day). Last year Dad didn't have much appetite and nothing tasted right to him for a couple of months anyway. I gave everybody something to read and something to consume while reading it, and got some mad money from the parents and a hat from the Fairly Godmother.

I also tried a couple of experimental beers: Dogfish Head Higher Math, which is 17% ABV and knocked me on my ass, and Stone Xocoveza, which is stout with a LOT of coffee in it (and might have made a good float with vanilla ice cream, but I didn't try that). Glad I only bought one bottle of each.

Other good news: Grammie gets to go home from the rehab center today. She was supposed to go home last week, but hit a minor snag and they decided to keep her for another little while. But now there's no reason for her to stay there, so home it is. She still wants to go to Florida for some of the winter, and I hope she gets to do that. I think it will be good for her to see that she can still do most of the things she wants to, hip replacement at 93 years old be damned. Thank goodness driving is not one of those things. She gave up her license several years ago.

Also good news: I'm going to see Star Wars today. I wanted to do it before the internet becomes one giant spoiler, which is going to happen soon because the movie's been out for a week now. Besides, I saw all the prequels in theaters, so why not the sequels? (I was two years old in 1977, and I would have been scared stiff by The Empire Strikes Back when it came out, and my parents knew that. So I saw Return of the Jedi in a theater and was scared stiff by the Emperor at the end.)

I suppose if I'm going to take the bus to the movies, I should look up the schedule. This is the same bus I take to work every day, but I never take it after 8:00 in the morning, so I have no idea what it devolves into after rush hour. For some reason that amuses me.
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The school's fiscal year goes July 1 - June 30, which I assume is also how the budget goes. But I could be wrong about that, because three sample chairs appeared in our office today pursuant to an email that said the budget for this year included new chairs for ODE. Much sitting in chairs and making of faces ensued, and so far there's a clear favorite ("the blue one"), but we get to keep the samples until next week. So far there's one person who likes the one everybody else hates. Takes all kinds, I guess.

We've officially got all of the 24th off, which is nice. I might spend a couple of days in Noank, but the cats are being clingy, so spending some time in Brighton providing lap space is probably a good idea too. And I do need to do something about the rugs. The answer for the bedroom rug is probably "replace it" since it came from Home Despot in the first place and Snip hasn't gotten up in the morning properly if she hasn't sharpened her claws on it. And if I replaced it with a larger rug, more of the corners of my box spring would be on it and I could stop wondering if the box spring is scuffing the floor. However, I just stopped hemorrhaging money as of this month and I don't want to start again already. Having my watch repaired is indulgence enough for now. I might go to the movies while on vacation, too; In the Heart of the Sea might be brain candy, and there's this new Star Wars movie coming out...

Speaking of indulgences, I think I have now proven conclusively that I can't stop paying attention to what I'm eating. Every time I do that for a week, I'm very sorry eventually. So I guess I pay Weight Watchers $20 per month for the rest of my life. It works, which is nice, but it was also nice when I didn't devote so much brain space to the Venn diagram of what I should be eating, what there is available in the cafeteria, and what I want to eat. First world problem, I know. But I have to keep it in mind.
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Continuing to enjoy stupid things that don't hurt with functional shoulders, including:

- Holding my music for two and a half hours of chorus rehearsal
- Being able to raise my left arm enough to put deodorant where it will be useful
- Taking a shirt off over my head

Also trying to remember that this is only temporary, so I should enjoy the living daylights out of it without overdoing things. I'm not going to run out and go rock climbing. But I am going to start doing all five pages of PT exercises again. And I have a massage appointment tomorrow, which will sort out the muscles for a little while now that the tendons have been silenced. But tonight, after the PT exercises, embroidery!

Apparently we're back to not having Hurricane Joaquin on our doorstep this weekend, but it's going to rain. Or not. But not constantly. Or not. And only in the morning. Or not. It all depends on which weather forecast you look at and when you look at it. So I'm bringing my raincoat, and my windproof jacket, and a change of trousers, to the Alzheimer's walk on Saturday. I suppose I could go to EMS and get some rain pants and be mostly waterproof, just in case. (Or possibly just encased.)

Still want to go see Black Mass. Maybe that's what Sunday afternoon is for.
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For the sake of not starting off with a rant about the state of my shoulder, I will start off by saying that last night I bought the last Terry Pratchett book (The Shepherd's Crown) on the way home from work, got home, curled up on the sofa with it and a pint of cherry tomatoes, and proceeded to read it in three hours. Not his best book, but as the afterword said, he never thought he was done tweaking a book and he couldn't get done tweaking this one. Worth reading, though.

I'm debating whether I want to go see Black Mass when it comes out. I wasn't living in Boston when Whitey Bulger was, and I don't usually like that sort of movie, but something about this one interests me and I'm not sure why. Possibly because it's Johnny Depp, who I would really like to see doing something that doesn't depend on him being handsome (Public Enemies), erratic (Pirates) or weird (Sweeney Todd).

Long weekend coming up. Hooray! I probably shouldn't be saying that already, since I did have two consecutive weeks of vacation two weeks ago. But I needed more weekend than I got last weekend. And the project I'm trying to update is driving me mildly insane. Last year I assigned a "content level" between 1 and 5 to every lecture in the curriculum blueprint. But some of the courses have changed a bit this year and I'm now going back and trying to do the content levels over again, and disagreeing with myself, and probably mislabeling new lectures because I disagree with myself about the old ones. The answer is most likely "stop caring so much", but perfectionist that I am, it bothers me.

Oh, I so don't want to argue with anything else any more today, but it's only 1:45, so I guess I'll have to.
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Tuesday. Today is not Monday, it's Tuesday. But I'm knocking things off The List like it's Monday. (Wrote letters for, and sent emails to, 22 unsuccessful candidates for the Senior Tutor position; created a survey to be taken by US dental school Deans; arranged parking in June for somebody who's not going to be here officially by then; etc.) Next thing is to take the JDE article by the horns and fix it, because of course they've come up with some new formatting tricks they don't like and I have to edit and re-submit, again.

However, it was a pretty excellent weekend. On Saturday I got to hang around with one set of relatives I don't ever see except at mass gatherings of Mom's side of the family (and I'm glad I did, because they included my aunt who has early onset Alzheimer's, and I got to see her while she was still mostly herself), and I got to hang around with my favorite aunt on Sunday. And Dad is doing so much better that he tried walking a half mile on Sunday. He had to stop for a couple of minutes in the middle, but he did it. That's impressive considering what he couldn't do before the surgery. And now he has things he wants to do, and he wants to get better enough to do them. (He wasn't up for gymnastics, though, so I had to go climb up onto the boat to look for the fuses he wanted to fix the generator with. I did finally find the fuses ("it's only a 28-foot boat!"), but I tweaked both shoulders in the process of climbing up and trying to open stuck drawers. And the generator still won't start.)

I watched the first Harry Potter movie and decided I was right, I don't want to see the rest of them. I'll stick with the books, because I have such a strong mental image of how things are supposed to be that it bothers me when the movie does something different. McGonagall is NOT a redhead, dammit! And I wish they had put a bit more of the classwork in the movie, because otherwise it seems the only things that happen at Hogwarts are Charms, Potions (so Snape can be a villain) and Quidditch. So I'll stick with the books and be happy.

Speaking of books, I've decided that the main reason I don't want a Kindle is I really don't like the idea of spending a lot of money to build up an electronic library when I already own it on paper. In short, I am cheap. And I know I can't get some of the books I would want on a Kindle for cheap. So, no Kindle. At least not until I have a truly compelling reason to own one.
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The traffic this morning was fairly awful for some reason (or combination thereof, including grooved pavement on Washington St between Monastery and Comm Ave, and the T bus getting stuck behind a school bus for a while), but the bus was emptier than it has been for ages. Graduation season has begun, apparently. Therefore I went and looked up the schedule, and it seems all the huge graduations will be over before the 20th. That seems early to me, but I am not complaining.

I'm not complaining about the weekend, either. Saturday was haircut, Age of Ultron and cheeseburger day. Age of Ultron was OK, and I'm not sorry I spent the money, but I don't understand why the romance plot was necessary unless there's a comic book storyline they were trying to get to. Haircut was expensive, but at least now I can stop looking in the mirror in the morning and thinking "Ye gods, do I need a haircut!" Cheeseburger was not wise, because I am now two pounds over the weight I said I wasn't going to go over. But sometimes you just want a cheeseburger and nothing else will suffice, and Saturday was one of those times. And I'm not sorry at all.

Yesterday was laundry, which I had managed to hold down to a dull roar, and embroidery before it got absurdly humid. There was a mistake somewhere in the current pattern repetition and I couldn't figure out where it was, so I pulled out a lot of stuff I had thought I was being sneaky with and started over in a different spot. I was trying to bring the end out to meet the middle, but it wouldn't meet the way it was supposed to. Some year I'll learn that being sneaky almost never works the way I think it ought to. So I pulled the end out again and went back to the middle. And when the laundry was done drying and it was too humid to embroider, I went downtown to look for sandals. I'm still getting major blisters from the Clarks sandals I loved two years ago, and I can't wear Tevas to work, and in a perfect world I would have some unsandal dress shoes for summer. So I went looking for sandals and found possibilities, but didn't actually buy any sandals. I think this is going to be a Zappos proposition, after I get the next credit card bill (at which point maybe some options could be on sale?). But the going out and wandering around was good for me, anyway.

Yesterday I let my phone die completely and then recharged it, and now it's back to happy again. I'm glad I don't have to go phone shopping again already on top of shoe shopping. (And train ticket shopping, although there's not so much "shopping" to be done there as there is "hand the credit card to the only game in town".)

Still enjoying the fact that I can read HHhH without having it in one hand and a dictionary in the other. But now I have to go track down the translation, because I want to know how it dealt with some of the original's peculiarities.
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The best laid plans of mice, et cetera...I had two things I wanted to do on Saturday. The first was "sleep until done sleeping" and the second was "go see Age of Ultron". Lily decided I should be up at 7:00 and it took me half an hour to get her to go away. (And then I went back to sleep until 10:00.)

Eventually I put myself together (mostly), and took the granny cart grocery shopping. It was necessary, because my shoulder wasn't about to let me carry things, but the cart really does make me feel ancient and venerable. But at least I managed to buy fruit and vegetables and cat food and got them all home again without any major disasters. And I think the shoulder is getting better, if "better" means "hurts some all the time, instead of suddenly hurting so much I wish it would fall off, several times a day". And I absolutely need a new desk chair for home, because the one I've got now is too low and jacks up the shoulder in a completely unnecessary fashion. And the chair arms keep getting stuck under the desk drawer and I keep having to yank it out and that annoys me. So, commenceth the Quest for an armless desk chair with adjustable seat height.

After the grocery shopping I looked up movie times and wandered off to Fenway (by bus, because the bus happened to be there when I was, which never happens on weekends) intending to go to the 3:00 show. Unfortunately all the Saturday showtimes were sold out by 2:00; I should have bought a ticket online while I was merfing around in the airport in Dallas last week. Oh well, there's always next weekend. So I came home again and did laundry and made leek pie instead. I ended up overcooking it a bit, but better that than undercooked and it tastes good anyway. Leeks go with anything smoked, and I used some very strongly smoked cheddar. Good stuff.

Yesterday was the HRC concert, which went pretty well musically, but also conflicted with Mayfair in Harvard Square so we didn't have much audience. However, given that yesterday was an excellent day for a street fair, I can't blame anybody who didn't want to pay $20 to sit in the dark for an hour and listen to depressing Civil War tribute music. If we had been singing outdoors, we'd have had a better audience, but the orchestra couldn't have done that. So there was a concert, and the alto with the seizure disorder didn't have a seizure (she'd had one at every rehearsal I've been at since mid-March), and now I can forget everything I ever knew about Ralph Vaughan Williams and William Schuman. At least until next time. (Hopefully Schuman won't have a next time.) I wonder what we're in for starting in September?
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Shoulder: Ow comma dammit. I wish I could predict from one day to the next what I'm not going to be able to do. PT evaluation tomorrow, and hopefully some sort of helpful exercises and/or treatment to be going on with.

Easter: ran away to Noank on Friday and spent three days hanging around. Introduced my parents to Guardians of the Galaxy, which they liked (I thought they would). Aided in the annual production of orange-flavored Easter bread. Cleared the air about why I went to a therapist and we can now consider the subject closed as far as I'm concerned. Ate entirely too much stuff I shouldn't make a habit of, especially since Thursday night's dinner consisted of an entire bag of cheddar and horseradish potato chips. (They tasted good and I didn't have to keep Lily from climbing into the bag, on account of the horseradish.) Got to see some of Dad's side of the family, who were very glad to see him and even more so to see him up and about and reasonably cheerful. Spent an hour with my Fairly Godmother, at the end of which she felt better for being able to rant about some things she needed to rant about. Got advised by somebody who lived there that I really do want an underwater camera for Australia. (Hm.) Showed Dad the current HRC pieces and he agrees that William Schumann hates (hated?) basses and altos.

Misc: was possessed by a spirit of civic duty last week and ended up elected by acclamation as Clerk of the HRC Executive Committee. That means I take minutes at meetings and (next semester) develop the seating chart. May have to ask somebody else to do that for the alto section as I'm currently annoyed at two altos who take every time we stop singing as an opportunity to start talking. Tempted to put them on opposite sides of the section.
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I feel a little less like the Titanic immediately after encountering the iceberg, which is good. Apparently Dad still feels like the Titanic immediately after encountering the iceberg, but open heart surgery will do that. At least they "took all the tubes out" yesterday, and I expect that helped a bit.

In an attempt to stop thinking, I spent most of yesterday curled up on the couch with the embroidery and at least one cat. They were all for that idea, although I kept having to get up for various reasons (brushing of teeth, brushing of semi-dry hair, consumption of lunch, etc.). I think Snip might not have been feeling great yesterday either, because she curled up very tightly in the corner of the couch after washing a 6" square of it (and bits of me, when I tried to get her to quit washing the couch). Then she curled up in my armpit for a while after I went to bed. She was better this morning.

In between trying to get Snip to quit washing the couch, I was trying to figure out how this embroidery pattern is going to work. It's not as symmetrical as I thought, and in places where there's no reason for it not to be, I'm modifying it. Somehow I lost a stitch somewhere, so part of it is coming out even more unsymmetrical than it's supposed to. The trick is that since it's a repeating pattern, whatever I do once I get to do another seven times, so I'm trying not to drive myself insane figuring it out the first time. Oh well. I suspect it's one of those "nobody will know it's wrong unless I tell them" errors, but right now I would dearly love to know where I screwed up.

Having watched Prometheus (or whatever of Prometheus is allowed on cable TV), I can still state that horror movies aren't my thing. But at least some of it was a little less horrific because I've seen Alien. (Didn't keep me from yelling "BAD IDEA" at the TV in a couple of places, though.)
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Blorg, I say. Sometimes I get thoroughly annoyed at the amount of work it takes to stay fitting in my size 8 pants. Today I rewarded myself for tromping all over hell's half acre all morning by tromping off to the movies in the afternoon; Big Hero 6 has a very Disney plot, but the animation is gorgeous and the whole thing is good brain candy.

At least I now have stamps and groceries and laundry soap. And tomorrow it's supposed to be warmer, and the only place I have to walk to is my voice lesson, so I can otherwise stay home and do laundry and possibly make bean soup. I haven't decided yet about the bean soup.
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A year ago today, I got serious about losing weight. Mostly I did it because I knew I was fat and I wanted to be less so, and I knew I wasn't going to get less so by wishing it. And I knew I was fat because I was unhappy. So I started Weight Watchers and got a new job.

A year later I still have the job, and I've lost 50 pounds. I actually lost them in 10 months and have been keeping them off for the last two. Yay me, but the trick is going to be keeping them off for the rest of forever. (Resolved: I will NOT be buying size 16 pants in the next five years. That's the size I started at. We won't mention the fact that I refused to admit it and shoehorned myself into size-14 pants anyway.)

After I had lost the first 20 pounds, I noticed I had more energy. It hasn't increased as I've lost more weight; it sort of bounced up to a higher level and stayed there. But it means I can walk two and a half miles home from work and not be completely exhausted when I get home. And I can do it in less than an hour, so it's not like I have to spend every waking moment of my not-at-work life exercising. I have to admit that walking home this winter fell squarely under Not Fun most of the time on account of the weather. But I did it anyway, because it worked.

In honor of the anniversary, I got a new tattoo today. Now I have one on each shoulder. The new one (three oak leaves and an acorn) managed to turn me into a bit of an ambulatory biohazard, because it was plastic-wrapped and proceeded to leak before I got home, but it seems to be happy now that it's been slathered in salve all afternoon. It's shedding ink already. I don't remember the last one doing that so fast, but the last one was nine years ago, and I have enough trouble remembering what I did last week.

I guess the question for tomorrow is, do I get up and get going and burn through the list of less-fun stuff I want to get done in the next two weeks, and then spend the rest of the time having fun, or do I spread out the pain a bit over the weeks? At the moment I'm inclined to burn through the list and get it done with, but that's subject to change tomorrow morning when I have to make up my mind. (And, says the devil on the newly-tattooed shoulder, nobody ever said I couldn't wait until Monday, burn through the list and then go to the movies and actually feel like I'm on vacation. There's even a movie I want to go see.)
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Today is my 39th birthday. I know why I didn't take today off (I'd just have to come back to work on Friday), but I'm sort of wondering why I didn't take Friday off. Oh well. Next year July 10 falls on a Friday and I'm absolutely taking that day off.

Yesterday I decided that I like the idea of my next New Adventure being Australia. The question is when I would do it. If it's going to take me two days to get there, I'm going to be there for at least a week and a half. And if I'm going to be away from work that long, it's probably going to be in the summer, which is winter there. Do I want to go to Australia in their winter? I don't know yet. I need to do some more research. But I really do want to go to Australia. (Insert James Garner here, protesting that he doesn't want to be sheriff; he's on his way to Australia...)


Jun. 11th, 2014 03:15 pm
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Leaving this here so I can find it:

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