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Computer is going to repair shop tonight, because I brought it to work today to see if it responded better in air conditioning, and it doesn't. It's probably either a two-minute fix or something that requires taking the entire laptop apart.

Accreditation documents are going to printer on Monday for sample copy, which means they are going for final copies either late next week or the Monday after next.

Both cats are shedding like mad, which I can't really blame them for because this is not good weather to be covered in fur and hate water. But I wish the rugs didn't look like disaster areas. They wouldn't be so bad if I had gotten off my overly large backside last weekend.

Standard 2 is finally about as done as it's going to get. It's a shadow of its former self at 250 pages, because I reduced all the tables to 10-point font and doing that shortened the damn thing by 20 pages.

Now that I have spare brain cells again, I'm thinking about scuba certification again. It may have to happen next summer after chorus is over, though, because I need 14 hours of pool time and however many hours of classes and I can't squash all that into August. Maybe next summer I won't look like ten pounds of bulk sausage in a five-pound bag when I put on a wetsuit, too. There WILL be Things Done About That.
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I would like something this week to be easy. So far the only easy thing is sitting around at home eating whatever's handy because it's handy.

Everybody at work is stressed out for CODA reasons. On top of that, the oral surgery director is in the hospital (thankfully with something that should be fixable), which means he isn't here this week to see patients. I found this out yesterday afternoon, when of course the person who would usually handle this sort of thing was out, and promptly asked who I should tell about it and then did so. But apparently the clinic management didn't find out until today and now they're yelling at me for not telling them because they found out from somebody else this morning. Apparently lack of actual procedure for telling people things like this, and ignorance of what procedure there is, isn't an excuse.

I know I've got the authoritative version of Standard 2. People keep asking me about all the other ones, and they won't take "I don't know, I only have the version I was sent last week, and the person who sent it isn't the one working on it" as an answer. I'm afraid this is going to turn into a massive concordance project among several versions on Friday, because SOMEBODY has to know whether the Student Handbook should be labeled A1-1a or A1-1b, and I'm afraid it's going to have to be me. I've already done massive concordance projects on Standard 2 and the Summative Assessment Guidebook (300 and 150 pages, respectively) and my brain hurts. The fact that the longest of the other five standards is a mere 40 pages does not make a three-version concordance easier.

I was looking at a restaurant menu online yesterday and it had "bone-in skate wing" as an entree. Skates don't have bones. I wonder if the menu writer has ever seen a skate, or at least seen the dish they wrote about?
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Not being at work since last Wednesday was a wonderful idea.

Thursday was Vet Day, and I actually managed to catch Lily relatively quickly and shut her in the bathroom ten minutes before the vet got there. I met him on the porch so he wouldn't ring the doorbell and scare everybody including me. The doorbell is extremely loud. Anyway, Lily decided to be stoic about the whole thing, and got her blood pressure taken and blood drawn and got tartar knocked off upper molars on both sides, and it only cost me $500.

Friday I got the results of Lily's blood tests, and she's the poster child for well-controlled feline hyperthyroidism, so we're all good until November when it's time for rabies shots for both Hairy Beasts. I eventually hauled myself out of my chair around lunchtime and wandered off to the aquarium, which was a better time than I was expecting. After I had had sufficient aquarium time, I wandered off to the Boston Public Market and replaced the Japanese knotweed honey I brought to Noank at one point and which never came home again. Since I hadn't hydrated myself adequately and it was HUMID, I was in pretty sorry shape by the end of that, so I hauled myself home and ingested a quart of seltzer.

Saturday was the usual errands, and I bought six and a half pounds of cherries because they went down to $2.99 from $4.99. Today's Tuesday and I have two pounds left.

Sunday I didn't do a whole hell of a lot, except laundry, and I decided to do something about my craving for Vietnamese summer rolls and couldn't get them because the place in the Super 88 food court was closed for a family wedding. I could have gone to Le's, but Le's likes to stuff their rolls with mostly lettuce and the Super 88 place likes to stuff theirs with mostly noodles. I prefer mostly noodles. I settled for saag paneer from the Indian place instead, and it was good, but it wasn't what I wanted.

Monday I went back to the Super 88 and got the summer rolls, and came home and did some more embroidering. It's going to take three weeks to get a thousand stitches done, which is absurd, but the weather hasn't been cooperating and I don't like sweating all over the project.

Tomorrow when I have to be a Responsible Adult again, I have to reschedule my July massage appointment, and sign myself up to bring something to the chorus executive committee potluck dinner and meeting on the 19th, and schedule an eye exam, and go back to work and concentrate on getting the self-study actually assembled and out the door to be printed.

Next Monday is the drop-dead date for final revisions to all the supporting documents for Standard 2. I expect not to be having very much fun that week, especially since I also have to go to the chorus committee dinner and meeting. I would very much like to be going to a Bastille Day party in Bow, NH the Saturday after the not-fun week, but I'd have to rent a car, and I'm not in any mental condition to be driving anywhere after a week like that.

Just because life is like that, the weekend after the Tuesday-Thursday accreditation site visit in October, my cousin who currently lives in Florida is getting married in Falmouth. I'm trying to decide how bad it looks if I don't go, because the site visit will be three 8:30 - 7:30 days and I'm not all that close to this cousin in the first place. But I probably should go, because even though we're not all that close, I got a Save the Date announcement so they're going to invite me anyway. And Falmouth isn't impossible to get to from here.

My birthday is next Monday. I have no idea what I'm going to do about that. What I want to do about that involves a largish ribeye steak, probably from Mooo, but that's not the sort of place you go in sneakers. I do not like my physical self very much these days, to the point where getting dressed up feels like putting lipstick on a pig, and I don't see the point. I know perfectly well what I have to do about that, but all my will power lately is going to mental self-care because accreditation prep sucks diseased donkeys, and I can't seem to get into the whole physical self-care thing again. This being my 42nd birthday, maybe the answer to life, the universe, and everything will appear after we send the self-study out. Who knows?
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Lily didn't need any teeth pulled. I guess she just needed a piece of tartar knocked off one of her upper right molars, because she's back to being happy about that side of her face again. She's also the poster child for methimazole. The internet says long-term medication will shorten her lifespan a bit, but she's 11 already, so I bet she'll get to 14. Besides, the internet isn't always right, and besides that, Lily can't read, so she doesn't know she's supposed to have a slightly shorter lifespan.

I spent the afternoon at the aquarium, because I wanted to do that anyway and it was a good excuse to haul myself out of my chair and go somewhere with air conditioning. I objected to the whole "get dressed properly" bit, but I did it anyway, and had a good time once I got there. If I ever went insane and wanted a salt-water aquarium, I think I would want a hogfish. The big ones look like Muppets to me. Of course, in order to have a fish that big, I would have to have an aquarium the size of my bathroom, so it will never happen.

What might happen, if I ever hear back from the seller (it's Craigslist, so possibly I won't), is I might end up spending my $500 bonus from last week on a $400 student trumpet. I've wanted a trumpet since I gave up the trombone, and I gave up the trombone because it's in bass clef and my head is in treble. (Six years of clarinet and however many years of singing higher than tenor will do that.) A trumpet is in treble, and doesn't take up as much space as a trombone does. And besides, if I can play the trumpet I could play bits of Fanfare for the Common Man, and the Great Gate of Kiev, and half of Vivaldi's Trumpet Concerto, and the trumpet fanfare that starts Apollo 13, and some other things that have always made me wish I were a brass player so I could do that. I looked at Rayburn Music's sale page, but I'm not willing to pay $1200 for a trumpet I don't know how to play yet anyway.

The weather map says there's a squall line bearing down on us. I wish it would get here and change the air for a little while at least.
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Friday was actually a good day, to the point where on Friday night I was feeling pleased with myself for getting through a large slice of the self-study, and I got paid on Friday, and it was the weekend, and it was nice outdoors. And my boss kicked me out of the office at 4:45, having bought me some iced tea from Starbucks besides. I spent my extra 15 minutes paying all the bills when I got home, and it was so nice out that I went out for dinner afterward. I couldn't decide between Korean and Vietnamese noodles, but it ended up being Vietnamese at the Super 88 in the form of summer rolls AND rice noodle salad. That was more food than I probably should have eaten, but I ate all of it and didn't feel overstuffed.

On Saturday morning I had a carrot and a piece of lemon cake for breakfast, and wondered why the hell there wasn't any food in the house. Because I felt icky last weekend and didn't go grocery shopping, that's why. So I went grocery shopping and got rather carried away, but managed not to buy canned cat food because TJ's didn't have that. This is getting ridiculous; I had to mail-order dry cat food last week because Petco hadn't had that for two weeks. I still have at least half a case of wet food, though, so it won't be a disaster for another month. Since I went grocery shopping in sandals, I gave myself blisters, and I had to come home and do laundry so I could go out again in clean non-wool socks. It was too hot for wool socks.

On Sunday I observed that the container I keep my change collection in was just about full, so I wandered off to the Coinstar machine and came away with $83 in cash. That's about right, because the container tends to hold about $90 and Coinstar machines gouge you on "processing fees". Oh well. I would sprain something carrying $83 in change around everywhere, and I don't think the credit union would cash in change for me. After that (and getting rained on, because of course I was outdoors for the ten minutes yesterday when it rained), I came home and cooked chickpeas and made a non-cruciferous bean salad (chickpeas, not quite enough dried tomatoes, absolutely not enough feta, chives, lemon juice, a teeny little bit of smoked olive oil, and less black pepper than I thought). Someday I will figure out what the hell is wrong with my pepper mill; it likes to dispense pepper all over the place behind whatever vessel I'm trying to grind pepper into.

The embroidery continues to go like gangbusters. Some of that is because I'm into the actual tree, and it has definite areas of single colors and I can see progress when I do that (as opposed to the bits where five stitches in a single color is a lot, and then you stand across the room and see leaves, instead of random blobs). Progress is happy stuff.
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This morning I wanted to know what sort of sacrifice the weather gods required before it could be sunny in the morning. As of lunchtime, it was gorgeous out, and after my lunch meeting (indifferent pizza, again) I escaped out into it for as long as it took to go to JP Licks and back. I wish I could have stayed outdoors for the rest of the afternoon, especially because I feel like I earned it. I got 50 pages of Standards 2-1 through 2-7 edited before 10:00 this morning, and then I went to a 10:00 meeting.

I particularly wanted that project out of my hair because I'm going to be no use to anybody next week. Fortunately the Monday chorus rehearsal got rearranged, so the chorus doesn't have to show up until 7:45. That's still a long night because the rehearsal goes until 10:00, but at least I'll have time to eat and actually digest my dinner beforehand. Wednesday is going to be 6:15 - 10:00, with a ten-minute break in it somewhere, and that's LONG. Especially for singers, and particularly in Sanders Theater in which it's pretty dry. The inside of my head usually feels like the Gobi Desert by the end of a rehearsal that long.

However, that's Wednesday. Today's Friday, and tonight I get to do my favorite ritual of the whole weekend: turning off the alarm clock before I go to bed. It did not particularly help anything that I fell down another internet rabbit hole last night and forced myself to go to bed when I looked up again and discovered it was midnight.

I'm looking forward to half an hour from now, when the most urgent problem I will have is whether I want japchae or pho for dinner.
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Good heavens, is it Friday already? Good for it. I did get things done at work this week, at least (including trying to figure out who the course and discipline directors were four years ago, right after I got this job, and before I knew which end was up). And I backed up my Misc Projects folder, which has the past four years of "other duties as necessary" documents in it. Publications and grant applications and recommendation letters and all the faculty retreat planning documents and so forth and so on. The folder lived on my desktop until I finally copied it onto the shared drive and put a shortcut on my desktop instead. This, of course, means that the shared drive will suffer a catastrophic failure sometime in the next month.

Among the things I got done while not at work was going to the chorus committee meeting last night and not saying anything when another member said they were advertising the concert in Connecticut. Nobody who doesn't know any of us is going to drive up here from Connecticut for 80 minutes of amateur classical music on a Friday night in May. But I didn't say it. (However, as Taker of the Minutes, I didn't write down the idea, either.)

I did go to rehearsal on Wednesday and didn't have to talk myself into it very much. I had to talk myself into going to the committee meeting, but I bribed myself by going to Bartley's first. The reuben burger is currently called the Car Talk, and hit the spot.

I'm taking Monday off, because I can't get home from work on account of the marathon. (Not entirely true; I can, but it's a pain in the ass getting across Beacon St at all on marathon day.) It looks like being a good weekend for merfing around outdoors, though. Some of that will definitely happen tomorrow because I have to get my hairs cut. I had better decide whether I want to get them cut short again and then grow them out, or start growing them out now.
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The six-month Year 2 courses are over! Hooray! Now the Year 2 students can get out of our hair for a month, because they're on break for three weeks to study for and take Part 1 of the national dental board exam and then they've got two weeks for research. Which means they study for a week, take the board exam, and then go on vacation for four weeks. But in any case, they're out of our hair until April 10.

Meanwhile the MMSc got approved, so now it has a brochure and an application form. But that's all it's got; it doesn't have a tuition amount or any actual course content. (It does have a fairly thorough curriculum outline, though. I know because I wrote it. I could teach some of it if I weren't an absolutely terrible teacher.)

Meanwhile, the Year 3 students seem to think going to oral surgery lectures is optional, while complaining that they don't have enough oral surgery lectures. One of the lecturers pretty much went off on them about it yesterday. And for once, a problem with the oral surgery course isn't my fault.

On the home front, Snip was a thoroughly miserable snot factory for two days and then got better, to the relief of all of us. Lily seems to have managed not to catch it, which is also nice for all of us.

I'm trying to declutter my apartment by getting rid of at least one large thing I haven't touched in two years, or one trash bag full of things, per week. Last week I finally got rid of the full-size featherbed that had been living in one of those vacuum storage bags until Snip went mountaineering in the closet one evening and put holes in the bag. And I haven't used the featherbed in at least two years anyway, so out it went, and it felt very liberating. There isn't a lot I can be unconditionally happy about these days, so any little thing helps.

I bailed on the ad hoc chorus committee meeting last night because my brain was DONE by the end of "Let us gird on the armor of light", and I couldn't count and sing anything like the right notes at the same time. That meant I couldn't listen and write at the same time either, so I didn't try. Sometimes enough is enough.
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It took me until yesterday to put together the fact that this afternoon I get my teeth cleaned and then I have to run off to a chorus committee meeting. I think I thought the teeth cleaning was on the 21st when we were looking for a committee meeting date. But what am I complaining about, it's only a cleaning, as opposed to any of the other couple hundred procedures I had a list of codes for earlier this week. ICD-10 codes are much more interesting.

Snip has a monumental cold, and Lily wants nothing to do with her in that condition, so Snip has been hanging around being miserable at me. Poor kid. It'll go away, and she's eating like a horse so it hasn't affected her appetite, but she's congested and sneezy and not having any fun. Mostly she just curls up as tight as possible and falls asleep waiting for it to go away. I hope she parks herself in the sunbeam on the kitchen floor this afternoon.

I also am eating like a horse these days. Some of it is stress and some of it is the return of bad habits and some of it is because I can't figure out what I actually want, so I eat everything trying to figure out what I want. And I still haven't figured it out. Sigh.

The Great Jeans Quest might be over if I can find somebody to shorten the ones I got. I'm back to "normal sizes fit if I grow four inches and petite sizes fit if I lose 20 pounds". Anybody got a good tailor who shortens jeans? I suppose I could roll them up, but I'd rather have them shortened.
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I've got a tremendous case of the fidgets and can't decide what to direct it at. Some of me wants to go outdoors for the sake of being outdoors, and some of me wants to stay indoors and clean things, and some of me wants to do some more embroidery, and some of me wants to walk down to the Super 88 food court and invest in a massive bowl of pho. Whatever I end up doing, it feels like I'm wasting the day if I don't do everything else. ARGH. But I do have to go outdoors at least through the front door, because Part 1 of the Great Jeans Quest is supposed to arrive today. And it had better work, because I'm down to one pair of wearable jeans, and the inseams thereof are going to shred themselves any minute now. Hence the parts of me that don't want to go outdoors for extended periods of walking.

Random silly thing that bothers me every time I think about it: in the Kipling short story "Toomai of the Elephants", Toomai's father is scolding him for doing something fairly terrible, and ends with "Go and wash Kala Nag." Given that Kala Nag is an elephant, I've never been able to figure out whether washing him is intended as a punishment (there's a lot of him to wash) or whether it means "Go play in the river with Kala Nag and don't bother me for a while." I like the story, but I'd really like to ask Kipling about that bit.

I haven't heard from the framer about Less Is More yet. It's supposed to be ready sometime like tomorrow, but I'd really rather go get it today. Add that one to the List for the Minister of Convenience.

Speaking of offices we don't have, is the Office of Common Sense a division of the Office of Not Destroying the Country, or does it have such an uphill battle that it needs its own budget?
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Soup ended up being corn, tomatoes, white beans, chicken, lemon juice, garlic and chives. Not really what I was expecting, and not quite what I wanted. But I've got it, so I'll eat it.

I whine, and I admit it, but the clinical curriculum coordinator is breaking all existing records for whining this week, and I can hear him from 30 feet away and through a closed door between here and where his desk is. Yesterday he came to pick up something out of the color printer and was whining about wanting cake and the fact that we didn't have any. So, since I had to go to Walgreens anyway, I went to Stop & Shop and bought him a piece of cake just to shut him up. It worked for an hour, and then he was back over here whining to somebody else about how Costco sells crab dip he can't stop eating, and he wants some, but he never goes there because it's a waste of time otherwise. One of us needs a vacation.

By the time I got home from chorus last night, it was snowing pancakes; huge fluffy clumps of snowflakes we don't get very often. They were very pretty, but they were snow, and I hadn't ordered any more snow. (But they were very pretty.) They amounted to about an inch in Brighton and less in the medical area.

I have just committed to bringing my enormous framed embroidery piece to work for the On My Own Time exhibit in March. I think the easiest (ha ha) way to do it is going to be taking it on the bus on a Saturday. I would almost do it tomorrow except there's still too much snow. The truly easiest way to do it would be to borrow the back seat of somebody's car for an hour, but I hesitate to ask.

Speaking of things that should be easy and aren't, Lee and White House Black Market are both out of the jeans-that-fit-me business, so now I have to start over. Again. I haven't a clue where to start. I default to "go outdoors and get dirty and throw everything in the wash afterward" type jeans, rather than "only wear in nice weather, wash in cold water, inside out, and air dry" type jeans. I guess I should start with LL Bean and find out how they think my body is shaped wrong for their clothes. (Every clothing manufacturer thinks my body is shaped wrong for their clothes, somehow or other.)
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Yesterday I got through the day by thinking about what I would do if I took today off. And then I remembered today is Thursday, not Friday, so it doesn't matter because I'd have to go back to work on Friday anyway.

I think I definitely need Friday off, though. Not only does it not matter what it is, I Don't Wanna, but I also almost got thoroughly annoyed at somebody who didn't deserve it because I failed at reading comprehension. I was copied on an email that I thought was addressed directly to me, and I was about to tell the world at great length and considerable volume that it is not my responsibility to take care of this thing. As it turns out, the other person who was copied on the email also thought it was addressed to me, so maybe I'm not completely off my onion. Yet.

As of yesterday, a day off would consist of going to the post office and finding out who's sending me a certified letter, actually cooking the bean/lemon/tomato/oregano/etc. recipe I found last week, actually cooking the mushroom/hamburger/rice/etc. casserole recipe I'm inventing, watching the final episode of season 4 of Vikings (recorded last night while I was at chorus rehearsal), ironing the Less Is More embroidery and taking it somewhere for framing, buying paper towels, and possibly doing something random for no other reason than because I want to at that instant minute.

As of this morning, skip the post office, because I went there and they couldn't find the letter. (Gee, I hope it wasn't important or anything...) Everything else still seems like a good idea, though.

There's still a hole in the side of my cat, but it has shrunk considerably and is trying to grow hair. I think the cat is encouraging the presence of the hole, and we may get to the Cone of Shame some day. Not now, though.
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What we need is a federal Office of Not Destroying the Country. It wouldn't cost much, because it would consist of two people, each equipped with a taser and a cattle prod, standing behind Trump and Bannon. Every time they want to do anything that would destroy something good about this country, ZAP. Granted, the overtime pay would probably run into the millions, but surely we can afford that in the interests of Not Destroying the Country.

I kid, of course, but only slightly. What I'm not kidding about at all is this: We need to make the willfully ignorant people in power aware that we won't put up with them doing awful things, and I'm not sure anything short of a taser or a cattle prod would do it.

Let's see, are there any Good Things to remember? I went to my first protest on Sunday. My back wasn't happy about that yesterday (standing up and not moving very much annoys it, as opposed to standing up and walking), but it did finally let go yesterday afternoon. I'm glad I went to the protest, but I don't know if it actually did anything other than let us yell for a couple of hours.

One of my coworkers got a kitten last weekend (finally, after she was supposed to get him at Thanksgiving, but he hadn't been neutered until mid-January) and she's discovering Life With Kitten. Also known as Not Getting Sleep Because Feet Under Covers Need Constant Attacks. Been there. Also been in the middle of Midnight Tag Team Wrestling Matches All Over Bed. But kittens are awfully cute.

It's not pitch dark out at 5:00, finally. Maybe there's hope for it being spring someday.
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I am swearing off reading the news until Valentine's Day. There's never anything good in it. I did read something amusing (I think it was on FB somewhere) that said there was no hope for the American obesity epidemic for the next four years, because we're all stress-eating like mad.

My boss asked me this morning if I wanted to go to the ADEA meeting in California in March. Some of me says YES!, especially because Harvard will pay for travel and hotel now that I'm the Senior DMD Curriculum Coordinator. And it's California, in March. But introversion, social anxiety and impostor syndrome are all saying "Are you INSANE?", along with the fact that I have to keep an eye on the Oral Surgery course until the week after the conference, and if I'm in California I can't, and that's when something will explode because that's how Murphy's Law works. I've got to make up my mind by the end of Monday, though.

At least by March there shouldn't be a hole in the side of my cat that I want to keep a fairly constant eye on.
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Lily's smarter than I am. It appears that she decided the cyst was getting in her way (I watched her not stick a landing on my desk twice on Sunday, and fall off and land on my leg). So she licked a hole in it and hasn't touched it since it drained. If I had known that's what she wanted, I could have drained it for her and it wouldn't have taken two days and a heart attack on my part. This is one of the 1% of the time when I wish she could speak English. The other 99% of the time, I'm glad she doesn't.

My spice rack is ready to be picked up, which of course means I have a chorus committee meeting tonight and can't go pick up the spice rack. But hooray, I should be able to keep track of all my bottled spices! Assuming, of course, that the pantry shelf is adequately flat to cope with a three-tier rack. If all the bottles slide off the front of the rack, I'll be rather severely annoyed. You never can tell with old houses.

I wish Firefox had a "replace Trump pictures with pictures of cats" extension. I don't want to start using Chrome just for that, but I have no desire to look at Trump all over the place for the next however long, either. (Hoping it's less than four years, even though that would take some massive upheavals that most likely wouldn't be good either.) Doesn't even have to be cats. It could be pictures of scenic places, or pictures of food, or pictures of animals other than cats, or...

Short weeks are always longer than regular weeks. I knew that. But today is the middle of a short week and is taking absolutely forever to get over with.
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The problem with coming back from winter break and picking up where you left off is that none of the problems have solved themselves over the break, so you're right back in the same rut you left in, if not worse. I don't care who's doing all this scheduling next year, but it is not going to be me. (That's what I said last year, too. Obviously the universe wasn't listening.)

My coffee maker's water level indicator isn't working. It doesn't even have any moving parts, so I guess I can't say it isn't working, but it isn't working as intended. It's got air bubbles in it and I can't tell how much water I actually put in the reservoir, without doing all sorts of math (OK, the top is up to 9, but there's a bubble between 3.5 and 5 and another one in the middle of 6 and 7, so maybe that will be 6? But the coffee maker always subtracts one, so maybe it's 5?). With the result that today I made rocket fuel by accident and had to put sugar in it to make it drinkable. Today is the sort of day that calls for rocket fuel, though.

I have a new recurring dream, but I'm not sure why. It involves going to see a very large model aircraft carrier and having to climb up a ladder to stand on it, and getting stuck at the top because people want to argue with me instead of letting me get off the ladder. And then my aunt shows up and yells at me for something involving somebody else's marijuana. I've had this dream three times now and I haven't a clue what it means.

I keep thinking there's got to be a better way to crush up Lily's pills than doing it on the back of a saucer (which has a rim so the fragments don't go everywhere) with the back of a spoon, but so far I haven't found it. I'm not interested in investing in a pill crusher, because I'm not sure the bits I start with are big enough to crush that way anyway. The problem is mostly getting the teeny amount of powder off the back of the saucer, and remembering to use the "cat food spoon" instead of the "thyroid spoon" on Snip's wet food. Maybe I need to invest in a couple of cheap pill-crushing spoons that don't get used for anything else.

I've sold a piece of embroidery for the first time in my life. It's the blue band sampler from 2012 (the name of the pattern escapes me, but there's a blue one and a red one and I did both. I'll have to look through the archives when I get home). So tonight I have to iron it, but before I do that I have to go to an art supply store and get a cardboard tube to wind it around and a poster tube to transport the whole thing in. Fortunately it's only on a quarter yard of linen, so I should be able to find what I want.
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Dad gave me The Pencil Sharpener for Christmas.
The beast in question

It had belonged to an architect Dad knew, who collected all sorts of odds and ends and gadgets in his office, and died of Alzheimer's Disease when I was a kid. Six months or so after he died, his widow called Dad and said "I found the pencil sharpener." So Dad ended up with it. I fell in love with it too, and so my sister and I decided that by way of inheritance, she would get the enormous china serving platter with the seashells painted on it (came out of the wall of a house Dad had worked on) and I would get the pencil sharpener. Mom and Dad are still using the platter for Thanksgiving turkeys, but Dad said he had owned the pencil sharpener for long enough and gave it to me. So now I've got it, and most of the dovetailed wooden box it came in (half of one side of the box is missing). All of its blades (the one in the machine and the three extras) need sharpening. I guess I should figure out who can do that, because I could, but I wouldn't do it well.

Once I get the blades sharpened, I'm tempted to run out and buy a box of pencils just for the pleasure of sharpening them.
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As of yesterday, Lily's thyroid has practically stopped working, so now I get to give her a quarter of a little tiny pill twice a day instead of half. I went and bought a pill splitter because I've been cutting the pills with a paring knife up to now (the pills have a convenient line through the middle), but the bits can tend to go shooting off across the counter and I'll never find them if they're smaller than halves. At least Lily has put on half a pound in two weeks and has perfectly normal blood pressure. You take a cat's blood pressure the same way you take a human's, to wit: with a teeny blood pressure cuff around a front leg. (Or at least that's how Dr. G does it.)

There was some sweat and tears involved with the logistics, however, since I had to bust my ass (and apparently my ankle, as of this morning) to get home in time for the appointment after I missed the bus by two minutes. I did it, and I beat Dr. G by six minutes, but it wasn't any fun. Then it took me four tries to get Lily into the bathroom and get the door shut before she got out. It cost me a lovely bruise on my right knee when I crashed the door into it. But Lily doesn't fight with anyone but me; Dr. G has been able to give her shots, trim her nails, take blood and get her blood pressure and she just sits there wrapped up in a towel and bails out when it's all over. I busted out the smoked salmon before I went back to work, and was forgiven instantly and greeted enthusiastically when I got home at dinnertime.

This is the third odd week in a row; two weeks ago was the mock site visit, last week was vacation and Thanksgiving and interstate travel, and this week is chorus dress rehearsals today and tomorrow. Today's dress rehearsal is why it doesn't really matter that I forgot I already had an entire thermos of coffee on my person when I went to Dunkies out of habit this morning. If I'm going to be at dress rehearsal from 6:15 to 10:00, I need afternoon coffee.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself next week when life goes back to sleep/work/eat/repeat/weekend. Maybe I'll get better sleep. Or maybe I'll finally get out of that tree, embroidery-wise. After last week, I'm almost there.
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I got Lily's pills by mail on the 9th and started her on them on the 10th. Fortunately she seems to be happy to snarf down half a pill in a pill pocket twice a day, except this morning when she ate the pill pocket and left the pill (second time lucky, though). I may be imagining things, but I think she's already putting a little weight back on in her face. Meanwhile Snip has her annual cold, and this one is pretty fierce; she sneezes about twelve times every time she wakes up, and she had Niagara of the Nose yesterday morning. Poor kid. At least she's still eating like a horse and carrying her puffball around and being herself except for sneezing when she wakes up.

In an attempt to not spend $10 per month on pill pockets at the pet store, I went to Target yesterday. No pill pockets, but they did have shampoo and toothpaste and Brita filters and Progresso minestrone and a DVD of Age of Ultron and a little teeny food processor, which I've been flirting with the idea of for ages and trying to grind rosemary in the blender put me over the edge on. So now I own a little teeny KitchenAid food processor, and am out of excuses for not using up the rest of the preserved lemons making marinade. Or soup. Or whatever I want to use ground-up preserved lemons in.

This is not a post about politics because I have had it up to here with posts about politics and how they say I should be out on the streets screaming at the top of my lungs, only they say I won't be listened to because I'm white, and they say I won't be listened to because I'm female, but I should be out there screaming because white men are screaming at everybody who isn't white and male. I don't want to scream at anybody. I guess I'm in the "Damn it, everybody calm down and start acting like decent human beings to each other!" camp.
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Cats are vetted. Snip's fine, Lily's skinny (but Marlene is fine too). Sometime tomorrow they'll call me and tell me if it's Lily's thyroid; if it is, pill every day for the rest of her life (to start with; if that doesn't work, I get a radioactive cat for a little while). If it isn't, find food she likes and provide her with lots of it.

We sort of started on the wrong foot because I was just persuading the cats to come into the bathroom and eat cheese when the doorbell rang. Lily shot off somewhere like a guided missile, so I went down and let Dr. G in and he stayed downstairs while I reconvinced Snip to stay in the bathroom, found Lily and more or less chucked her into the bathroom and shut the door in her face. And then Lily had to have blood drawn after the shots/exam/manicure process. But at least she's still speaking to me in a "Hey, what about dinner?" sort of way.

There are other things I could have done today, but they all got postponed in favor of finally finishing that book about the WWII concentration camps. Heavy stuff. Part of my brain thinks that book is worth keeping, but there's another part that doesn't want it in the house any longer than it took to finish it. For now, it's living in the vicinity of the "somebody please take away these books" boxes. Which, eventually, will go either out on the curb on trash day, or some will go to work and I'll finally set up the Official HSDM Non-Dental Book Swap Shelf. I'm not sure anyone at work would actually want to read the nonfiction stuff I've been reading for the last year or so.

Tomorrow I plan to vote on the way to work and then come home and put Octarium's version of Ubi Caritas on repeat until I get sick of hearing it. Where charity and love are, there the gods are. (Which is not what the original says, of course. But I'm not Christian, so I'm allowed to think there are several gods. If there are any at all. It's complicated.) In any case, I will not be looking at any election news until Wednesday morning. I've had enough.
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