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Got the license renewal dealt with easily. Problem was everything on either end of that.

The RMV in Watertown doesn't open until 10:00 on Thursdays. I got there at 9:30, so stood in line for half an hour until they opened and then sat around for ten minutes after getting assigned a waiting-in-line number. The renewal process itself was easy. Then the fun started.

See, last night I walked to my voice lesson, but gave myself an unusually painful foot (two burst blisters stacked one on top of the other, so the bottom one is just empty but the top one is raw). It hurts whether I'm using that foot or not, so it woke me up periodically all night and hurts more when I walk. Getting to the RMV involved 20 minutes of walking and half an hour of standing around. Then it involved another 20 minutes of walking back to the bus, at which point I discovered the bus wasn't coming for another 17 minutes. Sheeit, says I, and walks 10 more minutes back to Watertown Yard and gets on the 57 after a brief wait. I get off the 57 at Harvard & Brighton Ave and then discover the 66 isn't coming for another half an hour. SHEEIT, says I, and walks down to Harvard & Comm Ave and gets on the T to Kenmore. Mercifully, the 60 is right there, so I take that down to Longwood Ave and walk another 10 minutes to work. Total travel time from Watertown to HSDM: 90 minutes, 40 of which consisted of limping around in the humidity. I feel like a worn-out dishrag and my foot hurts, and I wonder why I didn't get on the T and go home instead of to Kenmore.

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Last Thursday I was working downtown, for the guy who owns one of my temp agencies. Today I was back there again, to do a final draft of the project I had done a first draft of last week. The project was a proposal for some sort of study or other. If the study gets awarded to the place I was working, they want me back to work on it with them. That's gratifying. I also ended up having a conversation about translation and how the industry works (or doesn't), which was interesting.

Tomorrow I go to Charlestown and answer the phone for a property management office all day (but only for tomorrow), and hope that MIT comes up with an answer that doesn't involve "Sorry, we hired somebody else".

My Massachusetts license showed up in the mail today. It's even got a halfway decent picture. And the space in my wallet where my license goes is no longer empty and no longer bothering me.

It's so humid that the box (carton? what the heck do you call that thing?) of salt in my kitchen is sweating around the spout. I don't think I've ever seen that happen before.

My cousin who generally lives in New Orleans is living in Birmingham, AL for the moment. He and his wife just bought a house in NOLA. I hope either that one or the one he's living in now are salvageable. He doesn't really need any more disasters.
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Final score: DMV 3, Me 1.

I am now, finally, in possession of a temporary Massachusetts license, with the permanent one supposedly showing up in the mail in about two weeks. And it only cost me $90. And I sent off a fairly long missive to the DMV about the previous three trips, in which I veiled "what the hell is wrong with you people?" in language that might get me an answer.

So there.
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Yesterday I had this morning all planned out. I was going to get up, and go to the DMV and get that over with, and come home and find a dry cleaner. That, however, was then, when I thought I was going to be up at 7:00. I wasn't, probably because of the high-octane coffee I had with lunch (at 3:00) two days ago, which messed with my sleep schedule.

Well, anyway, I made pizza last night. It ended up being mozzarella, provolone, parmesan, romano, garlic and spinach, and was quite good. I still want to mess around with the ricotta-and-walnut-and-something-else calzone idea I had last week. I don't know what the "something else" is yet, though.

I suppose that I shouldn't put off the DMV again just because I overslept. I'm tempted to, though.
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Today I proved conclusively that not even the federal government can tell the state of Massachusetts anything. The DMV, despite the fact that its list of forms says so, will not accept an expired passport without a Social Security card. I ended up going down to the federal building by the Fleet Center (which isn't the Fleet Center any more, but I forget what it is), and filling out the form for a new Social Security card. The woman in the Social Security office gave me a piece of paper that says "this is the SSN for this person" and a receipt saying my new card was in the mail, and told me I could take those back to the DMV and they'd accept them. Except they won't, as I found out when I got back to the DMV. They will absolutely only accept Social Security cards, full stop. So I have to wait until I get the card (hopefully next week), and start over for the third time. If my Ohio license didn't have a now very wrong address on it, I'd be tempted to quit worrying about it until 2008 when the Ohio license expires.

I know that government offices don't talk to each other, and that goes double for communication between federal and state government offices. And I know that exercise is good for me, and the walk between the Registry and the federal building and back was probably a good thing. That does not, however, make me any happier about getting contradictory information (says one thing on one side of the form and something else on the other) from the DMV, and contradictory information from the DMV and the Social Security office. It also doesn't make the weather any less hot.

As much as all that sounded like complaining, I'm really not bitter. At this point, I'm resigned. And when I can afford it, I'm going to renew my passport, just so I can prove I'm me for another ten years, driver's license or no.
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I never could get the hang of Tuesdays.

My T pass decided not to work in any of the turnstiles at Roxbury Crossing. It worked on the way home, though, so at least I didn't demagnetize it by accident or something.

The DMV trip was, as I expected, a fool's errand. Apparently I need four separate documents to prove identity, residency and signature, and I only had three because they won't count an expired passport as proof of signature. So tomorrow I'm going back with my lease (signature), birth certificate (identity 1), electric bill (residency), passport (identity 2) and Ohio license (Social Security number), and if that doesn't do it I'm going to call somebody and complain, because I don't have any more forms of ID. (The ones I had today should have been acceptable, damn it! The list provided by the DMV said "three documents, at least one from list A" and I had two from list A. Bureaucracies. GROWF.)

On my way out of the DMV I smacked my previously-bruised elbow on something, and it still hurts.

I went to Chinatown to get some lunch and burned the entire inside of my mouth on it.

When I got home, I couldn't get the front door unlocked for about five minutes. The key went in, but wouldn't turn. I was just about to give up and sit down on the doorstep and sulk when it finally decided to work.

I'm half tempted to declare that the rest of today can go suck on a warthog, turn my phone off and play Civ III until midnight. But I won't.
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I think today I'll embark on a fool's errand, also known as converting my driver's license from Ohio to Massachusetts. (I was wrong, by the way; it's going to cost me $110, not $90.) The list of proof of identity that's on the DMV web site is a little overwhelming. I can provide proofs of residency and date of birth, but my passport has expired and I have no idea what constitutes "proof of signature". My Ohio license has my signature on it, along with my Social Security number (I know, that's a bad idea, but I don't have any other proof of SSN). I figure the worst that can happen is I sit in the DMV for three hours and then they send me away because I don't have the right documentation. At least then I can find out what, exactly, the right documentation is. And if it all goes well, I can change my voter registration at the same time.

I've got a rant about Social Security numbers, too, but that's for another time.
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