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Friday the 13th has fallen on September in general, financially speaking. Hopefully after this week, I won't be spending several hundred dollars every couple of days. I suppose I could have held off on the new phone ($750), but I did need new contact lenses ($225) and the repairs to my laptop ($480) are still cheaper than a new laptop. And September is when I have to renew the pet insurance, which will probably be another $450 or so (edit: $850, sigh) on account of both cats now being "senior". I can afford all this, but it doesn't usually happen in a clump. The contact lenses would have happened in June if it hadn't been for CODA; I didn't have time to go to the eye doctor in June, so I did it in August, and it took me until September to get tired of 1-800-CONTACTS sending me reminders. (edit: at least I can get a rebate on the contact lenses as long as I buy a postage stamp and wait 6-8 weeks.)

My boss has a phone case I adore; it's got a pull-out section on the back with three credit card slots. I invested in one myself and put my T pass in it, and discovered this morning that the phone picks up some sort of data from the card reader on the bus, because the phone was offering to let me use Apple Pay (which won't work on the T). If that gets annoying enough, I can put my T pass back in my wallet, I guess. It just amuses me how technology tries to be helpful with no context whatsoever.

Since my laptop is elsewhere (dead/dying thermal sensor, requires replacing the entire top case), this morning I spent the time I would usually spend reading email making Snip extremely confused. She's been sitting under the kitchen window lately and looking up, so I picked her up and put her in the windowsill and she couldn't figure out where to put her feet. But then she discovered Food TV. She plastered herself to the screen for the next ten minutes, and ducked every time a pigeon came down from the roof. I wonder if she'll try to get up there herself now that she knows what goes on when she's up there. She did get down by herself when I offered to do it for her. Lily was confused too, because up until this morning, the kitchen windowsill was her sovereign territory. When she came into the kitchen and found Snip in the window, she actually meowed at me.

I managed to turn off the Word Document Gallery when I open the program, but it keeps coming up when I want a new document and the program is already open. This is approaching Clippy levels of helpful.
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Yesterday I came home and discovered that Snip had yarfed up breakfast and didn't want dinner at all. This is the cat who wanted dinner after swallowing an embroidery needle. Besides which, she wasn't really acting like herself either (lethargic, and staring off into space instead of going to sleep). I decided that if she didn't want breakfast, we were going to Angell in the morning.

This morning she woke me up demanding breakfast and company while she ate it, and has kept it down and is acting much more like herself. Thank goodness. But what did I want cats for, again?

This morning I also woke up with a thundering headache. I'd had it since at least 4:00, when I woke up for no apparent reason and then went back to sleep at 5:30. I don't know if it's post-stress (Standard 2 got released into the wild yesterday at lunchtime), or weather (it rained) or something else (my neck is sore, so it might be the end result of a muscle spasm). Fortunately, three Advil and a pint of oolong tea got rid of most of it.

It seems to be trying to get brighter out and the sidewalks are drying off, which I approve of, and I am going to the gospel concert tonight if I have to take the Advil bottle with me. And, on the bright side of things, I didn't look at which pair of jeans I put on this morning and was pleasantly surprised that it was the smaller pair. That means it's not time to stop eating cheese entirely. It is time to stop buying butter and pasta for a while, though, because I combine entirely too much of both when I have them around.
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One foot in front of the other. Standard 2 is back to 292 pages, Table 2 is down to 19 pages, and I had to go pelting out at 1:00 yesterday to try to send some documents to a consultant in Philadelphia for same-day delivery. The only way to do that would have been to get on a train at South Station with them and take them to Philadelphia myself. We decided that delivery at 8:00 this morning was close enough, so I sent them by FedEx. Since my boss had said "See you tomorrow" when I left, I didn't go back to work after the FedEx office; I went to Otto (mushroom and roasted cauliflower pizza, which hit the spot) and then I went home. The Hairy Beasts were highly suspicious, because the last time I came home in the middle of a weekday afternoon, the vet appeared six minutes later. No vet this time, though.

What I should have done yesterday afternoon is go to Target, because I have enough of a List to make it worthwhile. But doing that would have required me to go back to the vicinity of work again, and not being at work in the afternoon already felt odd enough without being in the neighborhood with no intention of going back to work. So I went home instead and freaked the cats out.

It wasn't a good day to be Snip, yesterday. First there was the whole "suspicion of vet" incident, and then after dinner there was something she didn't like about the weather. I didn't hear any thunder, but it rained hard and she came slinking into the living room and hid under my knees for a while. She snapped out of it when I lay down on the floor and she discovered my sweatshirt cords and proceeded to kill one of them. And sometime last night she dropped her puffball in the water dish, again, which makes the water undrinkable because there's a puffball in it and makes the puffball untouchable because it's wet. Silly beast.

I should figure out why I have such a problem with washing the floors. I got to the point in the cleaning fit list when that was all that was left, and came to a screeching halt. Partly it's the idea of getting everything out of the kitchen except the table and the butcher blocks, and partly it's the fact that I have to sweep and swiffer the floors before I wash them and that's more work than I wanted at the end of the list. But it makes sense to do the floors last, because everything else (dust, cat hair) that gets cleaned off any other surface falls out of the sky and lands on the floors.

Hm. The Viking ship I saw in the pouring cold rain last October will be in Mystic until this September and open for tours. I think I might try to go see it on a day that isn't pouring cold rain, and get some better pictures.
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The short version is, oof. That's all. Just oof.

The long version is, Standard 2 is now 300 pages long and has an introduction and tables and diagrams. And I have rewritten bits of the introduction and at least six of the 40 sections, and reformatted at least 32 of the 40 sections, and I still have a lot of stuff to stick in there (some of which is data I have more of than I actually want, so I have to prune it, and some of which is data I won't get until after graduation next week, and some of which is data I have, but it won't fit in the table allotted for it, so I have to figure out how to include it all and make it legible at the same time).

When I'm not doing that, I'm working on data for Table 2, which is Institutional Outcomes Assessment and has nothing to do with Standard 2. Table 2 is now 20 pages long. Fortunately I'm not responsible for all of it, but what I am responsible for is looking through six years of surveys and writing down results from certain questions, and then taking the average and hoping it comes out better than the benchmark from seven years ago.

When I'm not doing anything related to accreditation, I'm making a curriculum map for a six-year combined MD/DMD program, which is actually kind of fun. And I get the Dimly Aware award for looking at the narrative that turned into the map and saying "Wait a minute, this says they'll be going straight from second-year foundational dental courses to seeing dental patients two years later after a lot of medical school rotations. They can't see dental patients without at least taking Diagnosis and Treatment Planning and Treatment of Active Disease, can they?" No, they can't, so now they have to. I feel better. (I do feel sorry for the student who got her DMD in 2015 and is now finishing her first year of medical school, though. It's going to take her eight years to get both degrees.)

When I'm not doing any of the above, I'm messing around with journal articles. If I had known the deadline for the third set of revisions to the JDE article was in July, I wouldn't have been so worried about it. Oh well, it's off my conscience now anyway and I really hope the reviewers are done picking nits, because ain't nobody got time for a fourth round of revisions. The other article, for Innovations in Teaching and Training International, needs to be reformatted (why can't we all agree on one format for citations, and why do I always have to change the one we started with to something else?) before I can submit it.

It got HOT and the cats are, as usual, convinced it was my idea and would like me to take it back. It will be better tomorrow; I just want to know if we're really going to have a thunderstorm (I hope so), and if so, when. Hopefully sometime when I'm indoors, and preferably after Snip has eaten her dinner. If not, either I have to wait until half an hour after the thunder is done with, or I have to sit in the bathroom with her and play London Bridge so she can hide under my legs while she eats.

I'm glad tomorrow is Friday. I wish I didn't have two separate accreditation-related meetings at 10:00 and noon tomorrow, though. It's going to be a long morning, and I'm still sick and tired of meeting-food sandwiches. I could get around that by bringing my own sandwich, I suppose.
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I've finally figured out that the problem with work these days is it's a dichotomy paradox. The self-study is Almost There, but it's going to keep changing by teeny tiny degrees of Almost There every day until the middle of July, at which point it will be There by virtue of having a hard deadline. The teeny tiny degrees of Almost There are hard to see, though, and living among them is tiring. That's why I keep saying I want to go back to bed and stay there until next April.

On the home front, I managed to give Snip one tenth of a manicure by letting her sit in my lap and get a claw stuck in my jeans, and cutting it before she figured out it was stuck. She thought that wasn't fair, but she's not the one who gets her leg pierced when she gets claws stuck in my jeans. And I'm the one with the opposable thumbs.

Oh, make up your minds, will you? Three months ago the half-day every Friday for six months course didn't need a final evaluation survey, because it was only four hours a week maximum. Today it needs a survey. It ended two months ago; do you really think anybody's going to fill out a survey on it now? ARGH.

Chorus committee meeting tonight. I'm debating whether I want coffee or beer first. Coffee would be a good idea in terms of taking minutes; beer would be a good idea in terms of listening to the same people have the same conversations for a couple of hours (it's supposed to be a one-hour meeting) and yet again fail to arrive at any useful conclusions. However, ubi caritas et amor, dei ibi sunt (which is probably grammatically wrong, but I know what I mean), so I can try to be charitable and not say what I'm thinking.

At least next week is graduation, so everybody ought to start being happier by the end of this week. And the weather is supposed to remember it's the middle of May, not the beginning of April, starting tomorrow. That'll help too.
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The Boston Music Intelligencer reviewed our concert, and said "More diction." In Sanders, you can't be on the stage and hear what the audience hears (or doesn't). I suggested we should circulate a few people per section through the house when we rehearse in there, so "more diction" will actually mean something to more of us, as opposed to being something the conductor says five or six times per rehearsal all semester, so we stop listening when he says it.

I have had it up to the eyebrows with responsible adulthood, and it's only Wednesday. This week the Gainful Employment subdivision of Responsible Adulthood needs to be good for more things than providing food, shelter, and payments for utilities, so I'm running off to the movies (Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2) tonight, rather than going home and doing the rest of the laundry.

Speaking of washing, I've ruined one of my favorite things about having a cat who hunts. These days Lily won't go into the bathroom voluntarily unless I'm in the bathtub (in which case there's no chance that the vet will descend upon her), so she won't come hunt grillonpedes in the tub. And I am damn well not getting into the tub myself if there's a grillionpede in it. Which, this morning, there was, and it was very large. And I had to flush it down the drain myself. Harumpf.

I have to make an appointment for Lily to have blood drawn sometime next month. She seems to be doing OK in all the observable-by-owner categories (eating, using the litterbox, sleeping, reminding Snip who's in charge, generally acting like herself), but I have no way of knowing what her internal chemistry is up to.

Snip got a claw stuck in the masking tape around my embroidery last night, and even that didn't convince her she needs a manicure. She does, desperately, but she's rather like Granny Weatherwax in terms of things she can't be having with.
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I needed a three-day weekend, but that wasn't going to happen. So the laundry didn't get done, including I didn't go to the laundromat with the quilts. I did put the new quilt on the bed when I changed the sheets, and Snip promptly got confused (I knew she would) and decided the new quilt feels funny to walk on but is OK to sleep on. Silly beast. This happens every time I change anything about the covers.

The concert went; as usual, we could have had more audience, but the fact that it started raining at 4:00 and didn't stop until after 10:00 probably had something to do with that. I wouldn't have gone out in the rain if I hadn't had to. But it went, and I only made a mistake every other page or so, but no really glaring ones. And then I stood in the rain for 40 minutes because rain dissolves buses in Harvard Square. I finally went to bed at 11:30 and slept until 10:00 Saturday morning.

Saturday being damp, grey and gloomy, I didn't do a whole lot with it (except the dishes) until the sun suddenly appeared after lunch. Then I decided I had better go grocery shopping. I gave myself permission not to try to break any land speed records getting there, and decided that what I really wanted was to be parked in the sun for a couple of hours with a very large bowl of vegetable soup. I didn't get the soup, but I did amble around in the sunshine and manage to buy canned cat food, so we're not running out of that. We are, however, out of luck in the matter of Greek olive oil with lemon juice in it, and bottled oolong tea (which I would have bought a case of, except it was only there for a week).

On Sunday I ate my damn fool head off, which I shouldn't have done, and went grocery shopping again for things I hadn't wanted to carry on Saturday. I also made vegetable soup out of a box of broth,a piece of Parmesan rind, a medium zucchini, a medium carrot, a small can of diced tomatoes, and some frozen corn and lima beans. And a pantload of chives and dill and half a pantload of pepper. That'll be lunch for the middle of the week, especially since I also bought bread and cheese to have with it.

Ever since I got that 48-hour whatever-it-was a couple of weeks ago, eating anything with a lot of processed sugar in it makes me feel run down about half an hour later. It's extremely odd to be put off by the mere thought of eating chocolate, and I actually threw away the two half-eaten dark chocolate bars I had at home. This is unheard of, and I wonder if the whatever-it-was didn't kill off some particular gut bacteria. I'll never know, though, because I don't have a Before to compare the After with.
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I had a conversation with a coworker that led me into looking up whether there's a French translation of The Phantom Tollbooth. There is, and now I want to read it to find out if it's any good.

While I was cleaning out my bookshelves in the decluttering process, I discovered the copy of L'Oiseau Bleu that I kept because I wanted to try translating it. I kept it again, because I still want to take a crack at it some day.

This train of thought came about because I'm trying to wrap my brain around revising 38 pages of the accreditation self-study. It's rather like wading through peanut butter because (among other reasons) it was written by one person who doesn't write all that well and another person who doesn't type all that well. I have to figure out what they're trying to say, whether they actually said it, make it say that if not, and then elaborate on it. At least there's something there to build on. (There had better be; this thing goes to the printer in July and if we had only just started it now, nobody would be going home until then.)

OK, several years later, I think I'm making progress. Everything I don't know enough to write about is a thing I'm not supposed to know about.

Wish I had a feline/English dictionary, part N+1: Last night Snip was absolutely adamant that I come keep her company while she had her before-bed snack, and after that she was absolutely adamant that any part of me she could reach while she was standing on the bed and I was lying in it had to be headbutted and rubbed on. I have no idea what that was about. But I guess it means she's still speaking to me.
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OW. I am on the third day of a left piriformis muscle spasm, which is trying to pull my pelvis out toward my femur, and I can't wait for it to let go. It won't shut up when it lets go, but at least it won't hurt the same way (and when it lets go, it might respond to Advil). It's got three days to start behaving, or at least behaving differently, before I take it to Charleston. Meanwhile, I have to ignore it to a certain extent in order to get done what I need to get done before I go. I should do the running around tonight before it starts precipitating. Whatever's going to fall out of the sky tomorrow is going to be unpleasant to run around in.

I know that my cats dream (I always ask them if they were dreaming anything good when they wake up from one), but I think yesterday evening Snip had an anxiety dream. She woke up, uncurled, marched into my lap, curled up again fairly tightly and started purring like mad. Usually she just wakes up and curls up in a different direction before going back to sleep. Far be it from me to refuse to provide lap space for a cat who knows she wants it. She stayed there until my foot fell asleep and I had to untangle myself.

I'm not used to flights shorter than five or so hours these days, since my last two trips were Iceland last year and Australia the year before. I keep having to remind myself that five hours of entertainment will cover both flights this time, and my noise-canceling headphones will be nice but not utterly necessary. I'm bringing them anyway, because they're nice, and they don't take up a lot of luggage space. And I keep reminding myself that I'm staying in the same time zone for once, so I might not get back to Boston at evening rush hour feeling like it's 3:00 in the morning. (Nothing says I won't encounter unforeseen delays and get back to Boston at 3:00 in the morning anyway, though. That's why I'm coming back on a weekday. Well, that and the airfare is cheaper doing it that way.)

Even for the week before a vacation, it's been a LONG week. Tuesday feels like it was five years ago. (What the hell did I have for lunch on Wednesday? Oh yes. Leftover borek and potato salad from Tuesday, that's what. And it was very tasty, too.) I didn't actually sing on Wednesday, because by the time I got to rehearsal I had a TMJ headache, which made opening my mouth enough to sing an interesting idea, and no energy. At least I was there. I still can't decide if I'm going to the second sectional next Saturday. There are about an equal number of reasons why I should and reasons why I don't want to. But I don't have to make up my mind until after Thursday next week.
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I did almost absolutely nothing this weekend, and that bothers me. It means I really need to take some time off. Usually I'm happy going charging around on weekends getting non-weekday stuff done, but lately I just sit around at home messing around online or playing Civ or embroidering in front of the TV. Everything that I really should be doing doesn't appeal at all. That's "tired of", whereas charging around doing things makes me "tired from". I've got to get all the running around for this weekend done on Saturday, though, because I'm going to Noank for the day on Sunday.

Maybe next week I'll be Not At Work for a while. This week is the last week of the oral surgery course, which means that on Friday morning I will be handed the handwritten exam that needs typing for Friday afternoon. I know how this course director works, and I can plead all I want, but I won't get the exam before Friday morning. It's not really worth taking Tuesday-Thursday off and coming back again on Friday, so I'm at work this week.

Speaking of exams, in order to get SPSS software (which I'm not sure I want, but which my boss wants me to have for future data manipulation) for less than several thousand dollars, I have to pretend to be a faculty member. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that.

Speaking of comfortable, I splurged on an hour and a half of massage on Friday, and OW. My right hip was so sore when worked on that I started wondering whether it would have hurt more to actually cut into that muscle. It got to the point where in the post-massage period when nothing actually hurt (yet), I was worried about how much it was going to hurt. It wasn't quite as bad as I thought, but it did decide to be sore right where the waistband of my jeans hit it. I'd like to say that was part of why I didn't do anything on Saturday, but the fact is I was just being a slug. At least yesterday I cleaned the bathroom and did the laundry and cleaned out the fridge and took out the trash on the way to being outdoors for an hour.

Snip decided that 5:00 this morning was a good time to kill her puffball. I didn't feel like waking up enough to take my night guard out so I could whistle for her. She did wake me up when she finally landed on the end of the bed, though, and I forgave her because she immediately fell over and made very cute mrrp? noises. Silly beast. Apparently tortoiseshell cats are famous for attitude, and apparently I'm lucky that Snip is merely eccentric and opinionated. But so am I, so what other kind of cat should I have?
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It took me until yesterday to put together the fact that this afternoon I get my teeth cleaned and then I have to run off to a chorus committee meeting. I think I thought the teeth cleaning was on the 21st when we were looking for a committee meeting date. But what am I complaining about, it's only a cleaning, as opposed to any of the other couple hundred procedures I had a list of codes for earlier this week. ICD-10 codes are much more interesting.

Snip has a monumental cold, and Lily wants nothing to do with her in that condition, so Snip has been hanging around being miserable at me. Poor kid. It'll go away, and she's eating like a horse so it hasn't affected her appetite, but she's congested and sneezy and not having any fun. Mostly she just curls up as tight as possible and falls asleep waiting for it to go away. I hope she parks herself in the sunbeam on the kitchen floor this afternoon.

I also am eating like a horse these days. Some of it is stress and some of it is the return of bad habits and some of it is because I can't figure out what I actually want, so I eat everything trying to figure out what I want. And I still haven't figured it out. Sigh.

The Great Jeans Quest might be over if I can find somebody to shorten the ones I got. I'm back to "normal sizes fit if I grow four inches and petite sizes fit if I lose 20 pounds". Anybody got a good tailor who shortens jeans? I suppose I could roll them up, but I'd rather have them shortened.
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This weekend I did considerably less than I should have, but I did make soup. Soup is one of the things I'm good at. So I made a cross between sausage soup (which usually has sausage, tomatoes, spinach and elbow noodles in it) and Italian chicken soup (chicken, spinach, meatballs and eggs). Mine has chicken, meatballs, tomatoes, spinach and navy beans in it. I really wanted the meatballs; everything else is an excuse to make soup because I'm good at soup.

Everything from the middle of my ribcage up feels "out" somehow. It's muscular, not chiropractic, but it's sore and I wish it wouldn't. The weekend being damp didn't help my shoulders, either. I can deal with a fair amount of muscular discomfort, but I don't like tendon pain and there isn't a damn thing I can do about it. Grump. I think part of the problem with my back is Snip, who starts the night very nicely at the side of the bed and slowly migrates to the middle and crams me into one side of the mattress. Her life is about to get less pleasant, though, because I have to make an appointment for both cats to get shots.

The other thing of note that happened this weekend is that the cracked pane in my office window went to get replaced. It's been cracked for two years now, and I wasn't home when it happened, so I can't decide whether it was the hailstorm two summers ago or a bird flying into it that cracked it. The crack had gotten fairly extensive, though, so it was time for something to be done about it. Theoretically it will be done on Thursday and I'll have a whole window again this weekend. It would be nice to have a storm window before we have a storm.

I might have cooked up a Devious Plot for the long weekend, involving a trip to Noank and a Viking longship. (And yes, I'm serious about both.) But we'll see if I can actually make it work.
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There's an old tradition that says if you keep bees, you have to talk to them and tell them what's going on, or they'll leave you. I talk to my cats, and sometimes it seems like it works.

Last night I tried to stay up until the thunderstorms got here, but I couldn't manage it. So I went to bed and told Snip, who was lying on the floor, that a thunderstorm was coming and she could come up on the bed if she wanted to, instead of her usual hiding behind the toilet. Two hours later, when the thunder woke me up, there she was on the bed, trying to hide her head in my knee. So I turned myself around and she stayed there hiding in my elbow until the storm was over.

Of course I don't know whether my telling her about the thunderstorm had anything to do with how she acted. But I like to think it did.
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Snip is lucky she's cute. Last night I bought myself a new laptop, and transferred everything to it from the old one, and was just about to start erasing the old one when Snip popped the 2 key off it. I tried for the next four hours to get the spring back on the computer and the key cap back on the spring, and couldn't do it. By now the spring is probably inside out, upside down, and backward, because I reassembled it so many times. I am not about to pop another key off on purpose to see what the spring looks like, because the way this is going, I'll end up with two keys I can't fix. And the Computer Loft is closed this week, so I hauled the laptop to work today for nothing and my shoulder is not pleased with me. And the pull chain for the lights in the ceiling fan in my office at home is stuck (off) too. That's less of a disaster than it might be because I tend to sit in there in the dark anyway when I mess around on the computer, but it would still be nice if it hadn't decided to break last night.

Remembering the Good Things, however, the new laptop is very nice. Continuing the tradition of naming computers for bands that don't exist, the new one is called Huge Happy Hedgehog Face. And the fan part of the ceiling fan still works, and the chain repair doesn't look like it's horribly difficult even if I do have to buy a new switch (I hope not, but I'll probably have to anyway). And at least I have a ladder, so I don't have to improvise with the kitchen chairs. But I have to not electrocute myself, because it's an aluminum ladder.

Still haven't decided what Sunday is going to consist of. Right this instant I'm tempted to run away and eat a lot of something I most likely shouldn't. But that's because I want the computer and the ceiling fan fixed and I want not to be at work and I want a lot of other things that I don't have any particular control over. (Why is it so impossible to get human beings to stop shooting other human beings?) (Don't answer that. It was a rhetorical question and I don't want to discuss it.)

I suppose the fact that the weather is cold, humid and solid overcast is pretty appropriate. I'd rather have London's weather in London, though.
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Some day somebody's going to have to explain to me how cats can just hang around with one ear inside out. I would think that would feel extremely weird. (Observation brought to you by Snip, who pretty much fell asleep in my lap last night with one ear inside out.)

I took yesterday off on account of the marathon, and got the following things done:

- Made soup (somewhat uninspired, because the stock was bland to begin with, but I threw a lot of herbs and garlic at it and it's edible)
- Tried out the steam mop I bought on Friday (works reasonably well)
- Despaired briefly over the thought of having to do complicated math to finish the embroidery, and then started working back from the other end and discovered no math is required (hooray!)

I also managed to get outdoors for at least half an hour every day over the weekend, and that was good. Sunshine and fresh air and all that. And I bought and consumed some really excellent strawberries, and some fairly excellent champagne mangoes.

But, I had a new and exciting anxiety dream last night, and I know it's about the faculty retreat on Friday. I was in some variation on the Cape house, and had to bicycle to a school somewhere to do something. But I had to take a shower first, and I couldn't because the bathtub was full of dirty dishes. One of my cousins had had a frat party or something. So I had to do the dishes so I could shower, but Grammie wouldn't let me do it without helping, and she's 94 so she was helping very slowly. I eventually gave up on going anywhere and was about to find out the consequences when the dream stopped. I'm sure things will work out fine on Friday, but I wish I could stop with the 24/7 can't get it off my mind stuff. Especially when having it on my mind won't help.

Is it next week yet?
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I did not order any snow. I particularly did not order any snow on a Monday morning in early April. But I seem to have gotten it anyway.

Since it started yesterday, I stayed home and made soup. So now I'm out of homemade soup stock, and I probably ought to do something about that the next time I find chicken wings on sale. Turkey wings make excellent soup stock, but you can't get turkey wings except between Thanksgiving and New Year's. And I don't have enough freezer space to keep both soup stock and ingredients for the next round of soup stock in the freezer.

Anyway, the soup I made was a variant of C&F soup. Stock and diced tomatoes and corn and lima beans and chickpeas and small shell pasta, and all the herbs for meatballs, and chives. And a piece of parmesan rind. Good stuff. (Slurp.) And I used up the steel-cut oatmeal making granola, so now I have to decide if I want to get some more and make granola until I run out of pumpkin seeds (a pound is a lot of pumpkin seeds) or if I want to stop for a while. Apparently eating granola for breakfast means I shouldn't eat any lunch at all, but I don't work like that. So I gain a pound every week I eat granola for breakfast. Sigh.

I finally got video of Snip in the presence of Provolone cheese. "Mugged" is about the word for it. Silly beast.
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I'm officially annoyed with myself. I went out today and discovered that walking tweaked my back. So of course when I got home, I spent half an hour clearing snow that fell out of the pine trees off the sidewalk, and reaggravated my right shoulder.

Tomorrow we're supposed to get more snow. And I'm supposed to run an orientation for the oral health session. Combine back spasms, a sore shoulder and a huge snowstorm, and I don't want anything to do with going anywhere tomorrow. But I don't have any choice.

At least I have Snip curled up asleep in my lap right now. Even if I can't do anything physical right, I can still provide adequate lap space.
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The school's fiscal year goes July 1 - June 30, which I assume is also how the budget goes. But I could be wrong about that, because three sample chairs appeared in our office today pursuant to an email that said the budget for this year included new chairs for ODE. Much sitting in chairs and making of faces ensued, and so far there's a clear favorite ("the blue one"), but we get to keep the samples until next week. So far there's one person who likes the one everybody else hates. Takes all kinds, I guess.

We've officially got all of the 24th off, which is nice. I might spend a couple of days in Noank, but the cats are being clingy, so spending some time in Brighton providing lap space is probably a good idea too. And I do need to do something about the rugs. The answer for the bedroom rug is probably "replace it" since it came from Home Despot in the first place and Snip hasn't gotten up in the morning properly if she hasn't sharpened her claws on it. And if I replaced it with a larger rug, more of the corners of my box spring would be on it and I could stop wondering if the box spring is scuffing the floor. However, I just stopped hemorrhaging money as of this month and I don't want to start again already. Having my watch repaired is indulgence enough for now. I might go to the movies while on vacation, too; In the Heart of the Sea might be brain candy, and there's this new Star Wars movie coming out...

Speaking of indulgences, I think I have now proven conclusively that I can't stop paying attention to what I'm eating. Every time I do that for a week, I'm very sorry eventually. So I guess I pay Weight Watchers $20 per month for the rest of my life. It works, which is nice, but it was also nice when I didn't devote so much brain space to the Venn diagram of what I should be eating, what there is available in the cafeteria, and what I want to eat. First world problem, I know. But I have to keep it in mind.
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Good news! Grammie came through her hip replacement surgery (although it took seven hours on account of her arthritis) and is maybe going to a rehab place today or tomorrow, when she and the hospital and a rehab place decide which one. Apparently there are three options.

Also good news: I donated my size-16 suit to a program that collects interview clothes for women who can't afford them. The idea is for me not to need a size-16 suit again, and I did get my current job from an interview I went to in that suit. Hopefully it has good karma for somebody else. And since my boss begged me not to go anywhere until at least the summer of 2017, and I like this job (mostly), I don't need to run right out and buy a new suit this weekend.

Not-so-good news: Snip has her annual post-vet cold. She's a congested and very sneezy beast. But she's still eating like a vacuum cleaner, so that's good. She usually gets over the post-vet cold in about a week, so most likely she'll be fine by Thanksgiving.

Shoot-me-now news: The week after Thanksgiving is going to be a bear. It starts with three consecutive days of lunch meetings, I have four hours of dress rehearsal for chorus on Monday and Wednesday night, and a retina specialist appointment on Thursday morning.

Slightly better news: I can start drinking high-octane coffee again the week after Thanksgiving, which might help me get through it. I went off caffeine last week because the parental units don't drink high-octane coffee and I'd rather have the headache before Thanksgiving weekend and get it over with. And I'm only going to the retina specialist because my new eye doctor noted that I haven't seen one in a zillion years, not because there's anything new wrong with my retinas.
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Cortisone shots in both shoulders next Tuesday. I wish it could have been today, but of course it don't work like that. I just want the whole "hand somebody a copay once or twice a week for a couple of months" cycle to stop. If the cortisone can stop the inflammation cycle in my shoulders for a while, that would be nice too.

Since embroidery is sort of out these days, I picked up a Japanese-patterned coloring book the other day and was hanging out in Harvard Yard with that and some markers yesterday before rehearsal. I ended up in a half-hour conversation with a woman from Bosnia who was traveling on her own for the first time in her life. She and her mother and brother escaped from Kosovo in the Balkan wars and were cheated by somebody who said they could get them to Canada, so they had to sneak back into Bosnia eventually. She wanted to have a conversation in English because she's staying with somebody who speaks Bosnian and doesn't get to use her English as much as she wants. So that was nice. And my coloring will hopefully get better with practice (and maybe with less major consumption of coffee ice cream immediately beforehand).

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, helped along by Snip, who woke me up half an hour early making hairball noises. I scared her off the bed and she went and yarfed in the hallway, which is infinitely preferable. But I fail to see why she should be allowed to go back to bed for the rest of the morning. Actually, what I fail to see is why she should always be allowed to go back to bed for the rest of the morning, yarfage or otherwise. (And yes, I just invented that word.)

Because there's good stuff regardless of how much I complain, I'm glad I bought this sweater. This morning it was like wearing a hug. And it's an excellent shade of green.
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