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Back from Noank, which was nice, and Falmouth, which was quite nice. I helped Dad with the maintenance on the generator battery (meaning he told me how to do it, and I did it), and helped Grammie with crossword puzzles (she's 95 and doesn't care much about pop culture) and rooting for the Red Sox and fetching things for her if she didn't feel like getting up again right after she had sat down.

I spent large chunks of yesterday at the beach, and had the unheard-of privilege of having the entire beach to myself all morning. And it was low tide, besides, so I went swimming even though I know better than that. Generally, thou shalt not go swimming unless there's somebody else on the beach. The water only came up to my hips, though, and there aren't any worrisome currents. I went swimming properly in the afternoon when the tide was high and I had company. And I stepped on a rock underwater and cut up the sole of my right foot some, but that's the sort of thing that happens. At least I didn't turn myself into an entirely crispy critter in two hours, like last time.

And I am still on vacation, and there are only three things on my List of Things to be Up To between now and the end of the 27th. (And two medical appointments, but I can get Up To things after those because they're both in the morning on two different days.) Today is a day for making friends with the Hairy Beasts again, since I've been gone for four days and they're not quite sure I am who I say I am, yet.
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As of yesterday, the CODA documents are in the hands of FedEx. I have a temporary $768 hole in my credit card, because we couldn't figure out how to fill out the customs paperwork for New Zealand online, so I took those two boxes to the actual FedEx office in Coolidge Corner. I was going to fret about them all weekend otherwise. Then I decided I didn't want to take the dolly upon which I had transported the boxes to my massage appointment, so I tromped back to work with it, and then took the bus back out again. And I was only four minutes late for my massage, having called them and told them I was going to be ten minutes late.

I really needed the massage. I knew I had one muscle in spasm in my neck, but there were three others I didn't know about. It honestly felt like I had rebar in there. This morning it hurts like blazes (it was a three-Advil morning), but in a good way, and I can actually look over my left shoulder. I hadn't been able to do that for about two weeks.

On to the next thing, which is logistics for vacationlike stuff. Not At Work now includes at least two medical appointments after the 17th, which means I can't be out of state, which means the Bay of Fundy is off. Maybe I'll make a four-day weekend out of the weekend after Labor Day instead. But I can still go whale watching after an 8:15 AM (oogh) appointment.
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It took two hours of overtime last Thursday and five hours of overtime last Friday, but I got the 2197 pages of DMD accreditation documents sent to the printer yesterday morning. I might as well apply for a PhD somewhere, since we've pretty much written a thesis. (Problem being, I don't want a PhD in higher education, which is the only thing other than translation that I'd be qualified for a PhD in.)

And here it is, several hours later, and I've been through Books 1, 2, 4a and 4b making a whole lot of niggling little corrections (sent to me as cell phone pictures in my email; I got a picture of what page the error was on and a subject line of what to fix), one of which was a redundancy problem that meant I had to update the appendix numbers in the section and the table of contents; three of which were line spacing problems that meant I had to replace the entire section; and two of which were infuriating "page number melded with the actual document content and had to be extracted" problems and sent them off to the printer again as final versions. I want nothing to do with these documents for the rest of the week, except for the last bits of window dressing I have to do for the PDF versions (linking the table of contents so you can click in it and go where you want; bookmarks are so 2010, but I put them in anyway).

I've decided to be Not At Work for two weeks starting Aug 14. I know I'm going to the Cape with Mom for some of that time, but I'm trying to decide if I want to go to the Bay of Fundy and watch the tide come in for some of the rest of that time. I've always wanted to see the tide there, and I don't need either a car or an airplane to do it, but it's another Thing To Be In Charge Of and I don't wanna be in charge of anything complicated. Too bad responsible adulthood comes with a certain level of complicated.

Now that it's not All CODA All The Time, I need to make the eye doctor appointment I didn't make in June, and the regular doctor appointment I need so I can keep not having cramps, and probably a mammogram appointment because I haven't had one yet. Whee.

Is anything awesome lately? Well, the lunch I was treated to at the Gardner Museum cafe yesterday was awesome. The ant invasion seems to be over. My DVD collection now has a shelf in which it all fits, so I can find what I want when I want it. I have a 90-minute massage appointment for Friday, and I remembered to reschedule that when they called and said my massage therapist would be on vacation in July. Lily is the poster child for well-controlled feline hyperthyroidism. I finally washed the kitchen floor last week.
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One foot in front of the other. Standard 2 is back to 292 pages, Table 2 is down to 19 pages, and I had to go pelting out at 1:00 yesterday to try to send some documents to a consultant in Philadelphia for same-day delivery. The only way to do that would have been to get on a train at South Station with them and take them to Philadelphia myself. We decided that delivery at 8:00 this morning was close enough, so I sent them by FedEx. Since my boss had said "See you tomorrow" when I left, I didn't go back to work after the FedEx office; I went to Otto (mushroom and roasted cauliflower pizza, which hit the spot) and then I went home. The Hairy Beasts were highly suspicious, because the last time I came home in the middle of a weekday afternoon, the vet appeared six minutes later. No vet this time, though.

What I should have done yesterday afternoon is go to Target, because I have enough of a List to make it worthwhile. But doing that would have required me to go back to the vicinity of work again, and not being at work in the afternoon already felt odd enough without being in the neighborhood with no intention of going back to work. So I went home instead and freaked the cats out.

It wasn't a good day to be Snip, yesterday. First there was the whole "suspicion of vet" incident, and then after dinner there was something she didn't like about the weather. I didn't hear any thunder, but it rained hard and she came slinking into the living room and hid under my knees for a while. She snapped out of it when I lay down on the floor and she discovered my sweatshirt cords and proceeded to kill one of them. And sometime last night she dropped her puffball in the water dish, again, which makes the water undrinkable because there's a puffball in it and makes the puffball untouchable because it's wet. Silly beast.

I should figure out why I have such a problem with washing the floors. I got to the point in the cleaning fit list when that was all that was left, and came to a screeching halt. Partly it's the idea of getting everything out of the kitchen except the table and the butcher blocks, and partly it's the fact that I have to sweep and swiffer the floors before I wash them and that's more work than I wanted at the end of the list. But it makes sense to do the floors last, because everything else (dust, cat hair) that gets cleaned off any other surface falls out of the sky and lands on the floors.

Hm. The Viking ship I saw in the pouring cold rain last October will be in Mystic until this September and open for tours. I think I might try to go see it on a day that isn't pouring cold rain, and get some better pictures.
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Charleston was lovely for vacation in April, but I don't think living there in August would be much fun. I may go back again on vacation someday, though.

I met a man from Reno walking down Tradd St with a camera while I was walking up it with a camera. He said he wasn't used to all these old buildings. I said I was used to old, but the stucco and palm trees were what I wasn't used to. I'm not used to privacy doors, either, and they amused me no end.

I'm also not used to horse-drawn carriage tours all over the place. I must say they have the whole system down to a science, or as close as it can come without using any technology more advanced than cell phones (with which you call a pickup truck with a great big water tank in the back, and they come and hose off the street where your horse has done the necessary). I went on two different tours with two different companies on two different days, and was carted around first by Riley (possibly a Percheron cross?) and then by Trevor (a Belgian with the biggest head I've ever seen on a horse). Charleston has all sorts of rules about who can go where and how often, which I suppose is good because as a citizen of Charleston I wouldn't want a carriage full of tourists looking into my living room every five minutes.

This was not a low-calorie trip, and I had decided that before I went. I ate fried chicken and green bean casserole and shrimp and grits (twice) and fried green tomatoes and pimento cheese and biscuits and an excellent whoopie pie and pulled pork nachos. And pizza twice, yesterday, because I had it for lunch and then JetBlue bought us pizza because the plane was four hours late. The weather in Boston was apparently just about done being completely awful when we landed at 8:57 last night.

If I had been there longer, I would have done the Fort Sumter tour and actually found the Hominy Grill and had shrimp and grits there too (I've discovered there's nothing I don't like about the basic principles of shrimp and grits) and and and...but I got to spend some time Not At Work and Not At Home simultaneously, and that was what I needed. And the weather wasn't terrible for what I was doing in it; it rained like hell on Wednesday night, but after dinner.

I like the Vendue, even though it wasn't cheap. It's half hotel and half art gallery, and I fell in love with one piece of art, but couldn't afford it. It's a picture of a woman in an orange sari, and the orange peacock-feather pattern on the sari is escaping off onto the background. But the whole background is gold leaf, so the piece is for sale for several thousand dollars, and it's staying in Charleston. I took a picture of it, though. And the gallery is doing an exhibit called Homage, so all the art in it is parodies of other (usually famous) art. My favorite one was a parody of Magritte's The Son of Man, only instead of an apple, he has an iPhone taped over his face. And I loved the fact that right next to the elevator on the third floor, they had three of those sand and water frames mounted to the wall. But the elevator always got there before the sand did anything interesting, so one night I stood there and played with them for twenty minutes. The maintenance man who came up in the elevator with me was somewhat amused to find me still there when he was going back down again. But I was on vacation, and I wanted to play with the interactive art, so I did, so there.

Just so I wrote it down, the piriformis spasm took six days to sort itself out and I think a massive amount of walking might have helped it some. But if I ever get another one, I'm not sure I can convince myself to walk for at least five hours a day for a couple of days.
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OW. I am on the third day of a left piriformis muscle spasm, which is trying to pull my pelvis out toward my femur, and I can't wait for it to let go. It won't shut up when it lets go, but at least it won't hurt the same way (and when it lets go, it might respond to Advil). It's got three days to start behaving, or at least behaving differently, before I take it to Charleston. Meanwhile, I have to ignore it to a certain extent in order to get done what I need to get done before I go. I should do the running around tonight before it starts precipitating. Whatever's going to fall out of the sky tomorrow is going to be unpleasant to run around in.

I know that my cats dream (I always ask them if they were dreaming anything good when they wake up from one), but I think yesterday evening Snip had an anxiety dream. She woke up, uncurled, marched into my lap, curled up again fairly tightly and started purring like mad. Usually she just wakes up and curls up in a different direction before going back to sleep. Far be it from me to refuse to provide lap space for a cat who knows she wants it. She stayed there until my foot fell asleep and I had to untangle myself.

I'm not used to flights shorter than five or so hours these days, since my last two trips were Iceland last year and Australia the year before. I keep having to remind myself that five hours of entertainment will cover both flights this time, and my noise-canceling headphones will be nice but not utterly necessary. I'm bringing them anyway, because they're nice, and they don't take up a lot of luggage space. And I keep reminding myself that I'm staying in the same time zone for once, so I might not get back to Boston at evening rush hour feeling like it's 3:00 in the morning. (Nothing says I won't encounter unforeseen delays and get back to Boston at 3:00 in the morning anyway, though. That's why I'm coming back on a weekday. Well, that and the airfare is cheaper doing it that way.)

Even for the week before a vacation, it's been a LONG week. Tuesday feels like it was five years ago. (What the hell did I have for lunch on Wednesday? Oh yes. Leftover borek and potato salad from Tuesday, that's what. And it was very tasty, too.) I didn't actually sing on Wednesday, because by the time I got to rehearsal I had a TMJ headache, which made opening my mouth enough to sing an interesting idea, and no energy. At least I was there. I still can't decide if I'm going to the second sectional next Saturday. There are about an equal number of reasons why I should and reasons why I don't want to. But I don't have to make up my mind until after Thursday next week.
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As it turns out, I am a legal adult with a driver's license and a credit card, and as of ten minutes ago I have plane tickets and a hotel room in Charleston, SC for four days the week after next. So there. I need to be Not At Work and Not At Home at the same time for at least a little while. Right this minute I don't even care if it rains on me for four days; at least I'll be somewhere different and being rained on.
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Seems today is Pi Day, and me without any pie. Since it's snowing enough to give me the day off, I ain't going out in search of any pie, either. At least I'm making soup, so I'm halfway to a family tradition. I'll have to ask Dad which of my great-grandfathers lived on soup and pie. (I wonder how he was off for teeth?)

Today is trash day, but they usually come around in the afternoon, so I don't know if anything's getting picked up today. I guess my weekly trash bag of clutter will have to sulk in my office for another week. Next week's bag is going to be recycling, mostly, because I have to go through the pile of Paper That Came Home From Foreign Countries (mostly maps and brochures and museum ticket stubs and things like that). It all lives in a box, which means I probably don't need all of it. I think I'll keep the maps, at least, because that's the record of my having been to those places. My India stuff is in a binder; maybe I'll add some other countries to that.

I thought my next trip was going to be Seattle, but Charleston doesn't sound so bad either. I still have to figure out when, though.

There's an orange cat on my keyboard. I don't remember ordering an orange cat on my keyboard. She wants me to go sit down in the living room so she can sit in my lap. We can't always get what we want, though.
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Welcome to New England! Black ice on Wednesday morning, 50 degrees on Wednesday afternoon, 10 inches of snow on Thursday and 10 degrees on Friday morning.

I managed not to wipe out on the black ice, but I did cross the street on my hands and knees. It just wasn't going to work unless I lowered my center of gravity. It was nice to step onto the bus and not have to worry about the floor being slippery.

Yesterday I was going to shovel at 2:00, and then it got dark and proceeded to snow HARD. So I waited until dinnertime, and cleared off the sidewalk and the plow berm (which, surprisingly, wasn't that bad yet). And when I wasn't shoveling, I did some embroidery and rotted my brain on various electronic devices and provided lap space for various cats.

What I should have done, of course, is get a jump on the weekend chores and do the laundry and clean the bathroom and wash the floors. But of course I didn't do any of that. Maybe that's why I had another frustration dream. New one, this time: I was trying to get across to somebody that I don't disappear when I'm talking to them and a specific third person joins the conversation. Somewhere in there was a bottle of hot sauce with a label on the bottom that said "Scientology supports this hot sauce." I don't know why Scientology, or why hot sauce (or why I was on a charter bus with the hot sauce). Maybe as long as my brain was bringing up things I don't like, it threw those in.

I'm not trying hard enough to get back into my size 8 pants. Every time I think I'm doing well, my willpower explodes and I end up buying and inhaling cheese ends or pork rinds or something. As much as I'd like to blame it on reading bad news every time I read the news, I can't; it's plain old lack of willpower on my part. Helped along by the fact that there's usually leftover meeting food lately. There are too many damn meetings going on around here.

I think I want to go to Seattle on vacation, whenever vacation ends up being. Sometime in April, maybe. It depends on CODA. But I don't need a passport to go to Seattle and I haven't been there since 1984. I know that because my sister got a souvenir shirt that said "I spent my 1984 summer vacation in Washington". I wonder if they still make those shirts?
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Nothing like going out with a grocery list consisting of coffee, cat food and stuffed grape leaves, and coming home with:

- Coffee
- Stuffed grape leaves
- Lemons
- Mushrooms
- Downeast Cider (might as well see what the fuss is about)
- Garlic oil
- Bacon jam
- Carnitas
- Chickpeas
- White beans

And, of course, no cat food because they were out of the right kind.

I decided not to buy what looked like an interesting book about the Soviet gulags, because right now I'm not in the mood for absolutely everything I read to be depressing.

Speaking of depressing, since the weather decided to be solid overcast, I decided to get all the other depressing stuff over with today, and did my taxes and the laundry and paid the bills. Laundry isn't all that depressing except for how long it takes the air-dry stuff to actually dry, but it keeps me at home because I don't go out while the dryer is running. It hasn't set the place on fire yet, but I don't quite trust it not to try. And actually, taxes aren't so much depressing as "get them over with as soon as possible and don't think about them again until next winter". I ended up getting the usual chunk of refund, so that's nice. But there are definitely things I would rather be doing.

I'm not going to California in March. Next year, when I'm not in charge of the oral surgery course, and the accreditation insanity is over, and the meeting is in Orlando, I'll go. I do want to decide where I'm going next, though. And when. The When is the hard part, because give me a time period between now and mid-October and I'll give you a reason why going on vacation then wouldn't be a good idea. Eventually "because I need to be Not At Work for a while" is going to be a better reason than any of the others, but that's not the case just yet. I've maxed out my accruable vacation (again), though, so I should probably use up some of it.
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For some reason I seem to be having a hard time staying asleep lately. Hopefully now that Dr. G has said that Lily probably licked herself into a hot spot, and the cyst is not infected (it went bald and changed colors), I can stop not sleeping on that account. All the rest of the current accounts will be over after October. I hope.

The weekend was good aside from the cat and the sleep issues. I spent some money because I needed to (foundation garments) and spent some money because I wanted to (spices), and finished reading Babylon's Ashes (so we forgot about the stolen protomolecule?) and started reading The Pillars of the Earth, which had been recommended by several people. And I made soup stock and preserved-lemon wet rub for turkey thighs (preserved lemon slices, fresh rosemary, crushed garlic, and olive oil). And it turns out the teeny little food processor is exactly the right tool for that, and is less loud than the blender besides. I love it when a plan comes together.

I keep thinking I should start thinking about my next trip. I'm inclined to go somewhere in the continental US this time. But then I start thinking about work and whether taking any time off in the spring is a good idea (doesn't feel like it), and then thinking that I said I was going to get scuba certification when taking two weeks off this summer. It's hard to do that in two weeks if I'm also going somewhere else. So I have no idea what I'm going to do or when I'm going to do it. The idea of taking Fridays off every week between Memorial Day and Labor Day sounds good right now, though.
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Went climbing for the first time in roughly eight years, on Saturday morning. Then took my watch to be repaired (dropped it and shattered the crystal), got my hairs cut, went grocery shopping, went home, and fell over. I knew there was going to be pain, and I wanted to get all the moving I needed to do done before I couldn't move very much. On Sunday I couldn't bend my left elbow for more than about a minute before it started screaming at me, and my upper arms (though thankfully not my actual shoulders) were most displeased. I did laundry anyway, because clean underwear is a good idea. But I had to come back upstairs and whimper at Snip for a minute. She was mightily unimpressed. I got to the top of a bouldering route, at least. But the walls at Brooklyn Boulders are taller than the ones I'm used to, and I can't bring myself to believe in the auto-belays from that high up. And I don't have the strength to get all the way up anyway; bouldering routes are short.

Karma smacked me upside the head this morning, because yesterday I watched the Bills/Steelers game get snowed on in Buffalo and was glad I didn't have to deal with snow. This morning it was snowing when I got up, so I dressed for snow, and then stood in the rain at the bus stop for 15 minutes. My supposedly waterproof winter coat leaks at the shoulders. That'll teach me to be smug.

As usual, the fact that I work at a dental school is not keeping me from being surrounded by sugar at this time of year. There's a half sheet cake (chocolate) and a very large pie (undetermined) around the corner from me. At least those are slightly harder to eat than the usual five pounds of shortbread. And the faculty member who just came back from Istanbul came back with baklava. And one of my other coworkers made biscotti. And the lunch meeting today involved leftover chocolate trifle.

I have to figure out traveling for Christmas. Some of me doesn't wanna do it at all, but most of me does. Rib roast is not to be sneezed at, and after Dad's heart surgery extravaganza two years ago, I'll take family when I can get it.
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Last week was mostly uneventful, which I needed it to be. I got so completely burned out that I spent Monday unable to think about anything more complicated than the basics (feed the cats, give Lily a pill, rot brain with TV, eat meals, rot brain with more TV, feed the cats again, give Lily another pill, take a bath, go to bed). Tuesday was a little better. Wednesday I threw some clean underwear in a bag and went to Noank for Thanksgiving, and it was just the four of us, which was restful and amounted to one pie per person (apple, squash, Greek walnut and blueberry, although the blueberry one wasn't actually a pie; it was a crumble sort of thing). Friday amounted to a turkey sandwich and a lot of embroidering and a visit with my Fairly Godmother who has just been to Rome and LOVED it. Yesterday amounted to a visit to the thrift shop, which had a mess (literally) of somebody's embroidery floss. I threw out half of it as a hopeless tangle, but ended up with a lot of cream-colored and some various greens and purples of a brand I've never heard of. Based on the color palette, I think it was leftovers from embroidering flowers on something. But for $2, why not?

Yesterday I woke up with a sore leg, and it proceeded to be both legs and my back over the course of the day. It mostly grumbled, but when I got on the train it turned into a screaming tantrum because the seat was reclined at exactly the wrong angle and putting it up again didn't help enough. Fortunately the tantrum responded to three Advil and a very hot bath when I got home. Today it's grumbling quietly enough to be only a possible excuse to be a wuss and take the T from Washington Square to Coolidge Corner instead of walking. I haven't decided whether I want to be a wuss or not, but I definitely need apples and cat food, and they come from Trader Joe's, so I have to go to Coolidge Corner. And I have to mail the bills, which means I have to go at least as far as the mailbox at the bus stop. And I really ought to do it before lunchtime.

Now that I've processed last week some, I realize I've been vindicated; one of the things the site visitors said was "It's obvious you took a lot of care writing this thing, but it's too long." Which is what I said. So there.
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This weekend was my favorite kind of weather: between 65 and 85, and sunny and dry, and a nice breeze (which is a bonus). It was perfect embroidery weather if I had stayed indoors, but it's a shame to waste weather like that on staying indoors, so I didn't. Except on Sunday, when I was suffering from the effects of eating entirely too many potato chips on Saturday (I had a craving, and decided to kill it completely. That worked, in that I want nothing to do with any more potato chips until at least Labor Day, but I felt like a slug all day Sunday.) I did my usual "stay home and watch the Pops on TV" thing yesterday, and apparently I agree with the Boston Globe that there was way too much pop (and none of them can sing, damn it) and not enough orchestra. And I didn't particularly like the cinematography for the fireworks; I don't need a new camera every five seconds. Maybe I'm getting old.

On account of yesterday being Monday, today isn't, as hard as it's trying to be. Actually it's not trying all that hard and my boss is in Florida for the week, but I did have to be at work at 7:45 this morning because somebody decided that today was the ideal day for postdoc orientation (really, the day after a holiday weekend?) and they needed some extra bodies. At least I got breakfast out of it, and it was pretty good breakfast besides. And then I spent most of a couple of hours shooing predoc students away from the breakfast food, because half of the postdoc students took a while filling out the six forms they had to fill out before breakfast and then got herded into the auditorium in which food is not allowed. So I had to guard the breakfast until the postdocs got out of the auditorium. Regardless of what generation students belong to, they will ALWAYS fall like starving hyenas on free or leftover food. I've been observing this phenomenon since 1998.

I'm about halfway through the stack of books I bought last weekend. So far: the English translation of HHhH is OK, but not great (I might have been able to do it better; it's a faithful translation but its word choice sort of diluted the original); Georgiana was interesting, but long; I couldn't get into Medical Muses; I can't decide whether I want to keep The Death of Woman Wang or not, because it's short and some but not all of it is worth re-reading; and I think Dad would be interested in When Books Went to War once I'm done with it.

One of these days when I feel like spending money, I'm considering taking one or two of my best or favorite (not necessarily the same thing) photos from each of my major vacation trips, and having them printed on aluminum. The thing is, I don't know where to have that done around here. Anybody got any suggestions?
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I've more or less decided that I can't fly, but I can swim, so next summer I think I'll get scuba certification. That way I can go diving when I finally get around to going to the Caribbean. This summer I blew the budget on Iceland (I just paid those credit card bills) and I'm not submerging myself in the ocean in October. Besides, next summer we'll be sending off the CODA self-study in June/July, and that will be a huge weight off work. So I can celebrate by taking diving lessons.

It's nice to have a dream.
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I'm back. Iceland is expensive, but DAMN was it worth it! I went rushing around on a horse and a boat and a bus and a Land Rover, and went wandering around the city on foot, and didn't think about work more than about twice. I saw an active geyser and a giant waterfall and a fault between continental plates and landscapes that might as well have been on the moon. I saw whales and puffins and horses and cows and sheep. I ate lamb I actually liked. I ate pastries with rhubarb and chocolate mixed together and somehow the flavors worked. I ate dried cod and got used to it. I took half a zillion pictures. I bought some very touristy souvenirs and some less touristy souvenirs. In short, I enjoyed myself immensely and now I'm going home to fall over.
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The Buy list is dead. Thank goodness. The Pack list and the Clean list are next. And the accreditation narratives, and the summatives, and the competencies, and the tutorial case, and the year 2 course directors meetings, and the Canvas/OASIS meetings, and the course guides for the new medical school courses, and why didn't I go on vacation in March? My brain is very crunchy, and has been since after April 22, and here it is May 23 and I am in desperate need of not being at work for a while. And my right shoulder is giving me grief again, although at least it still has the range of motion I require of it. But I just got the feel of the new embroidery, and would like to keep on with it.

I could start packing tonight if I could decide which sort of luggage I want to pack into. I can pretty much guarantee I won't need a bathing suit between now and June 7.

The Buy list managed to contain a new catnip toy for Lily, since I have absolutely no idea where the last one went and I've looked under every piece of furniture that has enough under to hide it. So she has a catnip turtle, and she seems to think it's quite nice. She also decided to charge up her ventral solar cells this morning, so when I left she was sprawled on her back on the living room rug looking completely unlike a Guardian of the House. I told her to guard the house, anyway, because that's what I tell both of them when I leave in the morning. So far they seem to be good at keeping anybody from walking off with it, because I always have a house to come home to.

I wish I could have spent more time outdoors photosynthesizing. And I kind of wish they hadn't put up the enormous tent all over the quad, so I could have had a nap on the lawn. I need a nap anyway, because I stayed up way the hell too late last night trying to get to the end of Nemesis Games. I didn't make it, of course, and it was after midnight when I gave up. Not a smart move on my part, and I knew that, and I did it anyway. That's the bit of my brain that just doesn't care whether it has to go to work in the morning or not.
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Killed the grocery shopping list. Killed most of the "other errands" list, and what's left is short enough for a weekday evening. Killed the "must do before Iceland" list as far as possible. Killed some of the "would be nice but won't keep me from going to Iceland" list. Working on the finances list.

I spent largish parts of Saturday having all the ambition of a damp rag. It was warm and sunny in the living room and I was drying my hair in a sunbeam, and then Snip decided that my lap was the second best place to be after the sunbeam migrated off the rug. When she finally abandoned ship, I pried myself off the couch and went grocery shopping and came home with blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, cherries, cat food, and a burst blister on each foot. Ow. Idiot. So, back to socks and sneakers for a week or so. It got cold again, so I'd be wearing socks anyway. (Why is it insisting on being cold? It's the middle of May.)

Yesterday I spent largish parts of the day staying off my blisters, after I got done buying bar soap and kitty litter. I now have enough soap to last until my birthday, and enough kitty litter to consider the household adequately supplied. I failed to buy rain pants, but I did try on enough pairs to determine that what I need is a size medium, short leg. Which of course was the only combination the store didn't have, so I came home and ordered them online. (Watch me not need them at all when I get there, just because I specifically ordered them for this trip.) One of these days I'm going to have to decide what sort of luggage I'm going to take with me, because there's only one laundromat in Iceland. Fortunately it's in Reykjavik; unfortunately it's expensive. Decisions, decisions...
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Bought tickets for Iceland. And I am in fact staying in the hotel that made me giggle incessantly. So is it June yet?
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