Jan. 18th, 2017

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Lily's smarter than I am. It appears that she decided the cyst was getting in her way (I watched her not stick a landing on my desk twice on Sunday, and fall off and land on my leg). So she licked a hole in it and hasn't touched it since it drained. If I had known that's what she wanted, I could have drained it for her and it wouldn't have taken two days and a heart attack on my part. This is one of the 1% of the time when I wish she could speak English. The other 99% of the time, I'm glad she doesn't.

My spice rack is ready to be picked up, which of course means I have a chorus committee meeting tonight and can't go pick up the spice rack. But hooray, I should be able to keep track of all my bottled spices! Assuming, of course, that the pantry shelf is adequately flat to cope with a three-tier rack. If all the bottles slide off the front of the rack, I'll be rather severely annoyed. You never can tell with old houses.

I wish Firefox had a "replace Trump pictures with pictures of cats" extension. I don't want to start using Chrome just for that, but I have no desire to look at Trump all over the place for the next however long, either. (Hoping it's less than four years, even though that would take some massive upheavals that most likely wouldn't be good either.) Doesn't even have to be cats. It could be pictures of scenic places, or pictures of food, or pictures of animals other than cats, or...

Short weeks are always longer than regular weeks. I knew that. But today is the middle of a short week and is taking absolutely forever to get over with.
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