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The SOP meeting last night was over by 4:45, so I got out of work only five minutes late and went off climbing.

Climbing went a lot better than I was expecting it to. It was happy stuff, except for the one gym staff person who gave me an unnecessary lecture (when you're belaying somebody who's down-climbing, they need some slack in the rope, which is why I had slack in the rope, which is why [livejournal.com profile] scirocco fell a couple more feet when he let go than the gym staff person thought necessary). Never mind. Anyway, I acquitted myself reasonably well, and lo and behold, my back didn't hurt this morning either. My knee hurts, but that's its own fault.

It could be naptime, if it wanted to. I think it has to do with the weather. Speaking of weather, I seem to have left my umbrella someplace. I hope the rain really is going to stop, because I've got errands to run tonight and I don't really want to include buying an(other) umbrella.

It's hangnail season, apparently. (Followed, I guess, by paper cut season, wabbit season, duck season, etc.)

No, I don't have a brain today, why do you ask?
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We found the Everett rock gym last night, not without a couple of detours. I think that place should be in the dictionary under "out of the way". All I have to say on the subject of climbing itself is that the spirit is willing, and the technique is still there somewhere, but the muscles just aren't up to much. However, for the first time in ages, my back wasn't complaining when I woke up. In fact, it didn't hurt anywhere. I guess if I can't stand on my hands and sort everything out, I can hang most of my weight off my hands and sort it out that way. (The Everett gym is sadly lacking good inside corners, though. I wanted to play around with an inside corner last night, and couldn't find one that looked like anything.)

Hm. Given that Monday and Tuesday are mostly occupied, and Friday is my goofing-off evening, that leaves Wednesday and Thursday if I want to start going swimming on a semi-regular basis. Exercise breeds exercise, I guess...now I'm all excited about getting into better climbing shape, where I couldn't get excited about getting into better shape in general.

I still think I should've taken Friday off, but one of my co-workers already is, so I can't. Oh well, I'm going to New Orleans on Nov 1, so there. Which reminds me, I have to come up with business cards and resumes for the ATA job marketplace, for which I signed up now that I'm not a student any more. They don't let students sign up for it.

I think I could probably have stood to sleep for a little while longer than I did last night. My brain keeps asking me if I'm sure it's not naptime yet, and I have to keep disappointing it.

[ETA: I found the only really unhappy arm muscle just now. It's in the front of my right shoulder, and it did NOT like my reaching around to scratch my back. Probably because I spent so much time last night reaching around into my chalk bag.]
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Apparently I've got smart mice, or the traps are harder to set off than I thought. Three of the four got cleaned out last night, but didn't go off. Harumpf. At least I was right about where the mice are coming from. (Now I know why my parents used to use peanut butter on dry cat food; you can attach dry cat food to the trigger such that they can't get it off without setting the trap off. Maybe I'll try peanut butter on Cheerios.)

I shouldn't be hungry already, but I am.

Going climbing last night was a bust, because the gym in Everett is unfindable via Mapquest. It would have been better had the directions not stopped providing street names once we got off Rte 16 East. We knew the gym was somewhere in the vicinity of a peanut butter factory, but we couldn't even find that (although we did find Market Basket and the Kayem plant both by smell (onion soup and hot dogs, respectively). Mapquest, as far as I can tell, universally sucks for urban directions, although it got me to Kent from Boston and to Minerva, OH from Kent. Anyway, [livejournal.com profile] whuffle and I gave it up as a bad job and hung around in Brighton and went off for a walk in the rain instead, and messed around with a logo for coffeeweasels.com. The "coffee" part is easy; the "weasel" part is less so.

Still hungry. Something needs doing about that.
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Time to buy beer again. This week I've had every anxiety dream I've ever had, except the one I used to have as a teenager about falling off a bridge in a car. (At least, having exhausted them, I dreamed last night about a family party involving live squid. Don't ask me where I got that from.)

I discovered yesterday that the version of MultiTerm I did all that work with last spring doesn't exist any more, and the new version looks nothing like the old one. I did finally figure out how to set it up so I got the term, definition, context and source all in the right places, but I still don't know how, or if, I can do some of the neat stuff I could do with the previous version. Sometimes I think progress is overrated.

Speaking of progress, I went bouldering last night. The KSU climbing wall is more like actual rock than anyplace else I've been climbing indoors. Of course, being artificial rock, it's not as hard and not as cold as the real stuff. They really need to put up some decent top-roping routes, though. What good is a 45-foot wall if you can only use the bottom 15 feet of it?

I really have to remember to go see how much it's going to cost me to get Photoshop on this computer again. Last semester somebody told me I could get the entire Adobe Creative Suite for $175 because I'm a student. I hope that's still true. We shall see, though.

I should come up with something to do during my tutoring hours today. Without internet access in there, I'm somewhat limited in the classwork I can get done.

[EDIT: Five minutes before the end of my tutoring session, one of my Spanish classmates showed up in search of an American female reader for a piece of his case study. So I spent half an hour going over that with him. At least I was useful today.]
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I just wrote a sappy e-mail message. It was only seven words.

Breakfast has been eaten, exam has been finished, hair has been washed. Watch has been reset, because today is not the 31st of September.

Yesterday in the KSU campus newspaper, there was an article about a local apple orchard. Disregard what I said yesterday about apple picking.

I have a lot to do between now and November. I have a hellish lot to do between now and Christmas.

The back of my right heel has an enormous blister. I need bigger band-aids.

The KSU climbing wall is never open when I have time to go there, and the literature I got says I can't use my own gear. Except my harness, after they've approved it. I suppose that makes sense from an insurance standpoint, but it makes me less inclined to go climbing there.

One of these days I have to figure out how to work the place where I stopped writing the Chateaubriand paper into the place where I started again.

My living room looks like a library exploded all over it.
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I went climbing last night. Going climbing on the Tuesday after the Saturday when you help somebody move is maybe not the brightest idea ever, but what there was of it was good. I cut it off short because (a) my arms hurt, and (b) I didn't trust myself to belay any more. No accidents, this time, but this was still the first time I'd been climbing after The Accident, and I was nervous. I also don't have any calluses on my right hand any more, because where I used to have calluses, I had blisters, and now that the blisters have healed, I have nothing.

I'm finally getting used to having my room in a different place, although I'm starting to hate where the overhead light switch is (right smack over the middle of the head of my bed). Some day I may put the doorknob back on the door that's currently blocked off and block off the other door instead. I'm not that ambitious this week.

I caught myself getting back into the habit of drinking coffee at work, so I'm not having any today. I really wish I wasn't so susceptible to caffeine, but it seems that I am. I have to be careful about drinking soda with dinner if I want to get any sleep before midnight. When you have to be at work at 8:30, that becomes a bit of a problem.

This weekend, Arisia. Next weekend, we go adopt cats. Somewhere in there, I buy a digital camera. I'm sick of putting that off, and if I have to live on macaroni for a while as a result, so be it.
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Last night I got my first ever injury while climbing that will actually keep me from climbing for a little while. I discovered what happens when you're belaying and the rope slips when the climber falls and you try to stop the rope. I've got four broken blisters and miscellaneous rope burns on my hands. Ouch. I hope this is as hurt as I ever get from climbing. The climber wasn't hurt at all, thank goodness, so I guess I was somewhat useful at controlling the fall. Up until that point, I was having a good session of climbing, too.

The universe is snickering at me again, I think.
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It's been a pretty productive week, and only some of that productivity is work-related. I ordered new contact lenses and made an appointment to get my teeth cleaned on Monday and made a doctor's appointment for January and cleaned out my inbox and my six other "keep this somewhere" boxes and filed a very large amount of miscellaneous papers. I think at one point yesterday I had about 20" of binders stacked up on the floor waiting for things to be filed in them, and some day I'll figure out how to get the tray out of the hole punch without getting confetti all over the floor. Usually I just turn the whole thing upside down over the trash can and shake vigorously, which works pretty well for not getting confetti all over the floor, but if the tray wasn't meant to come out, why is it the only plastic part in the entirely-metal assemblage?

I seem to have taken care of most of the plague of flies. Random ones show up every so often, but it's nowhere near as bad as it was. Now I need to take care of the plague of dishes. I was thinking the other day that since I sing while I do the dishes, the neighbors can probably hear me. I decided I don't care, since (a) I hear enough things from various neighbors (one of whom has a conch shell or a horn or something), and (b) I can carry a tune without a covered bushel basket with handles.

Speaking of handles, I went climbing on Wednesday night and it kicked my ass all over the place. Yesterday, despite Advil, I pretty much hurt every time I moved. Today I'm better. I don't think I climbed any set routes under 5.6 all night on Wednesday. I wonder what it works out to when I give up on a set route and use whatever holds present themselves? At one point the people on the route next to me were speaking French, and I asked them, in French, what they called the sport. So now I know that the French word for rock climbing is "l'escalade" and I know I can still speak understandable French. Heh.


Nov. 7th, 2002 10:01 am
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Today is Thursday, but the school is all confused. I got the useless email I usually get on Thursdays yesterday, and the paychecks that usually come on Friday came this morning. If they want to declare today Friday and tell me I don't have to come to work tomorrow, I'm all for it, but I don't think it's going to work that way.

I wonder if I would feel less like falling asleep if I wasn't wearing the Super Grover sweater. It's navy blue and warm and very soft and slightly shaggy, and right now I just want to curl up and have a nap.

Climbing last night was less of a success than it could have been. I was tired to start with, and the best route I managed to get through was the overhanging 5.6. I really must remember to breathe while I'm climbing that. Actually, I lied. I got through a 5.7 straight up a corner. The guy with the prosthetic legs was back climbing again last night. I watched him bouldering around for a while.

The gym has a new retail room and one of the things they're selling is a comic-book version of "how to climb in the gym". It's a typical preachy comic book, but it has a really funny "what's wrong with this picture" picture. Aside from the things like "rope has too much slack" and "belayer needs to be anchored", it's got things like "never use a hold covered in hot butter" and "never let a cat belay you without a harness" and "don't lead climb in roller skates; roller skates are for top-roping only". Hee hee.

I suppose I should do something useful with my work day, but I'm singularly uninspired, and I still want a nap.
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Why is it that I can't sleep past 8:30 on weekends, and yet on weekdays I just want to stay in bed for another two or three hours when the alarm goes off? (These days, the answer is easy; it's warm in bed.)

On Wednesday night I went climbing, and proved conclusively that I can too climb overhanging walls if I want to. It's definitely indoor climbing season again, though; the gym was absolutely packed, even to having people climbing around on the ceiling. Therefore, I didn't get to climb the new variation on George of the Jungle until after I'd already trashed my arms. By the end of the night, it hurt to raise my arms above my shoulders. Washing my hair was, um, interesting. I didn't exactly hurt the next morning, but all of my muscles felt tired.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow. That figures. I think we're starting a new tradition of going to Wilson Farms in the rain, since it was raining three weeks ago when we went.

I ordered black linen and white silk floss for my next embroidery project, and when she heard what I was ordering, Theresa said "WHAT are you working on?". She thought it was cool once I explained it, though. I think it'll be cool too, although if my family sees me working on black linen, they're going to tell me I'm insane. They already told me that when I showed them the pattern for Elizabeth and the Lavender Sky.

I also finally got XonX downloaded and transferred to a CD such that the Mac could read it, so now I've got that running. AbiWord turned out to be less than entirely helpful, but that's only a minor problem.

When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.
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I've been having really miserable climbing sessions for about the last three weeks, and I think I've finally figured out why, at least partly. About a month ago, at my last really good climbing session, I did something painful to a muscle in the back of my neck. Pulled it, or gave it a cramp, or something. I think what happened is it settled out into a new knot somewhere in my shoulder and that's why I've been getting sore arms so fast lately. I've been subconsciously compensating for the knot and doing things slightly differently, and it's trashing my arms. That may not be all of the problem, but it would also explain why my shoulder occasionally twinges when I roll over on it.

I think a massage is in order. My change collection usually goes for mad money, but I think this time it's going for massage money. I haven't had a massage since last year anyway.

Three days until vacation. And I don't have to deal with returning the cable box! Woohoo! Added to the list, however, is:

Talk to Kent State about what I should do for letters of recommendation, since I've been out of school for five years.

Funny thing about lists; they never seem to get any shorter. The minute one thing comes off, something else goes on. (Taken out of context, that last sentence is a lot more fun. :)
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I went climbing last night, and as hot as it was on the ground, it was a lot hotter 25 feet up. It wasn't a very good night for finishing climbs. I went through chalk like mad because my hands were sweating so much. It was a workout, I'll give it that. Today my arms hurt.

How is it supposed to be in the 80s today when it was already 80 at 7:15 this morning?

Work has just turned into a giant fiasco hatchery. We have no faculty at all, so nobody can see patients, and for some reason everybody's demanding that I do something. Pardon me, am I a dentist? Is it my fault that nobody tells me anything? GRRRR
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I went climbing last night for the first time in about three weeks. The gym is up to its ears in 5.7 routes now, which is cool because that's about where I am, ability-wise. I climbed a couple of new 5.7s and fell off both of them at least once apiece. One of them has been dubbed (by me) George of the Jungle, because you start on the right-hand side of the wall, and then the route meanders back and forth across the wall a couple of times as it goes up. Nifty stuff, though. Even niftier is the fact that I've been getting slowly better at all sorts of things. I can climb overhanging walls now because I don't need to have both hands and both feet on the wall all the time any more.

I need to borrow the book on how to set anchors outdoors and actually read it this time, instead of just skimming it. I realized last night that although I know the theory of tying off to anchor points, I know nothing about setting the end the rope actually goes through.

I've re-arrived at the conclusion that upgrading my current laptop much further isn't going to be possible and that I should just buy a newer one. I knew that already, but I decided for certain yesterday when I found out there's no way to get USB capability in my current computer, and I really would like to have that. So, after I go broke in September getting my smaller student loan paid off, I start saving money for a new laptop. I wonder how long that'll take?

Today's poem is a reflection of what I haven't been doing for the last week, because my boss is on vacation and it's comparatively tranquil around here.

When in danger,
When in doubt,
Run in circles,
Scream and shout.


Jul. 1st, 2002 11:02 am
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I'm lightly sunburned on the arms and the face, and I'm sore all over, but going climbing yesterday was worth it. I keep forgetting that rock is a lot harder to climb than the gym walls. After climbing real rock I hurt more in more odd places. (You know you've been climbing real rock when your hip joints hurt.) Despite all that, though, it was a good day. I actually got to the top of the climb I wanted to get to the top of. The quarries look silly all filled in; you can see where there was water once, and there are these giant monoliths sticking out of the dirt in random spots. It's a really nifty place anyway; Hobbit is right in that it would be a good hiking/meandering/exploring spot as well as a good climbing spot.

I also discovered that those silly little labels they stick on fruit don't let light through. I had an apple sticker stuck on my shoulder and now I have a white spot in my sunburn. Hee hee.

On Saturday I spent the morning outdoors, since it was too nice not to, and then went and laid out some of my quilt pattern. The problem is, the table is too short, so I had to start sewing it all together so it wouldn't fall on the floor and get disordered. It's going to be wide enough, hooray! Now I hope I have enough fabric to finish it. It's also going to be somewhat darker overall than I thought, but that's not terrible since it will probably fade in the sun. Sewing machines are a bit like bicycles, in that you sit down and say "Oh, right, I used to know how this worked", and then do it. Or at least I did. I can still sew straight lines, at least.

I wish I still had Advil in my desk drawer. Oh well. I think I'll go get some from the dispensary. That's the good thing about working for a dental school. If you need a toothbrush, or Advil, or something like that, you can get it.
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