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Since Wednesday I've been arguing with "tour stomach", which is what my parents call it when you're tired and stressed and eating strange things at odd times and your digestive system says "You fed me WHAT? And you want me to DEAL with it?" The "tour" part refers to being on tour with a summer theater group in the late 60s.

In my case this is strange things at odd times:

- a pint of peppermint tea for breakfast, no lunch, and I don't remember what for dinner on Monday
- no breakfast, a cold breakfast burrito and cold coffee for lunch, and nothing else but water and Coke on Tuesday (a 15-hour day)
- no breakfast, a cold breakfast burrito for lunch, and massive amounts of salad for dinner on Wednesday (an 11-hour day)
- a warm breakfast burrito for breakfast, two pints of beer (I never drink before 5:00) and a bowl of chili for lunch, followed by a sip of champagne and a cupcake at teatime and the rest of the salad for dinner on Thursday

Yesterday I poured an entire large coffee into a storm drain in Coolidge Corner because I took a sip and knew I would have been sick if I drank any more of it. But I desperately wanted Planters dry roasted peanuts for some reason, and those didn't upset my stomach at all. They dried me right the hell out because of all the salt, though. But I decided that if I actively wanted any kind of food, I might be getting better.

This morning I woke up feeling more like myself than I have since last Sunday. I'm sort of pretending it's a normal weekend in terms of grocery shopping and laundry, but it hasn't been, because I run out of gas every afternoon around 2:30. At least today all I did was yawn and decide it wasn't quite naptime yet. Yesterday I wasn't home from errands at 2:30 and wasn't sure I could get myself there. I did, of course, but I scared myself a little.

I think I can give myself one more day to get my brain and my digestion both back to 90% or better. Especially since my boss said last week that she wouldn't care if I didn't show up tomorrow.
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The site visit ended yesterday morning. We expect to continue being accredited, although the official report won't be out until January. The site visitors' verbal report gave the predoc program no citations and two commendations (which won't appear in the January report; that only lists what, if anything, we did wrong). As I am the predoc curriculum coordinator, I don't care so much about the postdoc programs, but only one of the six got a citation and we're getting a grace period to fix it.

On Monday, in the rain, three of us spent five hours taking all the binders, office supplies, shredder, exhibit table linens, baskets of snacks, cases of bottled water, copies of the self-study documents, easels, and "HSDM Welcomes CODA" signs over to the library. Fortunately we had the use of a car, because rain does not improve cardboard boxes full of binders full of paper. It took two carloads. The time-consuming part was getting everything off the second floor of an elevatorless building and then getting it out of the car and into the library. Heart attack #1 was when we came with the second carload and the security guard at the library had locked the doors and disappeared. He'd only gone to the bathroom, fortunately, but I had a nasty moment of contingency planning involving the idea of being at the library at 4:00 on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday morning my chauffeur appeared at 6:00, which was ten minutes early. I had decided to hell with taking the bus, and hired private cars for myself for the site visit days. I got to the library at 6:15 and waited about fifteen minutes, at which point Tuesday heart attack #1 occurred when the caterer appeared with no coffee. I didn't know we had gotten the Harvard caterers to do coffee. They showed up two minutes later. The site visitors showed up early, at about 7:45, and it was on. I was merrily checking things off my security blanket list when my boss texted me a picture of the schedule for Wednesday morning and said the site visitors wanted the basic science disciplines added to the directors' names, and I should use her laptop to do it. Having done it, I had to bring the laptop back to the office to print 18 new 16-page schedules. I did that and brought them and the laptop back to the library. The site visit chair wanted his schedule hole-punched. The hole punch at the library circulation desk didn't like me, and ruined the document. That was when I got heart attack #2; I discovered I had revised the wrong version of the schedule, so I had to go back to the office again, find the right schedule, update it, print another 18 copies, hole-punch one, and bring them all back again. I finally ate a leftover breakfast burrito at 11:30.

Heart attack #3 held off until 4:00, when the site visit chair asked me to revise something else on his copy of the schedule, and by the way, to pick a restaurant and make a reservation for 16 people at 7:00. Eastern Standard couldn't do it, and Deuxave took 20 minutes to call us back, but they said they could. Then the site visitors opted for proximity to hotel over cuisine and decided to go to Yard House instead, so we canceled Deuxave.

I stayed at work until 9:15 that night because the site visitors had decided we didn't have sufficient grading rubrics for the reflection papers involving ethics, behavioral and social sciences, and externship experience. And they weren't sure they liked our rubrics for clinical procedures either ("adequate working length" was not an adequate description; they wanted things like "2 mm working length".) So we started rewriting them, because our opportunity to explain and defend ourselves was coming at 7:30 Wednesday morning. I got home at 10:15, went to bed at 11:00, and my brain went "Hi there! Awake now!" at 2:00. None of my usual tricks for getting back to sleep worked, but I dozed off and on until the alarm went off at 5:45.

Back to work again at 6:15, and found the library locked. The security guard and the caterer showed up at 6:45. At least I got to hang around in the fresh air for half an hour. My boss, who was supposed to be in the 8:30 curriculum review session with us, went into a 7:30 rubric explanation session (having texted me at 7:00 to go find some tertiary data in one of our massive binders) and didn't come out until 8:40 or so, thereby giving me Wednesday heart attack #1. I did have to answer some questions in the curriculum session, but they didn't ask me anything I couldn't answer. I got my leftover breakfast burrito at 11:00 and ate it with one hand while revising oral surgery and oral radiology rubrics for the afternoon sessions with the other.

The site visit chair asked at 1:30 for reservations for eight people at a seafood restaurant for 7:30, so we sent them to Legal Harborside for 8:00 (best we could do). The six postdoc program site visitors were done at lunchtime, so we sent them off to the airport. Some of the predoc site visitors went off to an externship site and got back later than intended, which put the afternoon all out of kilter, but we got done sometime around 4:30. The ODE faculty went out for drinks and invited the logistics team (including me), but I was too frazzled. I absconded with a lot of leftover salad from lunch because I hadn't seen a vegetable in two days, got home at 6:00, ate two large bowls of salad, fed the cats and went to bed at 9:30. Except for waking up at 2:00 because I was cold, I actually slept.

Yesterday was positively tranquil. The site visitors wrote reports for two hours in the morning, read them to the deans and dept heads at 10:15, and left at 10:40 or so. We helped ourselves to leftover breakfast, cleaned that up, took all the binders, table linens and snacks back to the office, and went out for about three hours of liquid lunch followed by cupcakes and champagne at teatime. And then I went home. And here I am. I've taken myself out for breakfast and now it's massage time.
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I do not understand why we are responsible for fixing the mistakes CODA makes on their own schedule.

At this time next week I will have been at work for two and a half hours already and the fun will be officially started. I suppose it's nice that one person in this office is so uninvolved with accreditation that they can spend time being upset because their tape dispenser is missing.

My right shoulder was lightly crunchy yesterday, but last night I slept on it wrong and today it's REALLY crunchy. Either it will sort itself out before next Friday, or it will be professionally sorted out next Friday. I do know I woke up at least once because it hurt, and heard Snip purring her fool head off. Good cat. (Lily is also a good cat, but has been sleeping in the living room lately, so I don't hear her purring her fool head off in the middle of the night.)

What the hell am I going to want to eat next week? I have no idea. I'm going to get home too late and/or too frazzled to want to cook anything (including anything I have to boil water for), and pizza delivery takes ages. And I need to find a new favorite pizza joint now that Brick House is gone.
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This morning I lost the AirPod case somewhere either on the bus or on Brookline or Longwood Ave. It was in my bag when I put the AirPods in, on the bus, and then it wasn't there when I got to work. So I got on the phone and made a Genius Bar appointment for 7:20 and it cost me $73 for a new case (and apparently the AirPods know which case they belong to, so if you lose the case you have to re-associate everything). I really wanted to go home tonight and embroider in the lack of humidity, which is absolutely lovely, but the AirPods make me unconditionally happy and I need that very much until after the 12th.

Now that the weather is behaving better, I can stop worrying about Snip's internal thermostat. On Monday night, she was hot. Still eating and drinking and acting like herself, but her ears and her chin were hot enough to worry me. Especially because Lily's weren't that hot, and Lily's usually hotter. So I turned the bedroom fan on and Snip practically stuck her face in it, and I wiped her ears with a wet washcloth, and an hour later she was much better and stayed that way. I declared her cooled off when she glared at me and the washcloth.

I need to make a massage appointment for the Friday after CODA. I'm taking a personal day that day and planning to spend it taking out a lot of mental trash, however I need to. While I'm sorting out my brain, I might as well get my back sorted out too.

Just because that's how life is, this semester's sectionals for chorus are in the morning on Oct 14. I am not going. I'm not going to my cousin's wedding in Falmouth on the 15th, either. I might not be getting out of bed on the 14th, even. (I will be, because I only stay in bed all day if I've got stomach flu. But I'm going to be sore in a lot of very interesting places because I need a 90-minute massage.)
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September can still fuck off, but at least I'm not despairing about it so much.

As long as I was hemorrhaging money anyway, I ordered two new pairs of jeans and two more shirts of a sort I already like. That way I'll have jeans that don't fit in the "waist slightly large and legs slightly long" department, rather than the "melted down and poured into these pants, and not entirely sure I should wear them in public" department.

The only thing I've done to the CODA Tertiary Binders in the last two days is put tabs in them, so they're not depending on my 48 purple post-its in each binder staying put for document-identifying purposes. Now I feel better.

If Dad isn't out of the hospital by the end of tomorrow, I expect he's going to let somebody hear about it. He was feeling better yesterday, but they wanted to give him a stress test and didn't get around to it until yesterday afternoon and this morning.

The place I sent my old phone to for recycling received it, per UPS, four days ago. Yesterday they sent me an email saying they didn't have it yet. As of sometime overnight, they found it. So now I'm going to get a $215 Apple Store gift card in return, and I'm seriously considering blowing most of it on AirPods. That will solve the "Play button on headphones turned itself on while in bag, and drained iPod battery" problem, which I get around by not keeping headphones connected to the iPod and untying massive knots in the headphones whenever I want to reconnect them.

I'm not positive the iPod is new enough to connect to AirPods. Since music is all I use it for, I'm perfectly happy to nuke the whole iPod, install whichever iOS version it wants for AirPods, and put the music back on it. That'll be a nice weekend project. (Because if I try to do it on a weeknight, it will for some unforeseen reason take five or six hours and I won't be able to go to bed until it's done.)
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Friday the 13th has fallen on September in general, financially speaking. Hopefully after this week, I won't be spending several hundred dollars every couple of days. I suppose I could have held off on the new phone ($750), but I did need new contact lenses ($225) and the repairs to my laptop ($480) are still cheaper than a new laptop. And September is when I have to renew the pet insurance, which will probably be another $450 or so (edit: $850, sigh) on account of both cats now being "senior". I can afford all this, but it doesn't usually happen in a clump. The contact lenses would have happened in June if it hadn't been for CODA; I didn't have time to go to the eye doctor in June, so I did it in August, and it took me until September to get tired of 1-800-CONTACTS sending me reminders. (edit: at least I can get a rebate on the contact lenses as long as I buy a postage stamp and wait 6-8 weeks.)

My boss has a phone case I adore; it's got a pull-out section on the back with three credit card slots. I invested in one myself and put my T pass in it, and discovered this morning that the phone picks up some sort of data from the card reader on the bus, because the phone was offering to let me use Apple Pay (which won't work on the T). If that gets annoying enough, I can put my T pass back in my wallet, I guess. It just amuses me how technology tries to be helpful with no context whatsoever.

Since my laptop is elsewhere (dead/dying thermal sensor, requires replacing the entire top case), this morning I spent the time I would usually spend reading email making Snip extremely confused. She's been sitting under the kitchen window lately and looking up, so I picked her up and put her in the windowsill and she couldn't figure out where to put her feet. But then she discovered Food TV. She plastered herself to the screen for the next ten minutes, and ducked every time a pigeon came down from the roof. I wonder if she'll try to get up there herself now that she knows what goes on when she's up there. She did get down by herself when I offered to do it for her. Lily was confused too, because up until this morning, the kitchen windowsill was her sovereign territory. When she came into the kitchen and found Snip in the window, she actually meowed at me.

I managed to turn off the Word Document Gallery when I open the program, but it keeps coming up when I want a new document and the program is already open. This is approaching Clippy levels of helpful.
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I need to go look up the Pogo strip in Will Be That Was that starts with "WOWF! I hate this swamp! I hate it!" because that's what I feel like about work in particular (and politics in general) lately. Every morning I wake up and go read the NYT to find out if Trump is impeachable yet. I shouldn't do that, but at least for the last couple of weeks the NYT has been all about natural tragedies rather than tragedies born of the complacency of the average American voter.

And then I go to work and spend my day trying to think of the most esoteric data request the site visitors could possibly make, and then try to come up with results for 2014, 2015 and 2016, and resent the hell out of the site visitors before they even get here.

And today is Sept 11, and all media that isn't rubbing my face in hurricane damage and political idiocy is rubbing my face in that.

HOWEVER. I managed to cook oatmeal without boiling it over, by virtue of setting the clock when I turned on the stove instead of setting the clock when it started to boil, and then letting it sit there and think for a while afterward. This week's oatmeal is zucchini, garlic, and dill, because I wanted a change from tomatoes.

And I went to Sweet Cheeks on Friday night and discovered that what I really want next time is a biscuit and collard greens. I don't know what they put in their collard greens, but I could have kept eating them for quite a while. The pork ribs were better cold the next day.

The eternal question: do I eat lunch now and then go get my teeth cleaned, or do I wait until after I get my teeth cleaned and wind up starving and sore in the gums? (I ate first, and breathed ramen noodles at the hygienist.)
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I'm glad it was a long weekend, but it wasn't quite long enough. I will say that Saturday was a lovely day for hanging around in Harvard Yard and doing not much for three hours in the afternoon while waiting for people to show up for chorus auditions. Half a dozen people showed up over the three hours. And then I did the grocery shopping on the way home, and that was that.

Sunday was cold and wet, so I had a movie marathon (now that I know where all of my DVDs are, except Thor, and I have no idea where he went) and embroidered a lot. And I finally decided that I needed to do something about my phone, which was getting tired.

On Monday I went to the Apple store and said I needed a new phone and wasn't interested in standing in line for three days, and got sold an iPhone 7. So far I like it OK, but the whole "choose your click" thing is either not working or my fingers aren't sensitive enough to tell the difference. It does have more battery longevity than my old phone, though, and that's why I wanted a new phone to begin with. I managed to transfer almost everything between phones, so I didn't lose all my contacts again. I did lose Neko Atsume, though, and I was down to the last cat. Now I have to start over.

I put LastPass on the new phone, but I'm still not sure how to use it.

I've decided that steel-cut oatmeal isn't awful as long as it's not wallpaper paste, and as long as it's not sweet. Smoked paprika and chives worked, and so (so far) does diced tomatoes, garlic and mild chili powder. The next thing is to learn how to cook oatmeal without boiling it over, because it makes a fairly prodigious mess when it does that.
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I am so tired of CODA! While I was on vacation, they decided to amend 2-23e, effective immediately. I swear they waited until after they got our self-study. So we have to add proof of opioid addiction awareness and treatment to treatment of pain and anxiety.

Then there are all the Exhibits for the self-study, which are things the self-study requires, but we don't want leaving the campus (sample exams, student survey results, patient pool demographics, etc.).

Then there's the annual CODA survey, which means we have to send them a whole mess of data on clock hours of instruction per year/per course, teaching methods, etc., etc. We sent them all that in the accreditation documents already, but that's not the same thing, so we have to send it again.

THEN, there's all the "tertiary data" which is data we have to provide if the site visitors ask, but we hope they won't. It's stuff like "all the student immunization records for the last three years", which we have, but we don't want them to ask for because somebody's got to go pull them. How I suddenly got to be in charge of assembling the Tertiary Binder is beyond me.

And I won't mention the logistics planning meetings I've been going to, which are full of things like "somebody has to go to the hotel at 7:30 every morning and put the site visitors on the shuttle" and "How do we clear the breakfast out of a room we're not allowed in so we can put lunch in it?" and "We need a floral centerpiece that will last three days in the main meeting room" and all that sort of stuff that makes me think this is never going to be over with.

BUT, today's Friday and it's a long weekend, and both of those are good. I just wish I didn't feel like somebody put oatmeal where my brain was.
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I feel accomplished because last week the following things happened:

- Internet issues resolved and speed doubled
- Cable bill lowered
- Trumpet obtained
- GP appointment accomplished
- Mammogram accomplished (can't decide whether this or pap smears are worse)
- Whales watched (and I did get video of a breach; it was a "point and pray" situation, and it worked)
- Eye doctor appointment accomplished

I also rotted my brain on too much TV, and got halfway through page 7 of the embroidery pattern, which got me mostly out of the crown of that tree. Thank goodness.

And here I am at work, not accomplishing a whole lot, but that's OK because quiet is good and we haven't had as much of it as usual this summer.
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I've been trying to remember what I did between Thursday, when I got back from Falmouth, and Monday. As far as I remember, on Thursday I didn't do very much, except I did take a nap in the afternoon on account of having slept in twin beds in Noank and Falmouth and not sleeping as well as usual because I kept finding the edges of the mattresses. I remember falling over and thinking "Big bed!" and stretching out, and being happy about it.

I have no idea what I did on Friday, so I suspect I didn't do anything important. That might have been the really excellent embroidery day, though, because I did do some embroidery sometime between Thursday and Monday.

On Saturday I gave up and called RCN, and was shocked to find that they would send a technician on Sunday. I don't remember what else I did on Saturday.

On Sunday I was embroidering again when the technician came at about 3:00, looked at what I had for equipment, looked at what I was supposed to have for internet service, asked me what I was paying, and was aghast at the answer. He said I should call the customer loyalty department and ask for more service and less bill, because the service I was supposed to have is so slow it isn't supported these days. And the price for more service is lower than the price I was paying. I know good advice when I hear it, so I called on Monday and got double the internet speed for $30 less.

On Monday I had fun stuff on the list. I did note that the light outdoors was weird on account of the eclipse, but I didn't bother trying to look at the eclipse itself; I contented myself with looking at the crescent-shaped holes in the shadows on the sidewalk. And I went off and bought myself a $350 Olds Ambassador trumpet, because damn it, why not? When I got it home I broke it out and managed to play a C, a G and a D very badly. I printed out a fingering chart, because I already know how to read music (at least in treble clef); I just need to know how to make the notes. My embouchure needs work, though.

Yesterday I had my GP appointment at 8:15, which of course meant I got there at 7:20 and the office doesn't open until 8:00. Under normal circumstances I would have gone in search of coffee, but I decided not to in case of fasting blood test. I didn't want to have to come back again for that. So, appointment (I need to lose weight, but I knew that) and blood draw, and prescription refill, and no shingles vaccine until I'm 60 but go get it pretty much the minute my insurance will cover it (I had a raging case of chicken pox at 16), and then I went off to breakfast at Cutty's and coffee at Caffe Nero in Brookline Village because I hadn't been to either place yet.

Cutty's was good, but too far out of my normal weekend range to make it a possible destination for breakfast. Caffe Nero was good too, and I will definitely keep it in mind because they're starting to be everywhere. Following that I went to Walgreens and Trader Joe's and home. When I got home I decided to be a good kid and schedule the mammogram so as to get it over with, so I did that and it turned out to be for this afternoon. Hooray, I still have Thursday to go whale watching (bought the ticket yesterday) before I go to the eye doctor on Friday morning.

The tape they put on the gauze in my elbow-pit after the blood draw gave me a really impressive set of red marks exactly where the tape was. I probably should have taken it off before I went to the drugstore, but I try not to leave biohazards in other people's trash cans, so I kept it on until I got home.

I should not have read my work email on Monday, but I was trying to keep ahead of all the junk mail and FYI-type messages that get overwhelming if I look at two weeks of them all at once. That's how I found out that CODA has added a subsection to 2-23e (control of pain and anxiety) regarding substance abuse and effective immediately, which means we have to add it to our self-study now. They couldn't have waited until after our site visit? Never mind, I'm on vacation, damn it.

I'm really sorely tempted to drop a towel over Snip and cut her front claws. In my imagination, it works a lot better than I suspect it will in reality. Most likely I would need another set of hands to keep her in the towel.

Lily has trained me to give her cat treats with her morning thyroid pill (sniff at pill pocket in dish, give me a "That's all?" sort of look, act disinterested until she hears the treat bag open, look interested again, dive in as soon as the treats hit the dish). I don't actually care if she won't eat the pill without treats, as long as she eats the pill. Heaven forbid I ever have to give Snip pills twice a day. She'll turn into a dirigible with legs if she gets that much cheese.
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Back from Noank, which was nice, and Falmouth, which was quite nice. I helped Dad with the maintenance on the generator battery (meaning he told me how to do it, and I did it), and helped Grammie with crossword puzzles (she's 95 and doesn't care much about pop culture) and rooting for the Red Sox and fetching things for her if she didn't feel like getting up again right after she had sat down.

I spent large chunks of yesterday at the beach, and had the unheard-of privilege of having the entire beach to myself all morning. And it was low tide, besides, so I went swimming even though I know better than that. Generally, thou shalt not go swimming unless there's somebody else on the beach. The water only came up to my hips, though, and there aren't any worrisome currents. I went swimming properly in the afternoon when the tide was high and I had company. And I stepped on a rock underwater and cut up the sole of my right foot some, but that's the sort of thing that happens. At least I didn't turn myself into an entirely crispy critter in two hours, like last time.

And I am still on vacation, and there are only three things on my List of Things to be Up To between now and the end of the 27th. (And two medical appointments, but I can get Up To things after those because they're both in the morning on two different days.) Today is a day for making friends with the Hairy Beasts again, since I've been gone for four days and they're not quite sure I am who I say I am, yet.
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My to-do list is down to one big thing, one medium thing I can't do until I get a reply about it, one optional thing (would be nice but isn't necessary), and one thing I can't do anything about until after I get back from vacation anyway.

Yesterday I spent two hours getting my new night guard adjusted. It doesn't fit yet. I got to be the guinea pig for a new lab, and the lab apparently did what it was told, not what Dr. Y wanted. So it was two hours of put the thing in, bite on articulating paper, take it out and smack my thumb knuckle into my lower lip because I basically have to crack the thing off my teeth, Dr. Y grinds off some acrylic, put it back in again, bite on articulating paper, take it out and smack my thumb knuckle into my lower lip, etc.

I just had to reassure K that no, Snip will not be horribly offended if you don't give her a treat when you give Lily her crushed-up pill and pill pocket. In fact, Snip will think you're trying to poison her if you offer her a treat. I might go get some provolone, though.

My first manager-like act: I asked my assistant to stop starting emails with "Hey!". We're less formal over here than HMS is, but there's a line, and that's over it.
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Sometime next week or the week after next, the IT department will take this computer away, nuke the hard drive, and start over. I need them to do that because Outlook has been broken for at least a couple of years now and the Exchange server decided two weeks ago that Mac Mail is persona non grata, so I've been stuck with web mail, and web mail sucks diseased donkeys if you're trying to search for something in your inbox. Because nuking the hard drive will nuke everything that isn't on the network, 95% of my desktop is now on the network and my desktop is looking positively naked.

Sorted out the reimbursement for sending stuff to New Zealand. It got rejected the first time, I suspect because the finance office couldn't believe the amount. I had submitted a photo of the actual receipt, so yes, it did cost $768, and I want it back.

I'm making a list of things to be Up To while I'm off work and not going to medical appointments. What I will not be Up To includes anything more to do with anybody's H1B paperwork, which I just KNEW was going to land on me despite my having nothing to do with interviewing or hiring this person. My assistant isn't quite detail-oriented enough to be trusted with it (which has made my life more interesting than it maybe should have been for the last couple of months, besides).

This coming year I have got to take some "how to be a manager" training. I still haven't got a clue how to do that, beyond "tell somebody what you want them to do and help them do it rather than doing it yourself". I managed not to have a performance review on time this year because I was too busy performing, but I can't get away with not having one, so it will have to happen eventually.
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As of yesterday, the CODA documents are in the hands of FedEx. I have a temporary $768 hole in my credit card, because we couldn't figure out how to fill out the customs paperwork for New Zealand online, so I took those two boxes to the actual FedEx office in Coolidge Corner. I was going to fret about them all weekend otherwise. Then I decided I didn't want to take the dolly upon which I had transported the boxes to my massage appointment, so I tromped back to work with it, and then took the bus back out again. And I was only four minutes late for my massage, having called them and told them I was going to be ten minutes late.

I really needed the massage. I knew I had one muscle in spasm in my neck, but there were three others I didn't know about. It honestly felt like I had rebar in there. This morning it hurts like blazes (it was a three-Advil morning), but in a good way, and I can actually look over my left shoulder. I hadn't been able to do that for about two weeks.

On to the next thing, which is logistics for vacationlike stuff. Not At Work now includes at least two medical appointments after the 17th, which means I can't be out of state, which means the Bay of Fundy is off. Maybe I'll make a four-day weekend out of the weekend after Labor Day instead. But I can still go whale watching after an 8:15 AM (oogh) appointment.
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It took two hours of overtime last Thursday and five hours of overtime last Friday, but I got the 2197 pages of DMD accreditation documents sent to the printer yesterday morning. I might as well apply for a PhD somewhere, since we've pretty much written a thesis. (Problem being, I don't want a PhD in higher education, which is the only thing other than translation that I'd be qualified for a PhD in.)

And here it is, several hours later, and I've been through Books 1, 2, 4a and 4b making a whole lot of niggling little corrections (sent to me as cell phone pictures in my email; I got a picture of what page the error was on and a subject line of what to fix), one of which was a redundancy problem that meant I had to update the appendix numbers in the section and the table of contents; three of which were line spacing problems that meant I had to replace the entire section; and two of which were infuriating "page number melded with the actual document content and had to be extracted" problems and sent them off to the printer again as final versions. I want nothing to do with these documents for the rest of the week, except for the last bits of window dressing I have to do for the PDF versions (linking the table of contents so you can click in it and go where you want; bookmarks are so 2010, but I put them in anyway).

I've decided to be Not At Work for two weeks starting Aug 14. I know I'm going to the Cape with Mom for some of that time, but I'm trying to decide if I want to go to the Bay of Fundy and watch the tide come in for some of the rest of that time. I've always wanted to see the tide there, and I don't need either a car or an airplane to do it, but it's another Thing To Be In Charge Of and I don't wanna be in charge of anything complicated. Too bad responsible adulthood comes with a certain level of complicated.

Now that it's not All CODA All The Time, I need to make the eye doctor appointment I didn't make in June, and the regular doctor appointment I need so I can keep not having cramps, and probably a mammogram appointment because I haven't had one yet. Whee.

Is anything awesome lately? Well, the lunch I was treated to at the Gardner Museum cafe yesterday was awesome. The ant invasion seems to be over. My DVD collection now has a shelf in which it all fits, so I can find what I want when I want it. I have a 90-minute massage appointment for Friday, and I remembered to reschedule that when they called and said my massage therapist would be on vacation in July. Lily is the poster child for well-controlled feline hyperthyroidism. I finally washed the kitchen floor last week.
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Several years ago there was a guy who drove the M2 shuttle and, at the ends of the line, would say something like "Harvard, last stop, don't forget all your stuff, and be good to yourselves." I try to remember that advice, but I suck at it lately. So, at least today, I will actually listen to what I want, and try to make it happen. So far it's been a little light housecleaning before breakfast, taking the T to breakfast instead of walking, and giving myself permission not to set any speed records for getting errands done. Subject to change if I buy ice cream, though, because the sooner that gets home, the better. But I haven't decided to do that yet.
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Not better. I just cried for half an hour because I needed a hug and Lily came and lay down in my armpit. I've needed to uncork myself for a while, and I knew that, but of all the things to lose it over...well, at least now maybe I can go to work tomorrow and finish the horrible PDF editing I spent four hours on today.
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Better. Rugs is vacuumed, ant invasion is over (I hope; I haven't seen any ants since Wednesday), computer is backed up, router seems to be behaving, laundry is sorted. Floors need swiffering and mopping and laundry needs doing, in that order so I don't have to mop around the drying rack, but at least I don't feel quite so much like I live in a pit tangled up with a mass of cat hair and rug fuzz and broken technology.

There's nothing wrong with my computer. The Computer Loft ran a bunch of tests on it and said it was possibly the router, and to try resetting that before I call RCN and spend half my life on hold so they can tell me to unplug it and plug it back in again. So I came home and unplugged the router and plugged it back in again, and tried it, and it wasn't having any. But this morning, when I was resigned to calling RCN, it all behaved perfectly well. I do not understand technology. (And I actually like RCN, especially compared to the other option, which is Comcast.)

I broke down and ordered a DVD bookcase because I am so tired of having more DVDs than I have shelf space. The extra ones do not belong on top of the cable box; it annoys me to see them there, and I have enough other things to be annoyed about and enough money to throw at the problem, so that's what I did. I've found myself not thinking so much about money lately, which is new and different. I used to think about it in the context of not having much at all, and then I gradually started thinking about it in the context of having enough to be able to do things that made me happy but weren't absolutely necessary, and now I'm sort of taking having a certain amount of it for granted. Which is probably a bad idea. I was prepared to throw several hundred dollars at computer repairs, having already thrown several hundred dollars at Lily's blood test earlier this month. That would have been impossible when I was young, and inconvenient five years ago, but now I'm OK with it and I'm not sure I should be.

I am, however, allowed to go spend my birthday gift card for Brookline Booksmith, so I think I'll do that today. Books make me happy, even if they do take up space. I have two largish boxes of books that need new homes. I still want to start the ODE Non-Dental Book Swap Shelf, but I never get around to it. Maybe I'll sneak in some weekend and start it.
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Computer is going to repair shop tonight, because I brought it to work today to see if it responded better in air conditioning, and it doesn't. It's probably either a two-minute fix or something that requires taking the entire laptop apart.

Accreditation documents are going to printer on Monday for sample copy, which means they are going for final copies either late next week or the Monday after next.

Both cats are shedding like mad, which I can't really blame them for because this is not good weather to be covered in fur and hate water. But I wish the rugs didn't look like disaster areas. They wouldn't be so bad if I had gotten off my overly large backside last weekend.

Standard 2 is finally about as done as it's going to get. It's a shadow of its former self at 250 pages, because I reduced all the tables to 10-point font and doing that shortened the damn thing by 20 pages.

Now that I have spare brain cells again, I'm thinking about scuba certification again. It may have to happen next summer after chorus is over, though, because I need 14 hours of pool time and however many hours of classes and I can't squash all that into August. Maybe next summer I won't look like ten pounds of bulk sausage in a five-pound bag when I put on a wetsuit, too. There WILL be Things Done About That.
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