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The headache I had last night seems to have been a migraine without benefit of aura beforehand to warn me what it was. Coffee ice cream didn't touch it (I thought it was a caffeine withdrawal headache at first) and I had to give up on the fireworks on TV because the entire left side of my head HURT. Of all days to have a migraine, it would be the one celebrated with fireworks.

That said, however, there is nothing that feels like waking up and finding the headache gone.
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The headache I had yesterday turned out to be a migraine. I don't know why I didn't think of that, after rehydrating the heck out of myself failed to make it go away. (Actually, I do know why I didn't think of that; I have a terrible time thinking straight about anything when I'm having a migraine.) Fortunately it was a mild migraine, as they go. I had a headache for somewhere around eight hours, but it wasn't bad enough to be incapacitating, and my vision never went weird.

I went to bed at 8:45 last night and by the time I woke up again at midnight, the headache was gone. I only woke up for long enough to appreciate that (absence of pain is an absolutely marvelous feeling) and turn the light off, and then went back to sleep until 3:45, at which point I woke up with just enough upset stomach to keep me awake, but not enough to force me to do anything about it. Eventually that got better, too, and I woke up for good at 7:30. I still have a cough, though.

Some day I'll remember that I just plain do not get headaches unless they're migraines, and stop trying to ignore my headache and hope it goes away, or think it's due to something else and try to remedy the something else. Possible TMI here )

In other news, I have the possibility of being called any time until Wednesday (including Labor Day) and sent to BU to be a "line monitor" for incoming freshmen standing in line to file enrollment papers. In short, I'd be making sure that everybody in line has the forms they need to have before they get to the head of the line and don't have the right forms. If I get called for this, I get to stand up from 8 AM to 6 PM. I don't think I have any shoes outside my Tevas that will let me do that, and I would have to dress nicely, so my Tevas are right out anyway. I rather hope I don't get called, but I said I would be a backup person in case one of the people who wanted to do it couldn't, so now I'm stuck with it.

If you had asked me yesterday, I would have said there's no possible way it could have been a nice day out today. I'm glad I was wrong.
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I suppose waking up at 3:30 this morning with cramps is one of those things that happens. It is, however, absolutely unfair that I should wake up six hours later with the beginnings of a migraine. I hope Aleve and Migquine get along together. (They seem to, so far, at least.)

Can I start today over, please?
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I spent most of yesterday afternoon trying not to have a stomachache and something that wasn't exactly vertigo, but made my head feel wrong every time I stood up. I think it was a mild migraine echo. It did go away after about three hours or so.

I have something like a list of things to do this week, including finding out what the ATA wants me to do about proof of eligibility for the certification exam. They want proof that I've got the MA, but my transcript (according to KSU) won't say so until June 6 and I have to send out the application forms and proof of eligibility and registration fees all together by the end of the week. I have the transcript I used as proof of SSN in order to get a learner's permit, but that was over spring break and doesn't prove anything except the fact that I was enrolled as of March. I sent e-mail to the ATA asking them what I should do about that.

I also have to return the key to my advisor's office (I should have done that last week but I got sidetracked), call the driving school (ditto), and start putting together a glossary of sorts for commercial and legal translation, since I don't own a commercial and legal dictionary. I need a good medical dictionary too. There's the one everybody says is good, and then there's the one I saw at the ATA meeting, which costs an arm and a leg, but what I saw of it is amazing.

I wonder if I can arrange a driving lesson that takes me out to the Akron airport, so I don't have to call a shuttle service for the outgoing trip? That would be sneaky of me.

Today is also a good day for making soup. I've got so much food around, due to having my family around this weekend, that soup is about the only way to use it up. And it's back to being cold and cloudy again, so it's a definite soup day.
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I think I slept through a migraine this morning. I woke up at one point when it was still dark out, with the same sort of headache I usually get when a migraine gets around to the actual headache part. I decided the best thing to do would be to go back to sleep, so I did, and woke up an hour and a half later than I meant to.

I re-wrote my resume for about the fourth time last week. Apparently if you're going to be a freelance translator, Thou Shalt Have Thine Own Web Site, with thy resume available thereon. Unfortunately I can't decide what I would want my domain name to be; if I base it on my own name, it's going to be hard to spell, but the alternative is to come up with something else clever, and I can't come up with anything good.

Today I have a fairly short list of things to get done, thank goodness.
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All right, I've had it. I went from having a cold and cramps to having a cold and a migraine. Raw throat, raw sinuses and headache. Not fair, damn it!

Yes, I'm whining.

EDIT: I'll be damned. Migquine works, as long as I take it as soon as I notice I can't see straight. Halleluia. Now if only it would do something about this cold...which it won't, but I'm not laid out in bed wishing my head would just fall off and have done with it, so I'm moderately pleased.
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Today has been a medical day. I went to see a doctor about my migraines and got a prescription which I hope will do something for them; I already can't hand in a project today because I couldn't do research with a migraine. Anyway, the doctor I talked to thinks there's no correlation at all between my retina and my headaches, but I swear there is.

Anyway, after that I went off to see about getting some research done, and after the research I decided it was lunchtime. In front of the student center was a big Red Cross sign that said "Critical Shortage!", so I went in and found out that giving blood is somewhat more of a process than it was the last time I did it, because now in addition to AIDS and hepatitis, they're worrying about CJD. I was in France for just long enough not to have to worry about it, so I gave them a pint of blood, and then went and found food, and here I am in the graduate computer lab, killing ten minutes before class.

I forgot about the joys of public keyboards. This one is stiff, and for some reason every time I want either an apostrophe or a quotation mark, it waits until the next keystroke to put one in. Oh well.

Off I go to discuss readings and accomplsh large amounts of not much until 7:00.
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All right, any time these bloody migraines would like to stop and let me get some actual work done, that would be very nice, thanks. I can't read if I can't see straight, I can't write if I can't think straight and I can't do anything at all if I'm lying flat out in bed trying to keep my breakfast where it belongs before falling asleep for a couple of hours.

I swear I've torn my retina again. Unfortunately I don't have insurance that covers that stuff any more, and I can't afford to have it fixed again without insurance.

I am not pleased about this.
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1. When one makes cocoa with boiling water, one should not be surprised when one burns one's tongue drinking it.

2. I now own a thesaurus that could kill somebody if I dropped it on them from the roof.

3. I bloody hate migraines.
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I'm upgrading that migraine from a little one to a medium one, since it involved lying on the floor in my living room for half an hour. Sitting up made me nauseous. It seems to be gone now, but it shot my morning all to hell and now I don't feel like going outside at all. I'm in the "freezing and sleepy" stage that usually shows up during or after the headache.

At least I figured out how to submit my Terminology & Computer Apps assignment from here instead of from the lab on campus. Macs are really wonderful at cross-platform utilities (StuffIt will create Zip files, which is how I'm supposed to submit these assignments).

I need to go grocery shopping again. See previous comment about not going outside, and previous entry about the sidewalks, though. Where's a magic wand when I need one?

I could at the very least start in on the research I was supposed to be doing in the library this morning. I can get to the online catalog from here, which is a very useful thing. If I still need a nap after that, at least I'll have accomplished something today.
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Classes last night and today have been canceled. We had an ice storm last night and I can understand that they didn't want commuter students driving in it. (Quite the change from Tufts, where I had to be at work unless the T wasn't running due to the weather.) Today there's a quarter inch of ice all over everything, and we're getting heavy wet snow on top of it. It's going to be interesting walking anywhere today without pitons or snowshoes, neither of which I own. Regardless of classes being canceled, I have to go to campus anyway. Hopefully I'll be able to do it without falling and breaking something.

The trees all coated with ice are very pretty. The sidewalks in the same condition are less so.

[Edit} No wonder I'm lethargic; I've got a migraine. Fortunately only a little one. I was so hoping that getting my retina repaired would be the end of them. GROWF.
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This weekend was one of the less fun ones.

Friday night I finally got around to using up the scallions I bought earlier last week (scallions are one of the nastier things to forget about in the fridge for a while). I made egg and lemon soup with scallions in it. I think next time I'll leave out the scallions and try mushrooms and rosemary instead.

On Saturday morning we loaded the kittens into the carrier and the carrier into the car and went off to the vet in Everett. More specifically, we went to the Mass Pike and discovered there are absolutely no signs that say anything about Route 1 until after the airport, at which point they say Route 1A, which is different. We never did get to the vet, because when I called them to tell them we were going to be late, they said we'd have to reschedule, and we didn't hold out any hopes of getting there any other day either. So I called the Metro Cat Hospital in Washington Square, and made an appointment for Tuesday, and then got a migraine. I should have known it was coming when I was having problems reading the phone book.

Saturday night I left my bedroom door open to see what would happen. What happened was an extended wrestling match all over the top of me until past midnight, at which point the kittens all curled up on various parts of the bed and fell asleep until 3:45, at which point the wrestling started in again. Outcome of experiment: keep door shut if sleep is necessary.

Sunday consisted of a trip to the grocery store and most of the making of Italian chicken soup. All it needs now is scrambled eggs and spinach, and I can do that when I get home tomorrow night. Other than that, not much happened on Sunday. I found out about the Columbia disaster on Sunday morning, and I haven't really processed it yet except to say that Fox News has lost me for good. They had, underneath a picture of somebody from NASA expressing grief and sympathy to the astronauts' families, a banner that said something about the event "so far not being linked to terrorism". Hello, not every tragedy is a result of terrorism. Does this mean that the next time there's an earthquake in California, somebody will be looking for links to terrorists?

There's a rant in there somewhere, but I don't have the time for it now.
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This morning on the train I got visited by the Angel of Migraines. Fortunately it was a mild one, but I just HATE not being able to see straight and having to navigate anything outdoors. Having a headache is bad enough without having a headache and possibly being run over by a car I can't see. However, a little while ago I sneezed, which is the acid test for whether a migraine has gone away yet. My head is still attached, so the headache has gone.

I hope the secretary after me is a technological ignoramus. This morning I had to go fix the fact that the students couldn't get to the internet because the school's network registry dropped the public computers and I had to re-register them. Which was easy, but which really doesn't fall under my job description. A lot of the things I do, I do because doing them is easier than listening to the pissing and moaning that would go on if I didn't, whether whatever it is is in my job description or not. Which is why I fix printers and re-register computers and troubleshoot software I've never used.

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