Jan. 6th, 2017

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Two nights ago I was running errands in the vicinity of Fenway 13 anyway, so I went and bought a ticket to see Rogue One last night. That was my first experience with actual reclining movie theater seats, and I think I'm spoiled for life now. The movie was worth what I paid to see it, too. (But if I were a stormtrooper and survived the movie, I would have words with somebody about the usefulness of the armor.)

Maybe I want to go see Hidden Figures, too.

Since last night was movie night, I turned it into cheeseburger-and-movie night. Sometimes you just want a cheeseburger, and nothing else will do. What I really wanted was a gold star for my forehead, because I didn't tell the faculty member I was dealing with yesterday exactly what I thought of his failure to tell me until after I scheduled all his lectures (Tuesdays only, please) that he's on vacation for two weeks in the middle of February.

The piece of embroidery I sold is Sampler Cove's Spanish Bleu, just so I have it written down somewhere.

Today did not start the way I wanted. It wasn't snowing when I got up, but it was when I left the house. And then the bus didn't show up for 20 minutes, so when it did, there were enough people on it for two buses already. Good thing today is Friday and I don't have to do that again tomorrow. I'd better do some grocery shopping tonight, though, because it's supposed to snow again tomorrow. I can think of worse things to do tomorrow than spend most of it with a cat in my lap.
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