Jan. 25th, 2017

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I am swearing off reading the news until Valentine's Day. There's never anything good in it. I did read something amusing (I think it was on FB somewhere) that said there was no hope for the American obesity epidemic for the next four years, because we're all stress-eating like mad.

My boss asked me this morning if I wanted to go to the ADEA meeting in California in March. Some of me says YES!, especially because Harvard will pay for travel and hotel now that I'm the Senior DMD Curriculum Coordinator. And it's California, in March. But introversion, social anxiety and impostor syndrome are all saying "Are you INSANE?", along with the fact that I have to keep an eye on the Oral Surgery course until the week after the conference, and if I'm in California I can't, and that's when something will explode because that's how Murphy's Law works. I've got to make up my mind by the end of Monday, though.

At least by March there shouldn't be a hole in the side of my cat that I want to keep a fairly constant eye on.
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