Feb. 23rd, 2017

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It took me until yesterday to put together the fact that this afternoon I get my teeth cleaned and then I have to run off to a chorus committee meeting. I think I thought the teeth cleaning was on the 21st when we were looking for a committee meeting date. But what am I complaining about, it's only a cleaning, as opposed to any of the other couple hundred procedures I had a list of codes for earlier this week. ICD-10 codes are much more interesting.

Snip has a monumental cold, and Lily wants nothing to do with her in that condition, so Snip has been hanging around being miserable at me. Poor kid. It'll go away, and she's eating like a horse so it hasn't affected her appetite, but she's congested and sneezy and not having any fun. Mostly she just curls up as tight as possible and falls asleep waiting for it to go away. I hope she parks herself in the sunbeam on the kitchen floor this afternoon.

I also am eating like a horse these days. Some of it is stress and some of it is the return of bad habits and some of it is because I can't figure out what I actually want, so I eat everything trying to figure out what I want. And I still haven't figured it out. Sigh.

The Great Jeans Quest might be over if I can find somebody to shorten the ones I got. I'm back to "normal sizes fit if I grow four inches and petite sizes fit if I lose 20 pounds". Anybody got a good tailor who shortens jeans? I suppose I could roll them up, but I'd rather have them shortened.
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