Mar. 22nd, 2017

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The nice thing about it being light out for an hour or so after I get home is that I can make plans to get things done at home and actually get them done, instead of curling up and hibernating.

I didn't take Before pictures, but the decluttering process is going pretty well. I got tired of the unnecessary STUFF in every room, and gave myself permission to just throw it away. My carbon footprint is suffering, but I know I never get around to donating things. (Except junk towels; those go to the MSPCA.) The goal is one trash bag, recycling bag, or large thing per week. It's not a lot, but it's enough to look like progress. Since last month, the pile in my bedroom is about 1/3 the height it was, the featherbed is out of the closet, the potting soil with fungus gnats is out of the kitchen, the box of random paper and stuff is mostly in a recycling bag, and I feel better.

Now if only we could have air that doesn't crack the inside of my nose (that hasn't been any fun for a week now) and doesn't turn the cats into Van de Graaff generators...
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