Mar. 25th, 2017

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So I can say I got things done today, here's what I got done today (so far):

- Made a "raincoat" for the massive framed embroidery out of trash bags and scotch tape
- Dressed the embroidery in the raincoat and took it down to my office on the bus, and deposited the embroidery next to my desk and the raincoat in the trash (and made my left shoulder sulky)
- Hiked off to the hardware store at St. Mary's and bought a shower curtain liner
- Hiked off to Trader Joe's and did the grocery shopping
- Wandered through Brookline Booksmith and only bought one book
- Wandered off to Peet's and actually got to sit down for a little while and drink a green tea latte
- Got home and disassembled and put away the collapsible tabletop easel the embroidery had been living on
- Put away the groceries
- Cleaned the litterbox
- Did the dishes
- Replaced the shower curtain liner
- Started the first of two loads of laundry
- Stripped the bed
- Unpacked the second spice rack, which was waiting on the doorstep when I got home, and put the appropriate spice bottles on it

I think I might be forgiven if I take my new book (Sarah Dunant's second volume of historical fiction about the Borgias) and go curl up in the living room with it for the rest of the afternoon, except there are still at least three things I have to do today:

- Put clean sheets on the bed
- Vacuum the living room and office rugs
- Fill up this week's trash bag of clutter

Lily is insisting on helping me type, so I think I'll go bust out the vacuum cleaner so she'll leave me alone. I love her dearly, but I don't need her within three inches of me at all times today.
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