Apr. 14th, 2017

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Good heavens, is it Friday already? Good for it. I did get things done at work this week, at least (including trying to figure out who the course and discipline directors were four years ago, right after I got this job, and before I knew which end was up). And I backed up my Misc Projects folder, which has the past four years of "other duties as necessary" documents in it. Publications and grant applications and recommendation letters and all the faculty retreat planning documents and so forth and so on. The folder lived on my desktop until I finally copied it onto the shared drive and put a shortcut on my desktop instead. This, of course, means that the shared drive will suffer a catastrophic failure sometime in the next month.

Among the things I got done while not at work was going to the chorus committee meeting last night and not saying anything when another member said they were advertising the concert in Connecticut. Nobody who doesn't know any of us is going to drive up here from Connecticut for 80 minutes of amateur classical music on a Friday night in May. But I didn't say it. (However, as Taker of the Minutes, I didn't write down the idea, either.)

I did go to rehearsal on Wednesday and didn't have to talk myself into it very much. I had to talk myself into going to the committee meeting, but I bribed myself by going to Bartley's first. The reuben burger is currently called the Car Talk, and hit the spot.

I'm taking Monday off, because I can't get home from work on account of the marathon. (Not entirely true; I can, but it's a pain in the ass getting across Beacon St at all on marathon day.) It looks like being a good weekend for merfing around outdoors, though. Some of that will definitely happen tomorrow because I have to get my hairs cut. I had better decide whether I want to get them cut short again and then grow them out, or start growing them out now.
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